St. Cloud Somali ‘peacemaker’ and community organizer says Somalis want to integrate, not assimilate

Hudda Ibrahim has come home to St. Cloud to help organize her community and bring peace and understanding, she says.  (Oh, and build a “huge company” while she’s at it.)

Hudda Ibrahim touring Minnesota with a message of peace, love and reconciliation.

But while she was away at places like Catholic Notre Dame (she studied conflict resolution and reconciliation) she obviously picked up on the nuance surrounding the words ‘integrate’ and ‘assimilate’ with the former being preferred to the evil latter—we will not assimilate was her clear message to a recent audience.

She spoke at Central Lakes College earlier this month. Below is a small part of a report on what Ibrahim told her audience.

West Central Tribune (Willmar) (Hat tip: Ron):

BRAINERD, Minn.—Somalis in Minnesota often find themselves misunderstood, but one young refugee hopes to help change that.

Hudda Ibrahim, a professor of diversity and social justice at St. Cloud Technical and Community College, presented to a sizable crowd on her background as a Somali refugee and the plight of Somali refugees generally during a talk Thursday, Dec. 7, at Central Lakes College.

Ibrahim left Somalia as a young girl with her family in 1991, after the onset of civil war. They fled to Ethiopia, abandoning everything they owned, and later moved to America. An uncle and brother died, she said. [What about the Kenya part of her journey?—ed]

“It wasn’t easy for my family,” she said.

Every Somali family that comes to America has a story similar to the Ibrahims, she said.

When Ibrahim arrived in America in 2006 at the age of 19, she didn’t speak one word of English.


She went on to obtain a master’s degree from Notre Dame, and work for a nonprofit in Washington D.C. She moved back to Minnesota in 2015. [Is that non-profit the Somalicurrent? she edited?  Listed on twitter as being located in Mogadishu—ed]

“I really wanted to get back to my community, my hometown, my city of St. Cloud … to build bridges,” she said.

Ibrahim founded Filson Consulting, which lends its services to businesses trying to bridge the culture gap, including translation and mediation. She also wrote a book, “From Somalia to Snow,” on the Somali experience in central Minnesota. The research for the book formed the basis of the second part of her talk Thursday—on Somalis in Minnesota as a whole.


Somali immigrants have been settling in America since the 1920s, Ibrahim said, but she focused on those arriving during the early 1990s onward. [For new readers that is when the UN/US Refugee Program was going gangbusters—ed]

There are several factors prompting Somalis to immigrate to Minnesota as opposed to other states, Ibrahim said. Following the outbreak of war in Somalia, refugee agencies resettled in Minnesota. That caused word to spread among the Somali community that Minnesota was a tolerant place with life opportunities, attracting more immigrants. Ibrahim recalled hearing stories before she immigrated of the wonders of Minnesota—stories which conveniently omitted the freezing weather.

Somalis came to central Minnesota because there were jobs that didn’t [require] fluency in English, she said. They also came because their family members were already there. They came because there were schools, hospitals and mosques available.

We know they came for jobs (like window manufacturing in Owatonna!), and they were originally placed in Minnesota by three federal resettlement contractors acting as headhunters. Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and World Relief were supplying those companies with cheap labor.

But, there was something else!  We reported here that it was the generous welcoming welfare that made Minnesota attractive to the resettlement agencies in addition to low wage manufacturing and meatpacker jobs galore.

Then here is the part that interested me most. She is parroting the hard Left/Open Borders activists on the words assimilation vs. integration.

Ibrahim made a distinction between assimilation and integration, in response to critics who say Somalis aren’t assimilating enough to American culture. Assimilation involves abandoning one’s home culture and adopting that of the dominant group. However, integration means maintaining one’s cultural traditions and values, while interacting and respecting the diverse community as a whole.

More here.

Fine and dandy if she is talking about cultural traditions involving food, festivities and traditions of that nature.  However, if she is talking about Islam, Islam is not a cultural tradition. Islam is a form of government that we have no plans of integrating with!

Readers should know that the debate over the use of those words is raging even in the Trump Administration as it recently initiated a push to try to get rid of the word ‘integration’ throughout the government.

The Peacemaker!

I had planned only to say a few words about her use of the words ‘assimilate’ and ‘integrate’ until…..

… only a few minutes of zipping around on the worldwide web, I found a few other bits of information about Ibrahim.

First that mention above about not speaking a word of English when she arrived here in 2006 at age 19 after living in Ethiopia from 1991 (when she supposedly last saw Somalia) until she came to the US—-does she expect us to believe that when she attended high school in KENYA (according to her facebook page), she learned NO English?


