Twin Falls, ID ‘Interfaith’ group to celebrate diversity today after “hate crime” in October

Get ready Humboldt, TN because in a few years your small city (that is now welcoming a labor-hungry meatpacking plant) will have the joys of diversity visited upon you too.

For new readers Chobani Yogurt (BIG YOGURT) in Twin Falls is one of several food processing factories to enjoy the refugee labor being sent their way by the UN/US State Department Refugee Admissions Program and its NGO contractors.

However, see here that the Trump Administration is slowing the movement of their workforce in to the country.

All these global corporations will be scrambling if this keeps up!


Islamic center twin falls
Islamic Center of Twin Falls from their facebook page:


Here is how the story begins at

TWIN FALLS — A group of faith leaders are planning an interfaith rally — a response to an October incident where butchered pig parts were draped on a cross at the Islamic Center of Twin Falls.

Faith Leaders of the Magic Valley are organizing a rally for religious freedom. It’s slated for 11 a.m. to noon Saturday at Twin Falls City Park.

Organizers say it’s a grassroots effort, and the purpose is to celebrate the diversity of religions in Twin Falls and to exercise freedom of religion. It’s a direct response to the Islamic Center incident, which Twin Falls police have called a hate crime.

To learn more visit because I dare not give you another paragraph of their story.

They are the only paper in the country to ever send me a legal letter for snipping too much of a story (says a lot doesn’t it!).  I’ll bet I actually added to their traffic that day!

Sorry I didn’t see this sooner, but send photos if you attended!

See my Twin Falls archive here.


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  1. Do any psychiatrists follow this? How about a write-up on the HATE inside these SLAVE TRADERS? What is to be said about the mental health of those who denigrate and despise their own ancestors and fellow Western Christians in order to feel good? Too shallow minded to consider things from their own ancestor’s viewpoint … they would not even BE, save for those they despise.
    Please, a write up on the low self esteem, self loathing , of these dwarves who live off of other people’s misery.


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