Univ. of Minnesota, others, file lawsuit to block deportation of Somalis on aborted ICE flight

Remember the news we reported here, here and here about that flight filled with Somalis being deported from the US.

Update: Rep Keith Ellison on the bandwagon now too, no surprise.

Well, they are back on US soil and a large cadre of lawyers are working overtime to see that they don’t get deported anytime soon.

From CNN:

(CNN) – A Florida judge has issued a temporary stay of deportation for 92 Somali immigrants who, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday, were subjected to “inhumane conditions and egregious abuse” during a failed deportation effort by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Rebecca Sharpless_crop
U. of Miami law professor Rebecca Sharpless contends that Somalia is too violent to send them back. Then please tell us why so many Somalis (who are supposed to be refugees here) travel back and forth to Somalia regularly? Sharpless bio is here:  http://www.law.miami.edu/faculty/rebecca-sharpless

The order signed Wednesday by District Judge Darrin Gayles prohibits the Somalis involved in the case from being deported and requires ICE to provide medical treatment for any injuries they might have sustained.

In their lawsuit filing, the seven plaintiffs representing the Somalis allege deplorable conditions during their nearly two-day deportation journey earlier this month.

The deportees boarded an ICE-chartered plane in Louisiana bound for Somalia on December 7. However, the plane made it only as far as Dakar, Senegal, where it then sat on the runway for almost a day before returning to the US.

In a statement at the time, ICE said the plane returned to the US because of logistical issues and the flight would be rescheduled.

“The aircraft, including the detainees and crew on board, remained parked at the airport to allow the relief crew time to rest. During this time, the aircraft maintained power and air conditioning, and was stocked with sufficient food and water,” the statement reads.

The lawsuit alleges that the plaintiffs were shackled “at their wrists, waist and legs” for the entire trip.


The suit was filed jointly by the University of Minnesota Law School, the University of Miami School of Law, Legal Aid Service of Broward County and Americans for Immigrant Justice. It asks the court to reopen the immigrants’ removal cases, arguing that deporting them to Somalia would endanger their lives. It also asks the court to prevent their deportation until they are able to seek treatment for injuries sustained during the December 7 flight and to ensure that abuses will not take place on another flight.

Rebecca Sharpless, a professor at the University of Miami School of Law who is director of the school’s immigration clinic, said that due to the escalation of violence in Somalia by the group al-Shabaab, as well as far-reaching news stories about the deportation flight, the individuals would be in danger if they returned.

More here. A hearing is scheduled for January 2nd.

I have a hard time believing that ICE agents acted in the way they are portrayed in the lawsuit. And, there is something very strange about the decision to fly back to the US. Where did they get a rested flight crew for that trip?

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  1. If ICE did as I suspect, they signed off on the immigration court removal order as being completed at some point prior to return to CONUS. This would set the stage for ‘Paroling” them back in to the USA. A parole status would totally block any lawyer from reopening their deportation cases, because by law they aren’t here. It also provides the ICE Special Agent in Charge, and his counterpart in ICE Detention Removal Operations (DRO) total control for detaining them, one and all. The courts have no say.

    All ICE agents are humans, have families of their own, deal with aliens on a regular basis. ICE, like any other large law enforcement agency has a strict protocol on how detainees are handled.

    ICE agents go through a lenghty basic training academy. They learn that needless antagonism of detainees makes for an very unsafe situation. This is especially true when confined for many hours in the relatively tight confines of an aircraft, many thousands of miles in the air.


      1. No it gives them no leverage or legal standing. Being paroled provides no legal relief. We sometimes parole in people “in the public interest.” This is sometimes done to allow an alien to provide testimony in a court, when they would otherwise be inaddmissable under our immigration laws.

        Oddly enough, the very first alien I ever encountered was a Mexican on a Greyhound Bus heading up to Iowa. I was at a U.S. Border Patrol highway checkpoint in SOCAL. He presented me with a government document with a legal code written on it. While I recognized the code as being from the Immigration & Nationality Act, I wasn’t familiar with what it was all about. Fortunately, the duty supervisor was formerly an immigration inspector at a large U.S. Port of Entry, so he was familiar with it.

        It turns out the Mexican was previously living illegally in the U.S., and working in a meat packing plant in Iowa. He was injured while working, so someone helped him file a workmans compensation claim against the employer. He had returned to Mexico to heal up and await his call for his hearing on the claim. When I encountered him, he was on his way back to Iowa for his hearing.

        He is probably sitting in Mexico collecting a very nice disability check from Uncle Sugar from that injury.