Screenshot (95)_LI (1)
When you click on the muslim girls secondary school you get a school in Nairobi, Kenya. When did she go from Ethiopia to Kenya?


I would like to know more about this publication called Somalicurrent the thirty-something Ibrahim edited.


Screenshot (96)
Why don’t these well-educated Somalis, so concerned with their home country, put their peacemaking skills to a real test. Go there and help rebuild Somalia rather than remake Minnesota?


And, here we have—the words of the peacemaker!  She gets a big award.  Below is a small portion of the report about her award at the St. Cloud Times.

Arriving in the U.S. at 19 with limited English skills, Ibrahim was determined to carry on her family’s tradition of education. [Which is it? Limited? or, as she told the Brainerd audience, she didn’t speak one word of English?—ed]

It was at both the College of St. Benedict and the University of Notre Dame that Ibrahim discovered an interest in peace building.

And it is a skill set that she is determined to apply in Central Minnesota.


Question: Why peace studies? Why do you have a passion and drive for that particular area of study?

Answer: Because I want to build a community that lives together, regardless of their differences. And a community that comes together as a force of peace and coexistence and love. Peace building is not only a peace and war thing. If you don’t have peace, then you don’t have life. Safety, security. In peace building, one person cannot do it all. I understand that. But, you have to be that change. If you want to bring change, you have to start within. I wanted to be that person who changes the perspectives and wins the hearts and the minds of others.

Peacemaker or troublemaker?

See Ibrahim’s facebook comment after one of those recent contentious St. Cloud city council meetings. (I don’t think she means for this to look like a peacemaker parody, but it sure does!)

For a self-described “peacemaker” to use words like these—calling those she disagrees with “bigots” and cheering the city council for “bulldozing” the bigots—is comical.  Is that what she learned in conflict resolution classes at Notre Dame?

So much for “building bridges!”


Screenshot (97)_LI (1)
Her facebook page might have some other revealing items for those with time to explore:


Find everything you ever wanted to know and more about the St. Cloud/Somali refugee controversy by clicking here.

This post is also filed in my ‘Laugh of the day’ category, here.

10 thoughts on “St. Cloud Somali ‘peacemaker’ and community organizer says Somalis want to integrate, not assimilate

  1. Who paid for her education? Please look in the mirror for the answer to that question I suspect.. Who paid? …Professor of Diversity and Social Justice indeed… We are all paying for this in one way or another.

    Our future if this cannot be stopped?

    Sent to me by a LCMS Lutheran Pastor:

    So England doesn’t like the US recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel!!!!! Imagine that!

    I thought this might give you a better understanding of the insidiousness of Hijrah; that’s the takeover of a nation without going to war. Don’t think for a moment that America is not a target or that there are no American cities where Islamic and Sharia victories and takeovers have already occurred. It’s time for border control, or start planning for a very big goodbye to the American way of life!
    Here’s what has already happened to England within a few years of opening their borders without any entry control:

    How the British have passively succumbed to the Muslim invasion:

    Mayor of London … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Birmingham … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Leeds … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Blackburn … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Sheffield … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Oxford .. MUSLIM

    Mayor of Luton …. MUSLIM

    Mayor of Oldham … MUSLIM

    Mayor of Rochdale …. MUSLIM

    All the following achieved by just 4 million Muslims out of the 66 million population:

    Over 3,000 Muslim Mosques

    Over 130 Muslim Sharia Courts

    Over 50 Muslim Sharia Councils

    Muslims Only No-Go Areas Across The UK

    Muslim Women…78% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing

    Muslim Men…63% don’t work and are on FREE benefits/housing

    Muslim Families…6-8 children planning to go on FREE benefits/housing and now all UK schools are ONLY serving HALAL MEAT!

    …and we (the USA) and (CANADA) can’t decide on an immigration policy???

    One of the ways to combat this is to keep circulating information such as this e-mail around our United States and Canada to inform the uninformed who mainly only listen and read the left leaning US and Canadian radio/TV and newspapers. I have not seen this in the US or Canadian media…have you?


  2. Boy do I miss the genteel andwell mannered Minnesota of the 60s and 70s, it is an abominationto be replaced by this third world bully. Give me a time machine or mass deportation, please!!!!


