Minneapolis woman stabbed by Somali in mid-December is speaking out

But, she has also left the state for her own safety!

What the hell is going on with the police in Minneapolis?

Leo Hohmann has the latest at his new website, click here.  See my earlier post on the attack here.

Below are a few snips from Hohmann’s detailed (update) report:

The tragic story of what happened to Morgan Evenson two weeks before Christmas is starting to gain traction in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Morgan evenson
Evenson gave the police a very detailed description of her attacker!

Ignored by the city’s largest newspaper, the Star Tribune, a second local TV station picked up the story Tuesday about the brutal attack by a Somali migrant that left the 26-year-old woman in a hospital bed with 14 stab wounds and a lacerated kidney.

It’s been nearly three weeks since a man described as a Somali immigrant attacked Evenson while she was walking home from work in uptown Minneapolis, slashing and stabbing her relentlessly while trying to drag her off of a public street.

She did not know the man and has no idea why he attacked her.


The fact that a Somali migrant targeted a young white woman while walking alone, and that he remains on the loose, has women watching their backs.

Several women told Fox 9 KMSP they are afraid to walk alone on the streets of this popular shopping district that they previously thought was safe.

And now the victim herself is speaking out, revealing new information about her attacker that cast doubt upon the official police narrative about what happened that night.


After being released from the hospital Evenson immediately moved out of state and said she fears for the safety of her friends still living in uptown Minneapolis….

Go here and see what she says about the attack and her attacker and what she wants to do!

And, see Hohmann’s discussion about the Minneapolis police department that seems to be controlled by the local Imams, putting their sensitivities before the safety of the non-immigrant community that still lives in Minneapolis.

For those reading RRW for the first time, go here (one of my all time top posts) and see who is responsible for Minneapolis becoming the Somali capital of America. Hint: Initially it was three of the refugee contractors listed below. But, last I looked, 5 or 6 of them have set up shop in “welcoming” Minnesota.

12 thoughts on “Minneapolis woman stabbed by Somali in mid-December is speaking out

  1. Ann, My question is why don’t any of these attacks considered “Hate Crimes” within the last year? I’ve questioned this and will keep on, till lawmakers address this.



  2. My child and I had to leave MN after many bad experiences. M<innesota hates the good people who settled the state and prefers criminals from the 3rd world. Many prayers to that poor woman.


  3. Whatever happened to Minneapolis Minnesota police officer Mohammad Noor the one who without cause and justification senselessly shot the white Australian woman doctor in the stomach. I guess it was okay for him to enforce Sharia law and show his true disdain and lack of respect for woman. Let’s not forget he was a true diversity hire representative of Multicultural inclusivity.

    On Jan 4, 2018 8:06 AM, “Refugee Resettlement Watch” wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “But, she has also left the state for her own safety! > What the hell is going on with the police in Minneapolis? Leo Hohmann has > the latest at his new website, click here. See my earlier post on the > attack here. Below are a few snips from Hohmann’s detail” >


    1. Nothing has happened to him yet. Do a google search and you will see. I haven’t posted the latest here, but have been tweeting on it.


  4. At the risk of stating the obvious, if you cut off the welfare goodies, most of these not-so-peace loving souls will exit stage left, and beat feet to the next free-for-all watering hole. Many still here will resort to violence, as seen all over the globe, when that happens.

    Sheriff Stanek and others are, as Joseph Stalin once said, “useful idiots”, and a herd of willing lemmings, ripe for the embrace of the big Somali con going on here.

    What is clear now, is that the indigenous Minnesotan does not count any longer here. And, if we complain about all the barbaric behavior, insane crime and violence; unheard of here 20 years ago, the imported diseases – infecting many, and killing some, or even the obvious cover-up of the Justine Damond murder by MPD rookie police officer Mohammad Noor, there is always the official Hate Speech/”Hate Crime Hotline” (snitch line), so that WE Minnesotans can be ratted out, and charged for the crime of “free speech”..

    Then there is our comatose, and cowardly governor Mark Dayton (the only member of our US Congress – as a US Senator, the day after 9/11, to pack up his entire Washington office and run back to Minnesota, to presumably hide in his favorite home away from mansion and “safe room” “shelter”, the St Paul Hotel), who has repeatedly told all Minnesotans; “If you do not like the way Minnesota is going (Sharia Law presumably) and changing, go find another state to live in”.

    It is my view, that the numbers of these oh-so-slick, and oftentimes, oh-so-dangerous 3rd world malcontents and con artists, now living here (many more on the way via secondary migration from other states now) are so massive now, that the power structure in Minnesota, are now very much afraid – SERIOUSLY AFRAID – of these people now. As an aside, the Minneapolis FBI Office is still looking for 8 more of these neanderthals, and listing them as “Armed & Dangerous”.

    From our slimy political types, working overtime to pander to this group of parasitic immigrant malcontents and ingrates, to the hierarchy of our Minnesota Law Enforcement leadership; such as it remains today, to our Minnesota Courts; now soft on sharia law, tethered to a anti-news Minnesota mainstream news media, we Minnesotans are not even on the radar screen in terms of mattering at all any longer.

    Neither Morgan Evenson, or Justine Damond, or the, now, the countless numbers of victims of this multifaceted barbaric anti-culture / “culture”, and their bizarre behavior pattern; matter whatsoever. How many body bags with innocent Minnesota victims will it take?

    What counts these days, is preserving the incredibly false narrative, that “Minnesota” is a very “Nice” place in which to live.. Minnesota is in deep trouble now, and I fear that it may be way too late to repair the damage. Personally, I am afraid for the personal safety, and personal health, for my children and grandchildren, and people I care about here.

