New American Economy admits they need refugee/migrant laborers for meatpackers

One of the big movers and shakers behind so-called “comprehensive immigration reform” includes a powerful network of big business moguls joined with mayors and other elected officials of both parties that freely admit refugee resettlement is about labor.  They call themselves the New American Economy.

Bloomberg and Murdoch
Bloomberg and Murdoch, two rich old men determining the futures of heartland towns!

So when you are scratching your heads and wondering how it is that nine non-profit quasi-government faux-religious groups*** have so much power over what you and your fellow citizens want for your community, know that they are backed by industry giants.

You can read what they say about themselves at the New American Economy, here. And here, thanks to wikipedia is a more straightforward explanation:

New American Economy is a coalition of business leaders and mayors launched by Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch to influence public opinion and policymakers toward comprehensive immigration reform.

Here are the movers and shakers who support the refugee industry:


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At a report on their website about ‘Labor-intensive industries’ they freely admit they want more low-skilled workers admitted to the US (hat tip: Joanne):

Over the last two decades, the size of the U.S.-born population with a high school degree or less has significantly decreased. This trend is particularly evident among young workers, ages 25-44, the group typically most capable of doing physically demanding work. As this population declined, however, the number of jobs for workers with that education level held steady. Thus, real and persistent gaps in the American workforce have opened up, especially in agriculture, hospitality, and meatpacking. Foreign-born workers—a group considerably more likely than natives to lack education beyond high school—step in to fill those jobs that would otherwise remain vacant.

Don’t you love the way they put a nice patina on maids and janitors by calling them “hospitality” workers.  There is never any mention about wages and if there were fewer foreign (slave!) workers entering the US, industry would need to raise wages and kids fresh out of high school would jump at starting jobs in those industries!

Those cheap wages that meatpackers love are subsidized with your tax dollars.  You bring in the laborers (via the Refugee program) and then you supplement their income with social services (aka WELFARE!).

***These are the refugee resettlement contractors (who act as head hunters) and often place refugee laborers where they are needed for meatpacking work.  They even find the dairy industry in Idaho its laborers and then supply Chobani Yogurt with its laborers (to heck with what happens to your community). This is about an unholy alliance and money—big money!

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  1. Yes, the push for ever increasing immigration may be traced to Business interests seeking even cheaper labor. Sure there may be a few liberals who desperately wish to demonstrate their love for the world by moving everyone to America but they do not have the power and influence that the Billionaires possess. Likewise, the motivating influence behind the flight of factories to China, South Korea, Taiwan and eastern Asia is not to be found in economic forces or business trends but in the decisions made by men in corporate board rooms. The movement for immigration control should be coupled with a supporting movement to keep our jobs and industries from being forcibly migrated abroad. It is not a partisan issue nor will it be effectively fought as the interminable battle between Left & Right. Labor can and should be the natural ally. No other segment of society is as deeply patriotic as those who work in our factories and shops who actually fight the wars that business-sorts start and no other segment are so injured by open borders and free trade than those who see their jobs sacrificed.

    On Tue, Jan 9, 2018 at 6:40 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “One of the big movers and shakers behind so-called > “comprehensive immigration reform” includes a powerful network of big > business moguls joined with mayors and other elected officials of both > parties that freely admit refugee resettlement is about labor. ” >


  2. Antonio Villaraigosa, former mayor of Los Angeles, is one of the movers and shakers who supports the refugee industry. LOL

    He was called Tony Villar while screwing up Los Angeles. After eight year of corruption and mismanagement, he left the city bankrupt and third world.

    Radio station KFI here in Los Angeles had more material than they could wish for in exposing Tony Villar and his not so intelligent statements and doings.

    After his career as mayor he was given a position as lecturer at University of Southern California (USC). He showed up only once.

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  3. I need meat less than I need these Muslims. I will never eat that kind of m eat and most Americans would do tha same. Go process it in another country as Venezuela.


    1. I admit when I saw those Colorado stock yards and plants in the summer of 2016 (and what was happening to towns because of who was brought in to work there) I stopped eating beef. Likely moving on to stop eating turkey soon.

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      1. Find a local supply, or local butcher shop and buy bulk to freeze. We have a local farm that supplies our grocery store. Super fresh and super good.

        When are you going to write more about what you saw? Or share photo’s, or did I miss that?


        1. I wrote some from the road, but I never did write a big report. I guess mostly that was because it would have required a huge amount of work to organize my thoughts and put it all on paper. Truth be told, I’m a bit lazy, and it is so much easier to write posts which are kind of short blasts of information and then throw in my views on that bit of news. Perhaps the very best part of the 6,000 mile trip in my little car was meeting patriots in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kentucky and West Virginia who I had in most cases never met! Wonderful people trying to save the American way of life.

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  4. These old fools have forgotten an American Labor source – former inmates who have finished their prison terms – parolees – a group that has no hope of getting any position that would involve a security clearance.
    But a group that needs employment!
    Why not Post job openings for inmates and parolees and offer them the “same deal” as refugees? Hey, they already speak English! It would get former druggies from the big cities – and require their parole to be spent in a small meat packing town- and provided with some charity from the VOLAGS – what a potential win win for prison reform. They have great potential for becoming good employees – trying reform with work, pay, and housing. (And the parol officers keeping an eye out on them)

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  5. Interesting video by Renaud Camus, of the National Council of Resistance at the Charles de Gaulle memorial, Colombey, France. He calls our civilization transformation the Great Replacement:

    Camus is 70 years old and one of the few in France fighting against being replaced. He’s a classic modern European, exactly why they’re in such a mess, yet he accurately assesses the immediate problem of Islam:


    1. Thank you for this information on Renaud Camus. Wonder if he is a relative of Albert Camus. Would make sense if he is.

      To illustrate how far the promotion of “newcomers” has advanced in Norway, the application for a new passport shows sample passport photos. One such photo is a white woman wearing a jihab. I have never known a native Norwegian who wears a jihab as shown here from the passport application:


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