  3. Who paid for this Samoli Women to go to Notre Dame???

    On Dec 17, 2017 8:20 AM, “Refugee Resettlement Watch” wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Hudda Ibrahim has come home to St. Cloud to help > organize her community and bring peace and understanding, she says. (Oh, > and build a “huge company” while she’s at it.) But while she was away at > places like Catholic Notre Dame (she studied conflict re” >


  4. How many Americans left to settle other countries after the American Civil War? None! We owe nothing to any country who by settling here try to use and abuse us with rapes, murders, welfare scandals, and trying to rule us through califs. We may never have another truly free election if our own idiots permit this, do not care about future generations, do not pick up a history book, and have a total ignorance of Muslims and Muslim migration. These American idiots do not seem to understand plagues that countries have had through migrants, because of the greatness of American medicine tb, polio, and many disease have faded here. But thanks to them we will have those eradicated ones return plus more. Is all this so some Islamic Turk can become rich with cheap labor in a country whic is woefully ignorant of history, totally uninterested in preserving what was fought and earned by patriots, and too self absorbed in their life.There is no empathy for any of others who were and are longstanding Americans from day one only that they be destroyed, no love at all.
    This woman needs to go set her own country right and live there as should all of these people unless they have something to offer and make America Great Again.

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  5. Hello, Ms. Corcoran,

    For several years, now, people writing and talking about immigration problems (including you – tsk, tsk!) have been using the word “assimilation” incorrectly – as in this article. (Had you noticed this, and just were “going with the flow”?)

    “Assimilation” is a directional word – the action it describes has only one direction of movement. In current usage, the direction has been reversed. Currently, there are *no* writers or speakers using the word correctly. The error is similar to the error occurring when “imply” and “infer” – also “directional” words – are confused.

    To add to the error, “assimilation” and “integration” have, in this immigration “hot-button” era, had political connotations added to them which they do not actually have.

    One thing is assimilated BY something else, and one thing is integrated INTO something else. The reversed meanings are incorrect, just as they are for imply and infer. If you refer to a pre-1960 dictionary (prior to dictionaries becoming reporters of language instead of authorities about it), I think you’ll find I’m correct.

    It would be a breath of fresh air if you would write a column commenting on this linguistic fumbling by opposing sides trying to hammer each other by mis-defining words for their own benefit.

    This observation is, in no way, a criticism of your invaluable reporting on the Muslim immigration disaster here and overseas, but I think you’ll agree that logical discussion of important issues is impossible when people invent their own meanings for words – just as Islam does.

    Best regards and a Very Merry Christmas!

    E. N. Mayfield, Jr. Memphis

    On Sun, Dec 17, 2017 at 8:20 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Hudda Ibrahim has come home to St. Cloud to help > organize her community and bring peace and understanding, she says. (Oh, > and build a “huge company” while she’s at it.) But while she was away at > places like Catholic Notre Dame (she studied conflict re” >


  6. Linda Sarsour now Hudda Ibrahim…

    And, just think, there are probably many more “sharia law front women” like them playing that roll in the US right now — and they all need to be exposed.

    Thinking of, in days past, the Jesuit outposts in far away lands, offering education but certainly doubling as a spy network for the Pope — the latter being their main purpose. Or the Viceroys.

    Will these women be as cunning and as ruthless as the Jesuit men and Viceroy men of days past? Let’s say, technically not. But, the Powers That Be had a business decision to make: Let’s face it, the slim-looking Sunni Imam at the local sharia-law mosque (wearing his knight gown, and sporting a scraggly bread, I’m sorry) is just NOT going to sell to the American audience — on BOTH sides of the political spectrum. Enter the “sharia law front women”.


  7. FREEDOM of ASSOCIATION.Anyone ever hear of that? We are not animals where you can just shove any other animal you like into OUR house. How long before “they” think they can force strangers into your house . …. resistance is MANDATORY.


  8. Sounds like a page right out of the Radical Palestinian and seditious Linda Sarsour playbook – now a buddy of our own little Minnesota con artist, Ilhan Omar..

    No “assimilation”? Only “integration”? she opines…. while partaking from her “host”, at every turn of the welfare state, while laying the groundwork for consuming “the host”…

    My grandparents – ALL – who came to this country as immigrants, came here for an opportunity to truly become an American (assimilate), and not for a cradle to grave system of handout after handout – INCLUDING A FREE RIDE TO NOTRE DAME apparently. …Only to then turn on their hosts at every turn, while smiling that smug smile, and picking our pockets at every opportunity. “Professor of Diversity”? How about a master’s degree in The Big Con – “The Sting”..

    Additionally, these people have no pride (NOT THE PRIDE OF MY GRANDPARENTS), excepting in their skills to deceive and to play the victim card at every opportunity.
    And Minnesotans and Minnesota were chosen as the “host” for this parasitic bunch, because Minnesotans are the closest thing to a group of easy marks as it gets in this world…short of Sweden, Finland, and the rest, who have tried this experiment, and FAILED MISERABLY!

    St Cloud City Council Member, Jeff Johnson, is the bigot? I don’t thinks so.. He is the only adult in the room..

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