Syrian refugee in Canada claims discrimination in drivers’ license case

Oh geez, so here we have one of the tens of thousands of Syrians admitted to Canada since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau began his airlift (46,000 arrived in 2016 alone) whining and complaining because he can’t prove he was a good driver in Syria.

From Around Canada:

When Yaser Nadaf fled the horrors of war-torn Syria, the last thing he was thinking about was his driver’s licence.

Nadaf is taking his case to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal so he can get his drivers license sooner.  Wouldn’t the citizens of Canada be safer if he went through their licensing program? Photo:

It was only months later, when he arrived in Canada after a brief stay in Turkey, that he realized it wasn’t with him and that without it, he would have to start from the very beginning of Ontario’s licensing process, unable to get his G2 licence for at least eight months.

Luckily, Nadaf remembered exactly where he’d left it and his sister, who was still in their home country, located it for him.  [So obviously his sister isn’t fearing for her life and running to Canada—ed]

Another document is required in Ontario to back up the driver’s license, but such documents are not available from Syrian local governments.

By the way, this points to the FACT that Syrians cannot be thoroughly screened because documents about their past are NOT available!

The Ministry of Transportation provides an exemption to the waiting period for previous driving experience outside of Canada, but only if an applicant provides an original letter of authentication attesting to their experience. Ontario is the only province that requires that sort documentation to exempt someone from having to wait between getting their interim and permanent licence.


The trouble for Nadaf and many other Syrian newcomers is that documents like that are usually acquired from the local jurisdiction that issued the licence — something many refugees simply don’t have access to with many fleeing from the very governments they’re now asked to turn to for documentation, explains refugee advocate Omar Khan.

Boo hoo! Then start at the beginning!

It was only after Yaser Nadaf fled Syria that he realized he didn’t have his licence and without it, he would need to start from the very beginning of Ontario’s licensing process. (Submitted by Yaser Nadaf)

And it’s that requirement that has one Syrian refugee taking his case to the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal — now with the help of the International Human Rights Program (IHRP) at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law.

You see how this goes—welcome them and they want to bend the laws in their favor the minute they get into the West!

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11 thoughts on “Syrian refugee in Canada claims discrimination in drivers’ license case

  1. Another legal mess started by someone who should not even be there. Who voted for mass immigration, anyways? not only are these people dumped on them without consent, but instead of being grateful they get indignant when they are asked to comply with the same rules that everyone else must follow. Instead of giving in to this scum bucket, they ought to deport him.


  2. Once the ‘honeymoon’ is over, the bickering starts. This is a common theme among recent migrants allowed in under refugee programs, finding elements in local procedures and laws that don’t suit their immediate demands. In Australia, ‘our’ Africans are complaining because new laws to deport criminals are under attack as ‘racist’. Many of the criminals are from Somalia and Sudan, guilty of brazen dangerous crimes, everything from smash and grab, break and enters, car-jacking and, last week a gang assault resulting in death. Many citizens of Melbourne are afraid to go out at night. Yet, one of the Somali community leaders recently argued in defence of some of these thoroughly undesirable young men, that they come from violent environments, “…so this is all they know”. In other words, just suck it up!


  3. My point, is, that where they come from, there really are no rules at all. Where they have landed here and elsewhere; in the US, Canada, all over Europe, Australia, etc, they demand that they need to adhere to their system of “no rules need apply” for them as well. In fact, they are getting away with that behavior pattern at every turn now.

    In St Cloud Minnesota, there is sanctioned prayer in public schools now, for special students only, and as opposed to the US Supreme Court decision on that subject.

    The new Community Recreation Center, and new swimming pool, allows certain people to wade into the pool in their street clothing, without a shower, and proper bathing apparel. That my friends, as I suggested to St Cloud Mayor Dave Kleis last evening, considering all the communicable (some lethal) diseases being discovered in Minnesota, is about as disgusting as it gets – AND QUITE DANGEROUS – from a “public health” perspective. His response? …A blank stare..

    …and there is so much more..

    As I stated to the Mayor yesterday afternoon during a small group meeting having coffee, I now believe the “the public authority”, law enforcement, and the Courts here, due to their shear numbers in terms of population now (10,000 in St Cloud alone), are now too afraid of these people to actually enforce the laws properly, and support the necessary standards as established by our American culture. I believe that they are now (as is true in Europe now) afraid that if they enforce the law, and even proper hygiene standards, there will be reprisal, and there will be violence as a result.

    This is not a slippery slope. It is a shear cliff…

    This is so dangerous!


  4. Ann, honestly without you we would never know facts and details which the media hide about our “welcomed” refugees. Thank you for all that you do and Merry Christmas!


  5. Super 8 owner who stabbed his wife gets probation; family’s religion played role in judge’s decision
    by Conrad Swanson
    25 Aug 2016

    “The man who stabbed his wife twice last summer will not be sentenced to prison, a judge determined Thursday afternoon.”
    “Kerns told Fairchild that in the Hindu culture of Patel’s family, his wife and children would also suffer if he were sentenced to prison. They would essentially be “ostracized,” he said.”
    “”The cultural part of it is very significant in this case,” he said, noting that he did not want a prison sentence for Patel to further harm his family. ”

    Read more:

    Oh, The Horror.


  6. Well well well… Somehow, a great movie line comes to mind: The scene with Mexicans standing in line handing out badges is, of course, a homage to Alfonso Badoya’s character in “Treasure of Sierra Madre” where he replies to Bogart, ” Badges? We ain’t got no badges. We don’t need no badges. I don’t have to show you any stinking (licence) badges.”


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