Refugee numbers are low for first 3 months of fiscal year; Ohio is top receiving state

As promised, below are the stats for the first three months of fiscal year 2018 (it began on October 1, 2017).

Update January 3: More detailed numbers analysis by Michael Leahy at Breitbart, here.

President Trump set the CEILING for the year at 45,000 refugees. That is the lowest CEILING since the Refugee Act of 1980 (Kennedy/Biden) was signed in to law by Jimmy Carter.

Somalis in Columbus
Columbus, Ohio second only to Minneapolis for its number of Somalis. Columbus received 245 refugees from 11 different countries, including Somalia, in the first three months of the fiscal year. It was followed by Akron as the second most ‘welcoming’ city in the state with 139 ‘new Americans’ in the last 3 months.

I capitalize the word CEILING because I want to get it into the heads of reporters that a CEILING is not a target to be achieved. It is a cap that the President cannot exceed without consultation with Congress.

There is nothing in refugee law that says he can’t come in with half of the proposed CEILING.

And, if the present rate of resettlement were to continue for the year, that is about where we will come in.

According to Wrapsnet, as of today, we have admitted 5,323 refugees over 13 weeks.

Extending that same rate out for 52 weeks would put the number at just under 22,000 for the year. 

I know, to many readers, that 22,000 is too many, but you can be sure the low number of paying “clients” (refugees) will wreak havoc with the budgets of the nine federal contractors which could (optimistically) in turn force a complete review about why we have such a dysfunctional system where ‘non-profits’ are paid by the head to place refugees (in as much secrecy as they can muster) into towns and cities in 49 states.

There is never an incentive to slow the flow in overloaded communities with such a system where nine contractors*** are literally bidding for bodies.

Here is where the 5,323 have been placed as of today:


Screenshot (118)
Data available at the Refugee Processing Center (Wrapsnet) for October 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017.  I know the numbers are a little hard to read, but nothing I can do about it.


The top ten ‘welcoming’ states are: Ohio, Texas, New York, Pennsylvania, Washington, California, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan and North Carolina.  California is normally first or second so who knows what that is all about.

Top ten countries from which we admitted refugees since October 1, 2017:

Bhutan (1,535)

DR Congo (1,154)

Burma (655)

Ukraine (487)

Eritrea (428)

Russia (132)

Somalia (128)

El Salvador (113)

Ethiopia (102)

Afghanistan (81)

Iraq (77), which has been in the top three or so for years, didn’t make the top ten.

The percentage of Muslim refugees is way down. 

In the final Obama years we were admitting close to 50% Muslim refugees and now (all Muslim sects combined) we admitted 726 Muslims in the last 3 months which amounts to about 14%.

I am concerned to see that 199 of the 726 were Muslims from Burma (Rohingya).

*** These are the nine federal refugee contractors. I like to post this list once a day (if I remember!) so new readers can begin to get the list memorized! They have hundreds of subcontractors working for them.  If you visit their websites you can find out which, if any, are operating where you live.


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  1. I have a condo near Columbus Ohio. My sister lived in Columbus. Her blue collar neighborhood is transforming into a Somali ghetto! Caucasians are leaving in droves. My sister’s entire family has conceal & carry permits. And two watch dogs & alarm system. Two of their vehicles are parked outside. Twice they were robbed of contents if accidentally left unlocked. Somali teens roam the streets in cover of darkness looking for unlocked vehicles and stealing anything they find!


  2. Happy New Year Ann and thanks for your many years of work on behalf of our country and our citizens. I truly believe that your efforts are not being ignored by the higher ups including some in the Trump Administration. Check out this headline on Breitbart today:

    Keep up the great work. The tide is starting to turn.


  3. About a year ago, I showed you an IRS webpage (which you posted) where taxpayers can file a complaint of non-profit organizations that abuse their tax exempt status.

    Many refugee agencies abuse their non-profit tax-exempt status by:
    * Making large profits for personal gain.
    * Engaging in lobbying and political activities.

    Unfortunately at the time, Obama appointee John Koskinen was the IRS commissioner who was illegally against conservative groups (Google his name).

    Now that Trump fired him in October 2017, a Trump appointed IRS commissioner, David Kautter, is in charge. It would be worth revisiting this again.

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