RCUSA, lobbying arm of refugee industry, tracks refugee numbers to shame Trump

I’ve told you about the Refugee Council USA many times. It is the consortium of groups that includes the nine federal resettlement contractors that pressures policy makers in Washington, DC. Back in 2015 they were clamoring for 200,000 refugees to be admitted to the US in one year!

Most recently they joined with CAIR to protest the President. And, stunningly, paid the Podesta Group $100,000 (was some of it taxpayer dollars?) to lobby certain Republican members of Congress for them!

I see now that they are following the refugee admissions numbers and prominently posting them on their website’s opening page obviously to stick it to the Trump Administration which has indeed seriously reduced the number of refugees entering the US and thus will severely put a strain on their budgets since they are paid by the head for every refugee they place in Your Town, USA.


Screenshot (60)
Screenshot taken on December 5, 2017  http://www.rcusa.org/


They are probably having hissy-fits over the recent one-two-three punch they have gotten from the Trump Administration and the Supreme Court as I said in my previous post.

They must be feeling the one-two punches, actually more than two punches when you consider the reduced numbers of paying clients (aka refugees) entering the US, the US withdrawal from Obama’s UN compact, and now this.

See my archive on the Refugee Council USA here.

And, again, go here to see who is in this DC swamp lobbying group.  All nine federal resettlement contractors are there.

Here, for new readers, are the nine federal resettlement contractors paid by you to place refugees in your towns and cities.  These middlemen get paid by the head for their ‘charitable good works,’ so they have no incentive to ever see a reduction in numbers.

2 thoughts on “RCUSA, lobbying arm of refugee industry, tracks refugee numbers to shame Trump

  1. It has been the intent of many to include the Left and some Righter’s membersop to critisize the President. He was chosen by the people and not the Left or Right alone. Why is this Presidnet being attacked so much? Because he does not follow the script of so many who preceded him. HE is my kind of man who is willing to lay it out there and make it work without the approval of a handful of leftists who;s intent is to take Amerifca down. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then you deserve what you get! America stads for freedom and the rights of the People, who, actually, have no real repesentation in this or any government that has existed since following the Civil War. And it has become worse because most walk a line not intended for Amerca to follow! And yet far too many are walking that line, or, at least, may have until President Trump was elected. Though I believe in individual rights, some have no knowledge as to what that means. And there are those who are willing to give them up because others say you should do so! Look at what a mess is created when you give up your rights for the sake of following omeone else’s views instead of your own. That is what I see of the Left. Do they really know what is going on? Or are they just walking the walk given them from some outside source? One that will tell you something that has little of nothing to do with reality! Is it truly your view or is it just the claptrap that is being sent out by those who want you and me to accept as the truth? We are not the saviors of the world!! We were not supposed to do that. But a handful of A–holes who are intent to have what they want to be the rule of the day! The sad part of it all is that far too many actually believe what they see and hear without verification of it being valid or true! Just becaue the newsmedia says it so doesn’t make it so! And it’s about time the American People who live in ignorance and accept what is being said in the various medias to be true diesn’t make it so! In many cases it is mor lies than truths. It’s like living in a fiction and accepting it as valid. WAKE UP!!!


  2. The SLAVE INDUSTRY uses fake “human compassion” and violence worse then just whippings, administered by other refugees, to keep their PROPERTY moving …… Call the “refugee contractors” what they are HUMAN TRAFFIKERS …… SLAVE TRADERS. They are proffiteering off Human misery with absolutely no concern or consideration of the Citizens who have to live with them. They are not inserting these Invaders into the country with their money or out of charity. They also are not living with those they force on you, THEY make sure none of them get into the gated communities. They are getting YOUR money for Bringing in Invaders is how these Human Traffikers MAKE MONEY. They are not “humanitarians” or “charitable” they profit off misery like VAMPIRES.


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