Catholics get ready for National Migration Week launch tomorrow….

…..where you will be made to feel guilty if you aren’t interested in the message about helping the (foreign) stranger when you see poverty and homelessness all around you!


pope share the journey


I don’t really want to write about this again, but awhile back I said that every time I saw a Catholic publication promoting propaganda about their charitable work for refugees and immigrants without mentioning that they are paid MILLIONS of taxpayer dollars for their ‘religious’ good works, I would write about it.

***Update*** Worse than we even thought! Reader finds 2016 funding. Read all about it here.

This is from a South Jersey Catholic publication. Not a word about the fact that the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (as one of nine federally funded resettlement contractors***) is paid millions annually from the US Treasury.

For nearly 50 years, the Catholic Church has celebrated National Migration Week, which kicks off this weekend, Jan. 7. This year’s purpose takes on a special significance in light of Pope Francis launching the two-year Share the Journey campaign in September 2017.

Share the Journey is a worldwide effort to build understanding and support within local communities for immigrants and refugees who have come to new lands to rebuild their lives. The campaign is sponsored globally by Caritas Internationalis and in the United States by Catholic Charities USA, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Catholic Relief Services.


“National Migration Week, and the Share the Journey campaign in particular, are invitations to people of all ages to engage with migrants in a meaningful way, and to be warm and welcoming of these newcomers,” noted Patrick Barry, director of Refugee and Immigration Services at Catholic Charities, whose mother was a Cambodian refugee who fled the Khmer Rouge regime in the 1980s.

“It’s been amazing to see how many groups, nonprofits and institutions have engaged in this campaign and demonstrated their support,” he said.


“As Catholics, we believe in the human dignity of all people. And so we are called to stand with refugees and immigrants as our brothers and sisters,” said Kevin Hickey, executive director of Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, and Catholic Charities USA Trustee.

And so, why not stand for the human dignity of your fellow Americans (first!) who are struggling with hunger and homelessness?

The answer: there is no money in it!

The USCCB’s Migration Fund is 97% funded by you, the taxpayer.

See my most recent write-up on funding for contractors where I report on the USCCB’s 2014 annual report. After I found this one and first reported on it a few years ago, I have never found a more up-to-date financial statement for their migration fund.  I wonder why!


screenshot-671 (1)
Federal grants and the travel loan collection fees are your money!


I look forward to the day when a Catholic publication reports on the above facts!

Catholic parishioners might be perfectly fine with taking that much federal money, so why are the Bishops afraid of telling them?

*** The contractors. The USCCB resettles the most refugees of the nine that monopolize all resettlement in the US.

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  1. Thanks for posting Ann. I just put up something about it on our facebook page.

    Best regards,

    Kevin Lynn

    Executive Director
    Progressives for Immigration reform

    1701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

    (O) 202.543.5325
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    (c) 626.825.1331


  2. I’m as devout a Catholic as they come – have been for 83 years. Jesus is my Lord and Savior Has been for 76 years. My family has taken in immigrants since Cubans sent their children here to escape Fidel Castro. We cared for 3 teen age girls from Pinar del Rio – one of which was taught to hate the USA. We helped out with a large group of Poles who escaped their communist country as Catholic Charities resettled them. Man, did they assimilate! Twin 8 years olds became the first co-valedictorians at the local high school. My kids and us have sponsored several Mexican families to citizenship. Our Goddaughter was conceived by a homeless girl and a drug mule – adopted by a fine (Republican) Hispanic couple.

    The adoptive Dad, one of my best friends, is the son of the farm labor woman who organized “Mothers Against Chavez” during the Delano Grape Boycott where the UFW and a variety of clergy, Democrat politicians and media were marching under banners of mass murderer Che Guevara and Our Lady of Guadalupe. That was more than she could take, but was shunned and even turned away from churches.

    That said, what we’ve been witnessing in the hierarchy selling its soul for Federal funds. Unfortunately much of this happened under the totalitarian Obama who the clergy seem to love far above Donald Trump. Sadly, Trump is performing in a subsidiarity/solidarity manner ala Pope Benedict XVI against horrible odds from folks who ought to know better.

    Yes, most of the DACA adults need some leeway. Sadly most have been taught to hate this country by religious and secular forces that should be exposed for what they are. Living in a heavily ag area, I’ve often wondered why a simple guest worker program coupled with a citizen development process couldn’t be structured. A lot of talk, but it seems only to be a vehicle to illegally register Democrat voters to keep state like California under sedition.

    This too must pass.


  3. Being a traditional, Orthodox Roman Catholic, it makes me ill to see what the new catholics have allowed themselves to follow this non-Catholic non-pope. I know these people ‘think’ they are being Christian, but they are wholly misled. God help us.


  4. No, they have been traumatized enough. They will be much more comfortable being cared for in familiar, HOME, surroundings. You go THERE and save them.
    Have you noticed the Sociopathic lack of human empathy, sympathy, or concern for the victims of these invaders. Not only are there no MSM “human interest” stories about the Invader’s Victim’s traumas, their stories are actually DENIED by MSM, Politicians, and the very Priests that are supposed to comfort and care for “Their Flocks”. Scumbag “priests” betraying their own People, there will be a special place in Hell for them. What sort of aberrations and mutant “Shepherds” WANT to pour vipers and wolves into the midst of their flocks?
    These monsters “GET OFF” on little girls and boys being gang raped and murdered.

    (1) Charity and “good works” are done with YOUR money and time. Taking MY money and giving it to someone else is THEFT. We bring puppies into our house, poisonous vipers and skunks are banned. Do not make the REFUJIHADIS walk all the way here ,,,, You go to the REFUJIHADIS’ homeland on Your dime after all, they will feel more comfortable at home.

    (2) Remember, Democrats are the people who didn’t care when 70,000 factories closed across America, but then rioted in the streets when we denied entry to foreigners from a few terrorist-laden countries.
    (3) You are all concerned about them but you do not give a FIG about how your own neighbors feel. Who made you god, to just invite anybody & everybody into Our house, without asking the OTHER RESIDENTS if it is okay? Go see a psychiatrist.
    (4) They can get a card as an illegal to ensure they get welfare but it’s racist for people to have to get an ID to vote legally.
    (5) Oh the “ELITE” worry about all these unwashed invaders okay ……..but only when the invaders get CLOSE to the “ELITES”

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  5. Reblogged this on Brittius and commented:
    In reality, the Catholic Church, has done much to fight the spread of communism. It is also the reason why, in Southeast Asia, Catholic priests were tortured and murdered. Bringing people into the US has always been a part of what the Catholic Church has done however, where did the Church turn from a religious institution, and into a political institution? If it was so important, then why was this current pope accepted, when he was implicated in murders in Argentina?

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