Canada’s Immigration Minister visits Minnesota and says, please don’t come across our southern border!

trudeau diversitySo Mr. Diversity is Beautiful, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, is now worried about his southern border after he put out the “Welcome” sign with his big talk about how wonderful Canada is compared to the mean country run by a mean President—the US.

This event made me laugh, but there are a few things in the report about last week’s visit by “icon” Ahmed Hussen to Minnesota that I need to mention.

Here is the story at the Star Tribune.

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Star Tribune:

Canada’s immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen, arrived in Minnesota just days after the U.S. Supreme Court let stand for now new travel restrictions for eight countries, including Somalia — the land a teenage Hussen fled with his family.

But even as he has come to symbolize for some the divergent immigration philosophies on either side of the U.S.-Canada border, Hussen shuns criticism of the Trump administration’s approach. In fact, he was in the Twin Cities this week in part to discourage a spike in asylum-seekers crossing into Canada this year that has tested the country’s famously welcoming attitude.

“We are huge fans of immigration, but we want people to immigrate through the regular channels,” he said.

Here is the first point I want to mention, this “regular channels” bit!

There is no regular channel for someone who is in the US illegally, possibly after failing an asylum bid, and who will soon be on one of those ICE deportation planes back to Africa.

The “icon” Canadian Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen with supporters, family?

So who is Hussen kidding! Anyone who was smart enough to break into the US knows his only out is to take his (or her) chances by breaking into Canada.

There is no line for them to join to fill out legal paperwork.

In a speech at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, Hussen touted Canada’s measured approach, including a gradual increase in immigration planned over the next three years. [Their “measured approach” follows a free-for-all Syrian airlift to Canada that has the country now in an uproar (not enough jobs and too much welfare!)—ed].

He met with resettlement agency staff and other advocates, plugging a unique Canadian program in which private citizens and churches sponsor some refugees. Members of the local Somali community, where he enjoys rock star status, threw him a welcoming reception in Minneapolis.

“He is an icon,” said Mohamed Ahmed, a local community leader and Bush Foundation fellow. “People see him as an example of what is possible in the West.”


A recent rise in illegal border crossings into Canada has triggered pushback from conservative politicians there and concerns from border communities such as the Manitoba city of Emerson, unsettled and overwhelmed by the arrivals. In Manitoba, many of those arrivals have been Somalis who had unsuccessfully applied for asylum in the United States. Now, Hussen and some Canadian lawmakers are reaching out to immigrant communities to highlight that border crossers undergo rigorous screening and face deportation if their asylum claims fall short.

“We don’t want people uprooting their lives based on false information,” Hussen said. “Crossing the border irregularly is not a free ticket to Canada.”

Ahmed said word in the local Somali community remains that Canada offers a much gentler welcome to those arriving at its border with asylum claims. He spoke of a friend, a permanent resident who faced deportation after a criminal conviction, who crossed into Canada this year. Though he doesn’t know yet if he will be granted asylum, the friend reports receiving subsidized housing and free legal help, Ahmed said. [Sounds more like encouragement to come to Canada than discouragement to me!—ed]


Hussen also praised a Canadian refugee resettlement system in which, alongside the government’s program, private citizens and organizations commit to supporting refugees for a year. The country has found these refugees do better easing into Canadian life. Hussen said the United Kingdom and several Latin American countries are modeling new programs on the Canadian approach, though he hasn’t yet fielded inquiries from the United States.

More here.

I must set the record straight on this idea—-Canada’s private sponsorship program. I read a lot about Canada that I don’t post on and I can tell you their private sponsorship has had all sorts of problems recently.

Now, you are going to hear more about it here in the US because that Washington, DC Open Borders think tank—the Cato Institute—has been pushing this idea too. Cato is libertarian (I guess!) and has become the darling of the refugee industry which uses it to suggest that even ‘Rightwingers’ want refugee resettlement.

I would be all for a private sponsorship program for refugee resettlement if all of the middlemen contractors were given the boot and private groups and churches would take full responsibility for a family of refugees for a year or more—no federal or state taxpayer funding!  All charity would be privately donated time and money until the family was on its feet. Such a program would be naturally self-limiting in terms of numbers of refugees that private sponsors could manage.

