Univ. of Minnesota, others, file lawsuit to block deportation of Somalis on aborted ICE flight

Remember the news we reported here, here and here about that flight filled with Somalis being deported from the US.

Update: Rep Keith Ellison on the bandwagon now too, no surprise.

Well, they are back on US soil and a large cadre of lawyers are working overtime to see that they don’t get deported anytime soon.

From CNN:

(CNN) – A Florida judge has issued a temporary stay of deportation for 92 Somali immigrants who, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday, were subjected to “inhumane conditions and egregious abuse” during a failed deportation effort by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Rebecca Sharpless_crop
U. of Miami law professor Rebecca Sharpless contends that Somalia is too violent to send them back. Then please tell us why so many Somalis (who are supposed to be refugees here) travel back and forth to Somalia regularly? Sharpless bio is here:  http://www.law.miami.edu/faculty/rebecca-sharpless

The order signed Wednesday by District Judge Darrin Gayles prohibits the Somalis involved in the case from being deported and requires ICE to provide medical treatment for any injuries they might have sustained.

In their lawsuit filing, the seven plaintiffs representing the Somalis allege deplorable conditions during their nearly two-day deportation journey earlier this month.

The deportees boarded an ICE-chartered plane in Louisiana bound for Somalia on December 7. However, the plane made it only as far as Dakar, Senegal, where it then sat on the runway for almost a day before returning to the US.

In a statement at the time, ICE said the plane returned to the US because of logistical issues and the flight would be rescheduled.

“The aircraft, including the detainees and crew on board, remained parked at the airport to allow the relief crew time to rest. During this time, the aircraft maintained power and air conditioning, and was stocked with sufficient food and water,” the statement reads.

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiffs were shackled “at their wrists, waist and legs” for the entire trip.


The suit was filed jointly by the University of Minnesota Law School, the University of Miami School of Law, Legal Aid Service of Broward County and Americans for Immigrant Justice. It asks the court to reopen the immigrants’ removal cases, arguing that deporting them to Somalia would endanger their lives. It also asks the court to prevent their deportation until they are able to seek treatment for injuries sustained during the December 7 flight and to ensure that abuses will not take place on another flight.

Rebecca Sharpless, a professor at the University of Miami School of Law who is director of the school’s immigration clinic, said that due to the escalation of violence in Somalia by the group al-Shabaab, as well as far-reaching news stories about the deportation flight, the individuals would be in danger if they returned.

More here. A hearing is scheduled for January 2nd.

I have a hard time believing that ICE agents acted in the way they are portrayed in the lawsuit. And, there is something very strange about the decision to fly back to the US. Where did they get a rested flight crew for that trip?

Small resettlement agencies will no longer resettle refugees and get federal funding

This Reuters story confirms what we heard from the Bowling Green Daily News on Wednesday.

There are hundreds of subcontractors working for the nine contractors (see present list here)*** that control all resettlement in the US.

Some will soon be closing.

That is a far cry from 2016 when the US State Department and the BIG NINE were aggressively trying to open as many as 45 new sites with Hillary on the horizon!

bake sale
There is nothing to stop these non-profit groups from raising private money the old fashioned way by holding bake sales, galas, and other fundraisers to help the refugees which they previously placed in the town and maybe help some American poor people too!  They got fat and lazy living off taxpayer dollars for decades.

So the feds will cut them loose from your taxpayer funding, but aren’t they still non-profit groups with the ability to raise private money and take care of poor people with private charity the old fashioned way—Yes!

Here is Reuters (Hat tip: Joanne) where we are told that refugees will be left in the lurch and their “integration” will be stalled without FEDERALLY funded workers to help them.

(Reuters) – The U.S. State Department has told refugee agencies it will sharply pare back the number of offices across the country authorized to resettle people in 2018 as President Donald Trump cuts the number of refugees allowed into the United States.

The announcement was made at a Dec. 1 meeting in Washington with State Department officials and representatives from nine major refugee agencies, several executives of the agencies said.

Advocates said the decision is likely to lead to the closure of dozens of resettlement offices around the country, potentially leaving some refugees without access to services that help them integrate into American life. Several state refugee coordinators said they had also been made aware of the closures.

Refugee resettlement in the United States is handled by nine non-profit agencies that receive funding from the federal government for some of their refugee work.  [For some! For almost all of their work!  Some are 97-99% taxpayer funded. This is why we hate the mainstream media!—ed]

They partner with, or oversee, hundreds of local offices in nearly every state that help new arrivals with basic tasks like enrolling children in school, arranging doctors’ visits and applying for Social Security cards and other documents.

Though the agencies are independent, they must get government approval for where they will resettle new refugees.

They don’t need government approval to care for those they brought in and dropped off in previous years!

Go here to see who is whining.

*** Below are the nine contractors that control all resettlement in America (go here to see how many millions of dollars that US taxpayers pay them for their ‘charitable good works.’)

There can be no real reform of the US Refugee Admissions Program as long as these nine Leftwing political advocacy groups (masquerading as private humanitarian organizations) are driving the process and are funded on a per refugee head basis. Financially starving them out might be the only way to do it!