Australians blame US for ripping apart families in that “dumb deal”

It is not too late!

Dear President Trump halt the “dumb” Australia deal where we are resettling illegal aliens who are Australia’s problem to unsuspecting American cities.  You had the right America First! instincts back in February when you called it a “dumb deal.”

This is a no-win for America!

australian detainees
The mostly Muslim men, some held in detention for 4 years, are being processed as refugees for Anytown, USA. So far the Trump Admin. has admitted over 50 with another 90 approved to be resettled in a month or so.

Here we learn that the US State Department supposedly only wants single men in the unprecedented deal Obama struck just as he was leaving office.

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And, so Australian leftwing politicians and the media there are showing that the deal is dividing families!

Again, the US is made to look bad, so let’s scrap the whole thing!

From SBS News Australia:

Refugees being held on Nauru are being encouraged to sever ties with family members in Australia when applying for resettlement in the United States, prompting an angry response from parliamentarians.

But Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has defended the direction, pointing out only those held in offshore detention can be considered under the US deal.

Recordings of phone conversations and an email chain obtained by The Guardian, detail Australian Border Force encouraging refugees on Nauru to permanently separate from family members in Australia.


A US resettlement deal struck between former president Barack Obama and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull provided a possible path out of detention for refugees detained offshore.

The US has reportedly preferred to resettle single people rather than families.

The UN Refugee Agency recognises the integrity of the refugee family is both a legal right and a humanitarian principle.

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Let me repeat, this whole deal is unprecedented and should never have been consummated!

These are illegal aliens who sought asylum in Australia and are thus Australia’s problem!

Imagine the uproar if asylum seekers at the US border were detained and shipped off to Australia or where ever.  Can you hear the roars of outrage from the worldwide Human Rights Industrial Complex.


4 thoughts on “Australians blame US for ripping apart families in that “dumb deal”

  1. Honestly, they have more tricks up their sleeves than Harry Houdini! These young men on Nauru and Manus are there without families. Just look at the riots and demonstration clips that are now legion, not a woman or child in sight. That some of them may have family already in Australia is not disputed, but they came here legally, either as defined migrants or refugees through the correct channels. What they’re attempting to do in numerous ways is manipulate the world’s news to their advantage. They’ve set up their own agitprop HQ run by a few self-elected leaders, one of whom has become a regular correspondent for The Guardian. Updated Iranian law now determines that young males should serve 2 years in national service; most of these men are eligible for that and decided to flee Iran for sunnier, freer climes, especially one like Australia which offers such bountiful social welfare conditions. It is pathetic the way our Prime MInister is still holding out for Trump to take in these men. The rest of us know that it’s highly unlikely. We should ignore the Iranian government’s refusal to take back their own people and just deport them anyway instead of fuelling ill-will with Americans over this issue.


  2. Eons ago, on my first day of student teaching, the master teacher said, “If they find out you’re flexible, they’ll flex you to death.” To me this applies to Western nations virtue-signaling that the rest of the world has the right to move in on us, but, by gosh, we are going to be very very fair about it. Besides coming off as pathetic jokes, it just makes our invaders infinitely more angry.


  3. Dear Ann,

    So we take in only single males in this dumb deal. Given their proclivity and the will of Allah regarding rape of females who aren’t shrouded from view of males, this seems like total lunacy. And another factor . . . . given asylum here, can they then have their rejected families (by them when they come here) join them here? That seems to go with other immigrants and refugees . . . bring in the relatives. Dumb deal is putting it politely. Just more of the same stupidity that goes with compassion minus commonsense. Joan


    1. And, think about it! These single men who have been detained only with men for up to 4 years will be totally free to roam when they hit US soil.


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