  2. There is a very special (special-ed) strain of stupid in the water and air in Minnesota.

    They do not even have the common sense to look at all of their Scandinavian cultural relatives (Sweden – Denmark – Norway – Finland), and their oh-so-welcoming (lazy thinking), and the present disastrous plight they too allowed to be imported to their countries and cities, resulting in the present day nightmare they have brought upon themselves. These days, those very same countries are trying to deport the cultural pariah and imported plague they are beginning to acknowledge in their midst, while we are being pushed over the cultural cliff here in Minnesota – AT THE EXPENSE OF THE MINNESOTA TAXPAYER.

    Now, we have an astounding increase of crime, violence, intimidation, and diseases (some quite lethal), in Minnesota which was unheard of 15 to 20 years ago. We now have trigger happy, un-vetted, and unqualified, culturally conditioned-misogynistic, rogue cop, still on the Minneapolis police force, killing an unsuspecting citizen, for the offence of simply calling 911 for help – AND THUS FAR, GETTING AWAY WITH IT… Or, another recent inductee into the MPD hall of shame, threatening to shoot his wife in the head, and bragging that he could get away with it.

    The Minneapolis PD, and all encompassing solution for the Minnesota body politic? …Let’s just lower the psychological evaluation standards for entrance into the police candidate training program FOR MINORITY / IMMIGRANT CANDIDATES. That, my friends, is a very special-ed kind of stupid…and remarkably dangerous of course.

    Then there is:

    …repeated serial child rape perpetrated by some believers in “the book”, and the “religion of peace”.

    …female genital mutilation

    …illegal prayer in Minnesota public schools, for special people only of course.

    …roving gangs of 3rd world thugs, threatening to kidnap and rape Minnesota women – WITHOUT RECEIVING EVEN A PARKING TICKET FOR THIS 3 consecutive days of “TERRORISTIC THREATS”.

    …actual gang rape(s) of Minnesota women

    …sharia cops patrolling Minneapolis city streets

    …knife attacks

    …sexual assault attacks

    …complete refusal to assimilate, in favor of “integration” (Infiltration), to a clear purpose.

    …we now have 1000 rampaging “immigrants” (not refugees” by the way) running through The Mall of America on occasion, and completely overtaking the amusement park, to the exclusion of indigenous Minnesota citizens and visitor shoppers.

    …clear acts of organized immigration fraud

    …welfare fraud




    …HIDING FROM THE MINNESOTA PUBLIC, the widespread communicable (some very lethal) diseases being brought in to our state, without proper, or needed and ongoing, screening and inoculation measures in place, to protect an unsuspecting and vulnerable Minnesota public.

    …installation of a formal Minneapolis HATE SPEECH HOTLINE, designed to cow a disgusted and increasingly angry Minnesota citizenry, while encouraging the actual offending parties (the community of anti-social immigrants), who may FEEL like they are the VICTIMS of any criticism relating to any and all of the above, to “snitch” on Minnesota citizen critics…like me for instance. I stand ready, and await that knock on my door any day now…

    …AND, the Minnesota taxpayers are getting “hosed”, as they say, for all of this and more..

    …constant threats of violence and intimidation (while claiming to be “CARRYING A BIG STICK”)…

    …Now, we have the cadre of a “social justice”, and “diversity” promoters of a “Welcoming & Just Community” platform; including our legal “community”, all banding together, to promote more of this, and support this 3rd world imported thuggery, AND STAND AGAINST ALL MINNESOTA CITIZENS, WHO OBJECT!

    In the words of actor, Struther Martin, in the film “Coll Hand Luke” – “What we have here is a failure to communicate”. What we also have here is a massive PUBLIC HEALTH & PUBLIC SAFETY DISASTER, being swept under the “Minnesota Rug of Shame, almost every day now. …In the words of Larry The Cable Guy, “You can’t fix stupid”!

    …People are now dying in Minnesota, and the “The Public Authority” is completely responsible for all of this.

    I could keep going, but this should do for now.



  3. I don’t care if they march them off to the ovens once they are repatriated, it is not our problem. We need to establish a precedent that while we may help people like this, these crises will not be used as an excuse to let them live here. If we take in a large part of the population every time some third world country has a problem, we will exceed our countries resources in nothing flat, and you can be sure that they will bring their problems here to boot. Time to make the third world take care of it’s own problems, and stop making problems for us.


  4. As you say, “I have a hard time believing that ICE…..” Oh for sure. Didn’t we suspect from the get go something was really off on that return trip fiasco. Well, now I think we see.


  5. Something fishy going on in MN? Well, if Ellison is involved, count on it. How about all the REMITTANCES? Minnesotans are supporting Somalia through them without a doubt.


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