    Did I fail to mention, that MPD police officer Mohammad Noor, already had three official complaints levied against him; all 3 by women complainants, in his short 2 year rookie career?

    Now, we are no longer safe if we call 911 for MPD officer assistance.

    We now live in a place where an 87 year old male from the St Cloud Minnesota “community” of 10,000 of this particular imported “culture” – and repeat offender – can commit serial rape of 4 and 5 year old little girl(s) – AGAIN – as our new normal. …A place where the crime of interstate child female genital mutilation goes on, and is not punished at all – IN MINNESOTA that is. We live in a place where, 30 men, 3 days in a row, can attack women, and chase them off the beaches and park area of inner city affluent Minneapolis’s, Lake Calhoun, on foot and with vehicles, and not even get a parking ticket. …A place where a rogue, trigger happy MPD police officer can shoot to death, at point blank range, an innocent, unarmed 40 year old woman, who simply called 911 for help, and he never gets charged with anything almost 6 months later. This, and so much more of the same, represents the realities of life in our present day Minnesota..

    Where is John Wayne, Randolph Scott, Jimmy Stewart, and Ronald Reagan, when we need them? At this point, anyone with an ounce of decency, courage, and character will do…

    To Morgan Evenson, and the family of Justine Damond… My heartfelt apology on behalf of all decent Minnesotans, who actually posses enough character, and enough of a conscience, to get it. Our condolences..


  5. Ann, I just read some of Leo Hohmann’s post on this. He said there are 50,000 Somalis in Minneapolis. I’ve read there are 125,000, and maybe I read it here. Just wondering.


    1. I don’t think anyone really knows how many live in Minnesota because I’ve heard they hide from the census people. That said, you probably have 125,000 in mind because that is approximately how many got in to the US directly through the US Refugee Admissions Program. Those numbers are available. They were scattered around the US but many head right to MN. That 125,000 does not include all those who got in legally through other programs. It does not include all those Somalis who got in to the US illegally, and of course it doesn’t account for the reproduction rate of Somalis who have been in here for decades.

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    1. This makes me wonder what their endgame is. In the 50’s-70’s, black migration from the South was used to break up ethnic neighborhoods. German, Polish, Irish, etc. That was the backbone of Catholic America. Black migration from the South (referred to as the Great Migration) scattered them all into the suburb which broke Catholic and ethnic solidarity, making them good, docile, generic Americans where the only thing they had in common with their neighbors was what they watched on television the night before.
      It was an experiment in social engineering.

      Now, they are bringing in Somali and Palestinian ethnics to disrupt cities. Is it because our population replacement rate is below the required, sustainable 2.1/children per family? Or is it yet another social engineering experiment to destroy the vestiges of what they call “white” people?
      What is going on here?


  6. Why not contact her about SUEING the parties that were accomplices to her stabbing? A perfect case for sueing the pants off the Contractors, Politicians & PEDOpriests that enabled and ASSISTED the stabbing.
    The “Sanctuary City/State Financial and Criminal Accountability Law”
    Every politician that votes for or endorses the mythical “sanctuary” from Federal Immigration Law shall be subject to obtaining and providing a Surety Bond to secure 100% Reparations to any Legal Citizen injured, murdered, raped, robbed, or in any way harmed, including mental distress, by said Illegal persons in the area. By their refusal to honor their oath to uphold the Constitution and the Law of the land the said politicians have negated any “governmental immunity”. Said politicians are Personally Criminal Accomplices to any crimes committed by the Criminals they are Harboring. Said politicians are Personally Financially Liable for damages, reparations, and to “make whole” any Legal Citizen harmed by the Criminals they are Harboring.
    Yes, “sanctuary implementors” DO OWE DAMAGES for any harm their law breaking leads to. By the way, why is a clerk jailed for refusing to do her duty and register homosexual marriages,but these politicians and police are not jailed for allowing sanctuary cities and refusing to do THEIR duty?
    Cannot say it often enough, these politicians took an oath to uphold the CONSTITUTION of the United States and therefore cannot whine that they do not have to enforce Federal Law. Every judge or politician blocking that wall is providing material aid and support to Narco Terrorists. Anyone who provides “sanctuary” to an illegal is harboring criminals, PERIOD. And if that illegal commits a crime the sanctuary providers is a ACTIVE ACCOMPLICE to the crime and is PERSONALLY Financially Liable for FULL restitution and gets to serve time for the crime…………… BOOK’EM DANNO. If the “Appointed Defenders” of Our HOUSE refuse to do their duty, they are accomplices and personally responsible for the results. “Public Officials” That refuse to enforce the immigration laws and provide “sanctuary” to ILLEGALS automatically assume personal financial responsibility for ANY crimes and any damages created by said ILLEGALS. They also are accessories to any crimes committed by their ILLEGALS and should be JAILED as Accomplices. Same applies to any priest/church that provides “sanctuary”
    Title 8, U.S.C. § 1324(a) defines several distinct offenses related to aliens. Subsection 1324(a)(1)(i)-(v) prohibits alien smuggling, domestic transportation of unauthorized aliens, concealing or harboring unauthorized aliens, encouraging or inducing unauthorized aliens to enter the United States, and engaging in a conspiracy or aiding and abetting any of the preceding acts. Subsection 1324(a)(2) prohibits bringing or attempting to bring unauthorized aliens to the United States in any manner whatsoever, even at a designated port of entry. Subsection 1324(a)(3).


    1. The Minneapolis PD needs to catch him first. They haven’t even identified him and you can bet he is long gone to another Somali ‘community’ in Ohio, San Diego, or Seattle.


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