International Rescue Committee joins Sesame Street in competition for $100 million grant

The IRC, as you all know, is one of nine federal resettlement contractors*** placing refugees in your towns and cities.  Although it doesn’t resettle the largest number (the US Conference of Catholic Bishops does), it has the biggest bank account.


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Miliband (right) and muppets: Earning his annual salary of  $591,846!  Photo:


Go here to see its financial picture along with the other nine which monopolize all US resettlement.  The IRC is 66% funded by the US Treasury (you!).

The IRC does have one other distinction and that is that its CEO, David Milliband, a British national (former Labor Foreign Secretary) and friend of George Soros and Bill and Hillary, has the highest CEO salary of the nine agencies working for the US State Department.

The MacArthur Foundation (funder of many Leftwing causes) will announce the winner on December 20th.  Go here to see what the IRC and Sesame Street are proposing.  Are they even sure this kind of ‘education’ will sit well with some of the more fundamentalists of the Middle East?

See my David Miliband archive here.

Don’t miss this 2013 post where we reported that Pamela Geller called Miliband an “urbane savage” for saying the West must “embrace political Islamism.”

***These are the nine federal refugee contractors. The Refugee Admissions Program will never be seriously reformed as long as this system of hiring contractors whose income depends on the number of refugees being admitted to the US continues.

One thought on “International Rescue Committee joins Sesame Street in competition for $100 million grant

  1. Sesame Street failed to reduce the educational achievement gap between rich and poor Americans, it’s ostensible purpose in the 1960s. Subsequently, Sesame Street introduced a Palestinian version to bring peace to the Holy Land, which also failed completely. This project, like the others, will most likely fail–however, grant recipients will be able to line their pockets by exploiting the unrealistic fantasies of their idealistic, Politically Correct, funders. Proving that Sesame Street is extremely successful at what really matters: making money.


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