The Atlantic contributing editor, Peter Beinart, wants taxpayers to fund special cemeteries for Muslims

In his hilarious screed I reported here, Beinart says in critical tones that I (“anti-Muslim bigot” Ann Corcoran) oppose Muslim refugee’s efforts to require “local government to pay for a Muslim cemetery.”

Don’t you?

Peter Beinart
Learn more about Beinart here at Horowitz’s Discover the Networks.  He gets a lengthy page all for himself:

In so doing one can only conclude that Beinart is supportive of such an effort—-Muslims wanting nothing to do with infidels even in the grave.

So much for assimilation.

Okay, I get that, but are taxpayers of small town America supposed to support that desire.  I sure hope we aren’t creating separate cemeteries or separate sections of cemeteries to accommodate every other religion with public funds.

One thing I never understand about Leftwingers is that they squawk all the time about separation of church and state until the government financing works out in their (Leftwing group’s) favor.

His reference to my concern comes from this story I posted in 2010 where a group of Muslim refugees approached the Garden City, KS Commissioners seeking special treatment in a community cemetery.  I don’t know if they ever got their special favor for special people, but I do know that Garden City has been inundated with refugee workers for Tyson Foods and the town’s elected officials have been ‘captured’ as a result.

Again, one can only conclude that if opposition to public-funded cemeteries are evidence of anti-Muslim bias then conversely Beinart is in favor of taxpayers of America supporting the Muslim ‘faith’ with special treatment.

And, one more thing, if you missed it at the time, Beinart had a Christmas message for you almost exactly one year ago, in the wake of Donald Trump’s election:

 ‘F*** You America’

(Readers, I apologize, but I had to make the point!)

12 thoughts on “The Atlantic contributing editor, Peter Beinart, wants taxpayers to fund special cemeteries for Muslims

  1. As this fellow is in favour of separate cemeteries for people of different faiths, one can only assume he is also in favour of cemeteries for people of different races. No? Oh, what a tangled web we weave when we succumb to the socialist creed.


  2. Beinart lives in a 1.5 million dollar 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment building in uptown Manhattan NY. If he thinks we should pay for muslim cemeteries, maybe we should stop by his home and discuss it with him. The address is in the phone-book..

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  3. How about a psychiatrist write up a study on the mental state of people who hate their own people …. who have such low self esteem and loath themselves so much they just want to destroy themselves ….. INSIGHT: these “Invader lovers” are suicidal.self loathers.


  4. I think I found a non-taxpayer-burden solution to the refugee Muslims’ need for special burials. Every week/month, a certain amount of money will be taken out of their pay-checks/welfare-checks and put in a special fund. When they kick the basket, the money will then be used to send the bodies back, from whence they came, for proper Islamic burials. ;-D


  5. “The Atlantic contributing editor, Peter Beinart, wants taxpayers to fund special cemeteries for Muslims”. Here’s my response: GFYS!


  6. The Atlantic along with the NFL need to be flushed down the toilet!!! They can all go to the sewer together, nice partnership for this too!!! THE MUSLIMS DO NOT BELONG ON THIS SOIL!!!


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