Supreme Court says Trump travel ban can be enforced for now

Truth be told, I never fully immersed myself in the travel ban issue as I saw it as separate from what I’ve been concentrating on. I’ve thought from the beginning that the President should never have mixed the two issues (US Refugee program and a travel restriction) in that first Executive Order and thus thoroughly confused the general public.

And, allowed the Supreme Court to muck around and write refugee law (see my Supreme Court category by clicking here.)

The vote to permit the ban to be carried out for now was 7-2 with only Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor dissenting.

That said, I’m reporting here a brief summary from CNN of what happened yesterday. We will have a better understanding when the refugee industry gets in gear today and begins blasting away at Trump again.

They must be feeling the one-two punches, actually more than two punches when you consider the reduced numbers of paying clients (aka refugees) entering the US, the US withdrawal from Obama’s UN compact, and now this.

From CNN:

Washington (CNN)The US Supreme Court on Monday allowed the newest version of President Donald Trump’s travel ban to take effect pending appeal.

This is the first time justices have allowed any edition of the ban to go forward in its entirety. It signals that some of the justices might be distinguishing the latest version from previous iterations and could be more likely, in the future, to rule in favor of the ban.

Issued in September, the third edition of the travel ban placed varying levels of restrictions on foreign nationals from eight countries: Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Somalia and Yemen.

Readers need to know that the only country in that list that we take significant refugees from is Somalia (and not even directly from Somalia, but from Kenya and elsewhere).  So I assume this doesn’t completely close the Somali spigot for now, but I suspect this will make it harder for those Somali ‘refugees’ living in the US to travel back and forth to Somalia (the country they were supposedly escaping) as they have been doing!

We have been taking some ‘refugees’ from Iran, but most have been those practicing minority religions and not Muslims. And, although there was a big push for Syrians that number didn’t reach monumental numbers. Those other countries in the restricted list send very few (none in some cases) refugees to the US.

Countries from which we do receive Muslim refugees that are not on the travel ban list are: Burma (growing number of Rohingya entering US now), Iraq, Afghanistan, and several African countries.  So this travel ban is in no way a Muslim ban!

CNN continues…

Lower courts in two separate challenges had partially blocked the ban.

The order is a significant temporary win for the Trump administration, which has fought all year to impose a travel ban against citizens of several Muslim-majority countries. Monday’s order means it can be enforced while challenges to the policy make their way through the legal system.

The Trump administration has maintained that the President has the authority to install travel bans in order to protect national security.

“The Constitution and acts of Congress confer on the President broad authority to prevent aliens abroad from entering this country when he deems it in the nation’s interest,” Solicitor General Noel Francisco argued in court papers. Francisco argued that the ban was necessary “in order to protect national security.”

The White House said it was “not surprised” by Monday’s order.

More later when some bright legal minds weigh in.

And, remember this isn’t the end of it since there are still cases working their way through the lower courts.

2 thoughts on “Supreme Court says Trump travel ban can be enforced for now

  1. I not only approve of a travel ban, I would enforce a living ban. Let me speak on a different topic, and has much relevance to this one. This topic is marriage. Americans think twice about marrying a foreigner, and be cautious on what foreigner it is. Let me site an example, and pick a country just at the top of my hat: An American Man marries an Iranian Woman, this woman wants in the worse way to visit her family and friends in Iran, and travel many times; now all of a sudden just because she is married to an American Man the Iranian Government decides to detain or even keep her. For this hypothetical man that I have created for this example, do NOT EXPECT, this USA to take time out to rescue her or to help you solve this tragedy. Meanwhile to all Americans do NOT EXPECT us to do the same for you, you know what countries you should have nothing to do with, do not even travel as a tourists. YOU KNOW WHAT TO EXPECT FOR SOME OF THESE COUNTRIES AND DO NOT EXPECT TO BE RESCUED. The only ones who should travel to these countries are top level government officials who are on business, and those strictly given permission, by top level officials of those governments. AS I HAVE SAID, NO MUSLIMS AND THERE ARE SOME OTHERS, WHO HAVE NO PLACE ON THIS SOIL TO LIVE, NOT ONLY TO TRAVEL. ALSO, YOU SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED TO OWN ANY PROPERTY IN THE USA, UNLESS YOU ARE A USA CITIZEN. BY THE WAY, THIS IS SOMETHING THAT BULGARIA DOES, ONE EXAMPLE TO FOLLOW. ANCHOR BABIES SHOULD BE OUTLAWED. NO OTHER COUNTRY TOLERATES THE EXCREMENT THAT WE DO.


  2. This just PROVES that what those District Courts were doing to the President’s Travel Bans was way out of line and Unconstitutional ! Those judges who ruled against the Travel Ban should be removed !!!!!!


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