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We have admitted 130,000 Somalis to the US since 1983! Do we have any obligation to clean out Kenyan camps? NO!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on December 6, 2017

In the wake of the Supreme Court decision on the so-called ‘travel ban’ which does target some Somali refugees, there is much wailing and moaning going on in places like Minnesota as we see here at the Star Tribune.



This is the UN camp, Dadaab, in Kenya.  We get the largest number of our Somali refugees from this camp. Are we expected to clean out the camp forever?  Somalis have been producing children there for 27 years, ever since their country fell apart. Why is this America’s problem?


See this story at the Star Tribune as Somalis complain that their families are still stuck in camps:

News of the Supreme Court’s ruling that allows enforcement of President Trump’s travel ban sent Minneapolis resident Mohamed Abdirisaq rushing to seek counsel at the local Women Child Safe Center. For him and his loved ones, the decision’s implications are immediate and personal.

Abdirisaq’s wife and three children, who live in Kenya, await resettlement in the Twin Cities.

“I’m heartbroken,” Abdirisaq said. “This decision denies my right to reunite with my family.”

His “right” to reunite! And, by the way, why did he leave his family behind in the first place?

Ayan Isse, executive director of Women Child Safe Center, said “my clients are worried to death. I don’t know how to calm their nerves. Their families are still stuck in the refugee camps and some have even been deported back to Somalia recently. Our country is still not peaceful.”

It is not America’s problem that the Somalis cannot govern themselves! 

And, frankly I believe there are Muslim countries in the world—can you say rich Gulf states–that, if they had the will, could invest in Somalia and repatriate the people. But, they don’t because (in my opinion) they know that the Somalis serve a useful purpose as  the advance guard—Islam’s foot soldiers—to be sent out across the world.

You know it’s time to show you the numbers I’ve compiled over the years for the Somali refugees we taxpayers have funded to move to America.  These are only the Somalis we admitted through the US Refugee Admissions Program. They do not include: temporary protected status entrants, Visa lottery winners, successful asylum seekers or the large numbers of Somalis who are roaming America after getting across our borders undetected.

Will it ever end?

From a report I first posted here:

1983-93:   4,413

1994:  3,508

1995:  2,524

1996:  6,440

1997:  4,948

1998:  2,952

1999:  4,321

2000:  6,002

2001:  4,940

2002:   242    (Guesses why this is so low?  9/11 freaked everyone out!)

2003:  1,708

Here GW Bush picks it up to make up for lost time!

2004:  12,814

2005:  10,101

2006:  10,330

2007:  6,958

2008:  2,523

2009:  4,189  (on the rise again even though family reunification is suspended still!)

2010:  4,884

2011:  3,161

2012:  4,921

2013:  7,600

2014:  9,000

2015: 8,858

2016:  9,020

Total is over 130,000

9 Responses to “We have admitted 130,000 Somalis to the US since 1983! Do we have any obligation to clean out Kenyan camps? NO!”

  1. Haha and Somaliland is one of the safest countries(but not accepted by any state as a state)in the world.They even sell hundred of thousands Aninamls to rich Arab countries…But Somalis want to go to the USA and Europe…


  2. Many Somalis were brought to Columbus through Catholic Charities. I myself am Catholic and do not blame the religion, but do blame the do-gooders who were narrow minded enough to simply think they were doing a good thing. I have nothing against Muslims in general, however by far they have no intent on assimilating to American culture, and in many places (i.e. Dearborn, Michigan) have moved in in mass and still profess the same unacceptable values they supposedly left behind at where they came from. They are non productive and not a benefit to us. The money thrown at them is greatly more deserved by our homeless, or veterans and general public. We are not the world’s Mother Theresa. And they are bringing disease back which we controlled or wiped out years ago. Who needs them? Why didn’t the other Muslim countries not take care of or satisfy them so they wouldn’t leave their home countries? It is not good for America. End it.


    • Ann Corcoran said

      It won’t end until the federal government pulls the federal funding for Catholic Charities and 8 other ‘non-profits’ which are paid by the head to place the refugees in places like Columbus (after Minneapolis the second largest Somali enclave in the US).


  3. tmasierrahills said

    “They do not include: temporary protected status entrants, Visa lottery winners, successful asylum seekers or the large numbers of Somalis who are roaming America after getting across our borders undetected.”

    Well said. Also by now there are probably Somalis chaining-in family members under our insanely multitudinous legal immigration system. Awhile back I saw a legal immigrant interviewed on the news, from Asia, who has been in the US for 30 years and casually mentioned in passing that so far she has brought in 60 relatives. Of course our elites of both parties believe our natural and cultural resources are infinite. You have to wonder whether the leaders of some of the ancient wealthy empires, now in ruins, believed the same thing?


  4. If we really want to help these people, the best thing to do is to make them independent and able to care for themselves. We can begin by holding them responsible for their choice to have a sustainable population or not and to provide for themselves financially. By giving them handouts and taking in the people they cannot provide for, we only encourage their irresponsible behavior and negligence. We can either give them fish, or we can teach them to fish and thereby make them sustainable. If NATo and all the other globalists really want to help, give these people birth control and provide job training.


    • The Somalis and the Ethiopians are the “Gypsy” pirates of the welfare world always portraying themselves as starving beggars knowing that White / European people are extremely emotional (and stupid) and will come running with money to allow them to continue in their profligate lifestyle of having four wives and 15 children by each wife. I have worked with Somalis in the Middle East. You could feed them 20 pounds of ice cream every day and they would still look like they are starving. Somalis and Ethiopians (especially the males) have a genetic structure which makes them look starving when in fact that is there “normal” or “average” appearance even when they are provided with a high calorie diet.

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  5. “why did he leave his family behind?” Ann not long ago a Somali family had a fire at their Phoenix, Arizona apartment. The details of the fire are in a “Friends of Refugees” blog post, but its now private- I do have the original doc file saved though, but on another computer: it states in the blog post that in the latest (at least two fires this family had) fire, grandma & rest of family made it out safely, but baby “Mohamed” did not. Would not you think that the baby would be the first saved? I’d posted this before in these comments that the Golden Rule, or putting another before oneself, is a concept peculiar to the Western/Judeo-Christian world. So is “Honesty is the best policy” and other such maxims we take for granted as inherent beliefs in people- fact is they do not exist in ALL peoples.


  6. I thought most of the family reunification was “fake.” In 80% of the reunification cases, the Somali in the USA has no genetic or marital relationship with the person being sponsored. I think you can get deported for lying to immigration officials? The Somalis in the USA get paid bribes / “smuggler’s fees” to bring in as many other people as they can get away with and no genetic testing is required by ICE?

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