Dramatic drop in number of refugees entering the US in first 2 months of fiscal year

The President now has completed the first two months of what will be his first full year in admitting refugees to the US and we see numbers are dramatically lower. 

In fact they are so low that if the present pace continues until the end of the fiscal year, September 30th, less than 20,000 could be the final tally.

As readers know the Trump Administration set the CEILING for this fiscal year at 45,000, but that is a ceiling, not a target!

Trump thumbs up flags
Doing okay, but I continue to argue that simply dropping numbers isn’t enough because the next Prez could raise the numbers higher to make up for lost time. The entire program should be abolished and if the President and Congress want a program they need to work on it.  Removing the middlemen contractors should be the first order of business when (if!) they put America First!

I caution readers to not get too excited by the dramatic downward (so far) trend because if past years are any indication there is usually a lull in the first few months followed by a summer uptick then a huge flood comes in in September because everyone is pushing to reach the ceiling (with the exception being the year Obama and Trump shared the fiscal year).

In FY 17 Obama was pouring them in in the first months while in the closing months Trump was slowing the flow.

(See chart below through October 31 to see monthly admissions.  Note the ceiling numbers and the ultimate admissions numbers.) And, do you see that dip in the middle of FY11, that is when those Iraqi refugee terrorists were arrested in Bowling Green, KY and caused the whole huge Iraqi flow to America to grind to a halt as they needed to be rescreened.

Michael Patrick Leahy at Breitbart had a look at the numbers here yesterday, however he concentrated on the November numbers which were available yesterday at Wrapsnet.

I’ll focus my attention on the numbers in this fiscal year which includes the months of October and November combined.

For the first two months of FY18 we admitted 3,108 refugees. If that pace continued for the year the total would be less than 20,000 (again 45,000 is the ceiling).

The resettlement contractors*** must be having hissy-fits as they ‘bid for bodies’ (aka paying refugee clients) as each must fight to keep its taxpayer-funded budget from imploding.

***Update*** The wailing began yesterday as Jewish and Lutheran refugee contractors saw the numbers, see here.  The Lutherans esp. need the cold hard cash refugees represent because they have some funny-money problems going on there, here.

So what do the Muslim numbers look like?

There is no question that the Muslim percentage of refugees has dropped precipitously this fiscal year, again see Leahy for November.

Muslim refugees account for 16% of the flow this fiscal year which is way down from nearly 50% during some of Obama’s years in office.

My calculations indicate that of the 3,108 total refugee admissions for those two months, 487 are Muslim. That works out to about 16% for the two months.  Wrapsnet has the various Muslim sects designated like this:

Amadiyya: 7 total, all from Pakistan

Moslem: total 362

Tops in that category: Burma 111, DR Congo 35, Eritrea 50, Ethiopia 23, and Somalia 107 plus smaller numbers from other countries (Those from Burma are Rohingya)

Moslem Shiite: total 45

Tops in that category: Afghanistan 13, Iraq 29

Moslem Suni: total 73

Tops in that category: Iraq 27, Somalia 19, Syria 22

It makes me laugh to see those Iraqi numbers.  We have the Sunnis and Shiites fighting each other in Iraq and then we bring in the two opposing sides!  Will they continue their centuries of quarreling in your city?

By the way, if you run your own numbers at Wrapsnet I encourage you to use the fiscal year numbers instead of annual year because this whole program is run on a fiscal year basis.

Have a look at the entry numbers for each month since FY2008 (a Bush year) below:

Screenshot (55)_LI.jpg
Notice what the tricksters at the DOS have done here. Obama set the FY17 ceiling as he was walking out the door at 110,000.  Note that he had 7 previous years where he could have done the same. Why didn’t he?   Trump legally reset it at 50,000, but the DOS left the 110,000 there because they want to make Trump look as mean as they possibly can compared to their dear leader Obama, and so that their media lackeys can continue to write about Obama’s 110,000 level that was really pie in the sky.  110,000 could never have been accomplished.


***And here for new readers are the nine federal resettlement contractors paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities.  These middlemen get paid by the head for their ‘charitable good works,’ so they have no incentive to ever see a reduction in numbers.


5 thoughts on “Dramatic drop in number of refugees entering the US in first 2 months of fiscal year

  1. You must be so happy to Isolate America again

    Would you support refugee resettlement if Somalis were excluded?, what if all Muslims were excluded or do you and readers basically feel you want no refugees under any circumstances? Would your opinion change if it was a private program or semi private?

    While much on the web has specific agendas, the facts about the Rohinga you present are not historically correct. If you checked historical and expert writings,you would find that Rohinga perhaps identified as another name have been in Burma since the eighth century, but there were many that did immigrate when Burma was under British rule. My Rohinga friend can trace her family back 14 generations I do not suggest we resettle huge numbers, but how can you not feel terrible by what has happened to mostly 600,000 in Bangladesh, Remember Burma has done likewise in smaller numbers with Burmese Christians and other ethnic groups. This is a UN issue but all they do is talk

    Would you agree that the Bhutanese resettlement has gone well? (94,000)No serious crimes committed, many young people on scholarship (M.I T, Emory, Agnes Scott, Oglethorpe just in my Clarkston Georgia community)

    Of course there are no Muslims from Bhutan.but Bosnians and Meshketian Turkish Muslims have been successful (non Arab) with little incident Would you agree?

    What would you tell the first Bhutanese policeman in America (Clarkston), my Burmese Muslim friend who served 2 years in the Peace Corp in Africa with a brother who will be in the Marines as an officer, after graduation? Do they not benefit America? I believe despite start up expenses,that there is an economic benefit to refugees.

    300 Bhutanese families have bought homes in Atlanta and started many businesses Remember that Food Stamps, Medicaid and other social benefits are available to all . If there is an abuse look at the African American community. Also EIC is there for all low income families this is a form of welfare and many families need this to supplement their salaries.

    I still wonder if any of your readers have ever taken the time to talk to refugees themselves or if some readers do not know the difference between refugees and immigrants, As to immigrants who will be housekeepers, gardeners, roofers and cooks as well as agriculture workers if more leave the US either voluntarily or by deportation ( I do support deportation only if they have a criminal background of felonies)?
    Even at $15/hr, I still do not think most Americans will work in the plants?, but refugees will. I have had employers reflect that. I do agree that there are issues with the agencies as to funding and that companies benefit from refugee labor, but where else would the workers come from?

    In the end, where is compassion given that we are all refugees indirectly? I am just disgusted with the change in America supported by a vocal minority to create an exclusion society. The Syrians waiting in line and those who have come are families for the most part-why are we so afraid? How many crimes have been committed by refugees-supposedly there is a unsubstanciated list of 300!II

    With probably 700,000 refugees in America over the last 10 years, have we seen a huge number of violent crimes from these communities? Has America not been enriched in many ways by having diversity especially with individuals who have assimilated but still maintain part of their culture? Why are making refugees the scapegoat for our problems? To sensationalize every crime committed by a refugee does disservice to the 99% who live peacefully. Many refugees have American flags-you should go to naturalization ceremony!

    I appeal to feel some compassion and welcoming as prescribed in religious texts of all religions including Islam,



  2. A little bit of good news goes a long way, Ann. Really glad to see these figures.

    We have so many small towns people that are fighting the Muslims just to exist. This should not be happening if the Muslims would co-exist peacefully, but we well know that is not going to happen.

    Thank you for all the fine work that you do and have a blessed Merry Christmas.

    Dee Winter

    Hewitt, Texas

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