Tanzania: UN and US open new processing center to move Congolese refugees to the US more expeditiously

And, yippee it is ahead of schedule as we once again lead the world in helping the United Nations clean out camps around the globe!

Coming to America thanks to the UN!

I think what is happening here is that since the Obama Administration promised a few years ago to admit 50,000 from the DR Congo to your towns and since most are not Muslims (a few are!) then you will see these numbers jump because the refugee contractors*** need paying “clients” from somewhere to keep tax dollars flowing in to their coffers while President Trump slows the flow from their usual countries—Iraq and Somalia for example.

I just checked Wrapsnet and see that after Bhutan (where we have been cleaning out camps for the UN ever since the Bush Administration), the DR Congo is now in second place for supplying refugees to the contractors.  Of the 3,553 refugees admitted to the US since October 1, 707 (20%) are from the DR Congo.

Here is Relief Web on the opening ceremony shindig last week:


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Circled in red is Ambassador Mark Storella leading the festivities because surely the US has the most money committed and will take the vast majority of the DR Congolese to the US


Kigoma Region – IOM, the UN Migration Agency, opened on 5 December the Makere Refugee Processing Centre in Kasulu District, Kigoma Region, Tanzania. The centre serves as a one-stop facility for processing Congolese Refugees residing in Nyarugusu camp bound for resettlement primarily to the US under the Refugee Admissions Program (USRAP) and other resettlement countries on cost-sharing basis.

The opening ceremony was led by Ambassador Mark C. Storella, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the US State Department Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) and Chairperson of the Great Lakes Core Group, accompanied by the Chargé d’Affaires of the US Embassy in Tanzania and PRM staff from Washington DC and Kampala.


Representatives from other resettlement countries including Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (UK) and Belgium also attended.



“The Makere Refugee Processing Centre is a clear evidence of a burden-sharing approach in easing refugee hosting by the international community and especially the US Government. The Government of Tanzania is very grateful for that,” said (Rtd) Brigadier General Maganga in his welcoming remarks.

Burden-sharing my foot!

That made me laugh! The US is once again going to take the lion’s share of the refugees from this processing center. It is a shame taxpayers here and in those countries (Canada, Australia, etc) are paying for junkets for bureaucrats to Africa.

More here.

And, btw, Tanzania was one of those countries in the warning zone about the recent ‘Plague’ concern, see here.  So hope the medical screening will be extra serious.

See my archive on the DR Congolese resettlement here.

*** These (below) are the nine contractors you pay to place refugees in American towns.  Right now they are suffering financially because the Trump Administration has slowed the flow to the US.  Each refugee we admit carries a per head value to the contractors. Fewer refugees=fewer bucks from the US Treasury to their budgets.

I once heard, but don’t know if it is true, that when George Bush dramatically reduced the flow after 9/11, that somehow the State Department figured out how to keep the contractors from folding all together by sending money their way.  Since Trump has messed them up in some parts of the world, expect big flows from places like this new center in Tanzania.

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  2. This is very distressing news. We are accepting more immigrants than ever! I thought it was going to stop? Isn’t that what Trump promised? Middle Eastern muslims, Rohingya muslims and now Congolese are flowing in here daily! Why is our president allowing this?? He promised us!


    1. He set the ceiling for the year at 45,000 new refugees and since he cut off a bunch of countries the Dept. of State is now really pushing it to get the numbers moving upward to 45,000.


  3. Ann,
    Is the money that the 9 contractors are given used to provide the housing, furniture, whatever to settle these refugees or does it just go into the coffers of those who place these people? And, at this time are there more Christians being admitted than Muslims? Have taken some flack from folks on this payment business. Is the govt. paying them to provide the housing and settle them, plus assist in obtaining jobs. Have a friend working with Yadzidi refugees in ARizona and has questioned your bias against immigrants/refugees. I have tried to get her to check out the Refugee Resettlement Watch site.
    JOan Grindel


    1. The contractors split the money. They must provide furniture (can be used) and housing for 3 months and they keep half for their own salaries and overhead. My bias is in favor of America First and that we should be taking care of our needy including our vets first. And, my bias is against tax dollars going to charities of any sort especially religious ones that should be raising private money for their Christian charity. Right now we are bringing in a smaller percentage of Muslims. During Obama about half the refugees were Muslim. However, with Syrians it was about 98% Muslim to 2% Christian.


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    The new UN chief is the fmr High Commissioner for Refugees and before that he was the President of the worldwide association of Socialists


    1. We have reported those facts for years. Search Antonio Guterres here at RRW. But, I am grateful to know that this information is being spread far and wide now—-LOL! Just takes awhile!


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