Vermont: Update on African machete attacker, pleads not guilty to attempted murder charge

The victim was “wicked scared” when I helped her.

(Resident at the hotel for the homeless in Shelburne, VT)


The Vermont Digger has an update on the dreadful story a few days ago about a crazed “man” with a machete violently attacking an elderly Meals on Wheels volunteer. See here.

Here is what they know so far.  Most likely a Somali (probably a Bantu) based on his native language.

BURLINGTON — A man who allegedly used a machete to attack a 73-year-old Meals on Wheels volunteer pleaded not guilty to an attempted murder charge.

Still NO mention of which LEGAL immigration program brought Ibrahim to Vermont. If it was the refugee program we should be asking: so what about that supposed “robust” screening refugees undergo?

Appearing in Chittenden Superior Court via video Monday, Abukar Ibrahim, 32, watched as his attorney entered not guilty pleas on Ibrahim’s behalf to charges of attempted first-degree murder, two counts of unlawful mischief and violating conditions of release. [What is this last bit, had he been in police custody before?—ed]

Judge David Fenster ordered Ibrahim to undergo a sanity and competency evaluation and to be held without bail at the Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility.

Ibrahim will next appear in court in early February. The court also granted him an interpreter who speaks Maay Maay, a language used mostly in Somalia; however, no interpreter was evident in the courtroom Monday.

See one description of the language Ibrahim speaks, here.  You can bet the taxpayers in Vermont will have a big expense for this “man” for his interpreter requirements.

Shelburne police responded Friday to calls of a man breaking car windows at the Harbor Place motel. Police said they found the Meals on Wheels volunteer with severe leg wounds and Ibrahim barricaded in a room, taunting police. It took officers more than two hours to get Ibrahim to come out, according to authorities.


James Scott said he has been living at Harbor Place since December. Scott was leaving the motel office Friday and came across the victim, who had blood running down her leg and tracking on the floor, he said.

“I just happened to be coming out of the office and helped her in. She looked fine but scared, wicked scared,” Scott said.

Scott said the attack made him feel unsafe, and he raised questions about who is allowed to live in the motel.

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I guess Ibrahim isn’t homeless anymore and the ‘welcoming’ taxpayers of Vermont will be taking care of his needs for a VERY long time!

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Afterthought: I wonder when the likes of Bloomberg and Murdoch are writing their glowing economic studies about the need for laborers like Ibrahim, do they consider it a cost of doing business when their immigrants go wrong and end up costing taxpayers an enormous sum?

And, wouldn’t it be great if the elderly victim could sue whatever agency dropped him off in Vermont!

6 thoughts on “Vermont: Update on African machete attacker, pleads not guilty to attempted murder charge

  1. I’ll bet the police never got a blood test to determine if the perpetrator used khat. It is a dangerous stimulant that many Africans use.
    A neighbor of the Somali cop that murdered the Australian woman in her pajamas described him as being jittery all the time, so he was probably on the stuff.


  2. I guess I don’t really understand. Isn’t this our new normal now?

    Aren’t we all supposed to be compassionate and understanding?

    Is he perhaps just misunderstood?

    Doesn’t he have some legitimate and mitigating grievance?


    All we need now are the return of the Sabre toothed tiger, and the woolly mammoth, and we should be good to go!

    Please ask yourself a serious question. If you had the opportunity, would you invite the original Neanderthal Man into your living room? …or to sit down at the dining room table with you and your family, for a nice Sunday evening Mastodon dinner?


    With an IQ of 69 in terms of national average; one serious percentage point below “completely dysfunctional”, you are expecting what result, when coupled with the insane brutality referenced in “their book” of belief? Likely, the only “book” they may or may not be able to read. In their world, and to quote Norm from the sit-com “Cheers”, “It’s a dog eat dog world, [and everybody but them – including their own people] are wearing milk-bone underwear”..

    If this appears to be a harsh commentary, and harsh judgement to anyone, please read a history book, and we can talk here. Can you say “Barbary Pirates”, and…”the shores of Tripoli”?.. If Thomas Jefferson were alive today, he might have a word or two of advice for all of us. He had, and read his Koran, for a reason people… He was not a fan. He was a good student.. He wanted to understand his enemy. So did Martin Luther..

    Many today in our country, have activated their moron chip relating to all this nonsense. …Islamophobic? Xenophobic? Racist? White Privileged? How about being aware, and possessing an ounce of self preservation and common sense?


  3. Restless Bantu Burlington Drums – Update on Bantu speaking machete attacker on elderly Wheels on Meals woman volunteer – May our open-borders elites burn in Hell.


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