But that is not what Cato has proposed, they want a system like Canada’s—both a private system and a government-funded and controlled system working side by side.  I talked to one of their people on this and was told they hoped that eventually the publicly funded program would be phased out and the private system put in place.

No it won’t!

There will be two systems with greater capacity for ever greater numbers of refugees!

If there was any will in Washington, Congress could trash the present system and install a private one. As I said, if there was any will!

See my Canada category here where over 200 posts are archived including a bunch about the exodus of American illegal aliens to Canada (some were leaving under Obama so don’t fall for the meme that it is all about that meany President Trump).

Addendum: I meant to throw this link in about how the wailing is underway in Minnesota as refugee numbers drop there due to Donald Trump’s slowdown of the refugee flow to America.

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  1. Hello Ann, thank you for the tireless and courageous work you do for our country. You deserve great recognition and respect for your devotion. I would like to donate money to help with your work, please tell me how to go about it. Gary Blakeman, Cincinnati

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  2. Have you seen this testimony from Canada’s immigration minister, Ahmed Hussen?!

    RAW: Canada’s Immigration Minister Hussen Avoids Questions About FGM for Nearly 10 Minutes (Published on Dec 11, 2017)


  3. I’m new to all of this. I have a pressing question. Why, when there are many countries for these immigrants to go that have the same culture, the same weather, the same ideology, do they want to come to Minnesota where 5+months out of every year the ground is covered with snow, the temperature hovers around 0, the winds blow up to 45 MPH, the lifestyle is totally different, and the culture is a complete 180? I’m serious with this question. I’m starting at ground zero, trying to learn why all these immigrants are building mosques, halal stores and somali restaurants in our town of 50,000.


    1. Oh boy, where do I begin. You might get my little book to start. It is short and quick read. ‘Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America’ Then you need to put Minnesota in my search window and read about 100 or more posts on how Minnesota got where it is today. It did begin with the refugee contractors: Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and World Relief began placing Somalis there in the late 1980’s early ’90’s mostly because MN was “welcoming” and had great welfare. Then you need to get hooked up with like-minded citizen activists.


  4. Reblogged this on ELLIOT LAKE News and commented:
    What’s the real message here? This Somali-born refugee who was placed in-charge of Canada’s official gateway meets his very own tribal counterparts snugly ensconced on U.S. soil to purportedly dissuade them from illegally entering Canada. Don’t believe it! Showcasing the Muslim Hussen as an example of “local boy makes good” only has the capacity to entice even more incongruent Somalis in making the trek north to this land of “milk & honey”. [Read: No real jobs, but lots of free welfare!]

    The Traitorous Trudeau has proven over and over again to NOT having Canada’s founding peoples’ best interests at heart, and Ahmed’s visitation can only be a trick play to fool the Canadian people into believing this visitation charade has some merit. Trudeau and company have no intention of backtracking now, especially after recently announcing to the world that Canada will accept 1 MILLION additional immigrants over the next three years, and the vast majority of incoming foreigners will not originate from Europe! [Canada’s population: 36 Million people.]


    1. That Traitorous Trudeau is opening up the gates of Canada to illiterate, low-skilled, offspring of the ancestors of the Ottoman empire. Those mooslims — with their Sharia Law and FGM, are fundamentally an alien culture — when compared to Western Civilization culture (Western Civilization culture without all of the ‘socialism’ — an invasion in and of itself).

      The ‘socialism’ threat — now present in all Western Civilization institutions — from government to entertainment to education, was not enough to wake me up.

      But this “mooslim, sharia law, FGM” culture has sure woken me up.

      Which probably means it’s now too late?

  5. That is just kidding …… they really WANT SOmalis in Canada. As a matter of fact, you Somalis can live in Justin Trudeau’s house with him and eat dinners with his family …… and everything is FREE ….. no work required, all your needs and WANTS will be fullfilled at no coat . ….


  6. Not an icon, but more like a symbol. He and his family were dumped on the Canadian people without their consent, then infiltrated the political system taking advantage of the fact that people are afraid to question any minority for fear of being called the “R” word. Finally, the corrupt globalist leader of the country puts him in charge of the immigration program, sending out the message that not only are these worthless parasites welcome, but that they stand a good chance of infiltrating the political system as well.


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