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Federal refugee resettlement contractors blast Trump for ending ‘temporary’ status for Salvadorans

Posted by Ann Corcoran on January 10, 2018

The Temporary Protected Status (legal!) program is designed to give a break (usually 18 months) for nationals, from another country who are already in the US when the natural disaster or civil war happens, to stay here until the country is on its feet again.

In March, Salvadorans (and El Salvador), will have had a 17 YEAR break.

For 17 years hundreds of thousands have had time to produce nearly 200,000 more children, get jobs, drivers licenses (and I will bet vote!).  See USCIS on TPS for El Salvador here.

Calling the program ‘temporary’ is a joke.

It has to end sometime and the Trump Administration has decided that September 2019 is it!

The Leftwing Open Borders activists, including obviously refugee resettlement contractors***, have been working toward amnesty for a decade or more and the Salvadorans would have been a recipient of such an amnesty.

Matthew Soerens

Matthew Soerens of World Relief says El Salvador will be destabilized when they lose all of those US dollars Salvadorans send home—US dollars that leave the US economy! 

In the Gang of Eight bill they would have been essentially hired by the feds to do for the newly amnestied what they do for refugees—get them signed up for their services (aka welfare). And, it would have expanded their Left-leaning political power through their immigrant dependents.

So it is no surprise to see them complaining now!

Here is the Christian Post reporting on our old pals:

Christian leaders and organizations are speaking out against the Trump administration move on Monday to terminate protected status for thousands of El-Salvadoran immigrants who have been allowed to live and work in the United States for over a decade. [For over a decade, you mean nearly two decades!—ed]

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen on Monday made a decision to terminate “Temporary Protected Status” that has allowed El-Salvadoran immigrants to legally work and live in the U.S. since two earthquakes struck the Central American country in 2001. The move could affect up to nearly 200,000 people and it’s a move that prominent evangelical leaders pressured the Trump administration not to make.

The administration claims the decision, which takes effect in September 2019 after an 18-month transition period, was made after an “inter-agency consultation process” determined that “the original conditions caused by the 2001 earthquakes no longer exist.” Yet, human rights advocates are warning that El Salvador is not economically able to sustain a massive return.

“But the reality is that El Salvador is among most violent countries in the world & among poorest in Western Hemisphere,” Matthew Soerens, the director of church mobilization for the evangelical refugee resettlement organization World Relief, tweeted on Monday. “It will be significantly destabilized by sudden insertion of so many returnees & by sudden halt of remittance money sent home by workers in US.”

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez

Bishop Joe S. Vásquez

So how long must we be blackmailed by threats of a destablized El Salvador? How long must we watch US dollars leave the US economy in the form of remittances? And why should refugee contractor World Relief care?  These are NOT refugees.

But, if they do care so much, World Relief (and the US Bishops) could do the really brave thing and instead of living in comfort/collecting handsome salaries and bullying Americans into ‘welcoming’ the stranger, go to El Salvador and help the people where they live!

And, of course the US Bishops whine! (See that they got $95 million from taxpayers in 2016 for their Christian charity for migrants, here.)

“The decision to terminate TPS for El Salvador is heartbreaking. As detailed in our recent delegation trip report to the region, El Salvador is currently not in a position to adequately handle the return of the roughly 200,000 Salvadoran TPS recipients,” Bishop Joe S. Vásquez, chairman of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops’ committee on migration, said in a statement, adding that the decision will “fragment American families.

Fragment American families! The families could go together to their homeland!

For my Evangelical readers, you may not know that there is a Leftwing Open Borders Evangelical consortium.  You need to do a little research to see if your church is involved.

The Evangelical Immigration Table, a coalition evangelical organizations that represent millions of believers across multiple denominations, also pressured the Trump administration to extend the TPS program for El Salvador until a permanent legislative fix can be enacted through Congress.

More here.

***These are the nine federal contractors who are paid by you to place refugees in your towns. If there were millions given amnesty in the coming years those groups listed below would be hired by the feds to help them get settled and get their taxpayer-supplied stuff.

There can be no immigration reform as long as taxpayers finance these political agitation groups masquerading as humanitarian charities:

6 Responses to “Federal refugee resettlement contractors blast Trump for ending ‘temporary’ status for Salvadorans”

  1. No religious organization should receive government money for any social service or charitable works. This is a clear violation of separation of church and state principle enshrined in our constitution! We can thank George Bush jr. for this change in government funding policy.Barack H.O. promised some groups in his base to correct this problem,but never did.Remove this unconstitutional funding of religious organizations and it will remain to be seen how much these people actually care about all these immigrants beyond bringing them here and filling their pews with them.


  2. ror1774 said

    The contractor is only thinking about his bank account and shows NO interest in the USA. I am glad his business will fail.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. tmasierrahills said

    Their citizen kids and in-laws will ‘chain’ them right back in.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Well OF COURSE YOU WELCOME REFUGEES, since you are making big bucks off of resettling them and then using them as slave labor afterward ! Then when they get fed up with their conditions they become OUR problem !


  5. “But the reality is that El Salvador is among most violent countries in the world & among poorest in Western Hemisphere,” Matthew Soerens, the director of church mobilization for the evangelical refugee resettlement organization World Relief, tweeted on Monday. “It will be significantly destabilized by sudden insertion of so many returnees & by sudden halt of remittance money sent home by workers in US.”

    So Soerens thinks it is a better idea to bring violence here by importing El Salvadorean criminals and gangs like MS-13, and would rather make us poor by giving these leeches our jobs, paying higher taxes to support the ones who can’t steal a job, and send home money that would that would otherwise have been taxed and circulated in our own economy. In short, Sorens, and the evil World Relief cartel would rather destabilize this country than El Salvador, a country so vile and corrupt it was never stable in the first place.


  6. budfundi said

    Here’s a scenario for those leftist “damn-the-border” folks to ponder:
    Your neighbor’s house burns down. They have 3 kids. You invite them in to stay until their house is rebuilt. It takes a year, maybe 18 months.
    Now that their house is rebuilt, instead of going home, they claim residency in YOUR home. They want you to continue to house, feed and supplement their livelihoods at YOUR expense; something you’ve already done out of the goodness of your heart.
    You’ve gone far beyond generosity and now it’s time to cut the cord and let them pick up where they left off.
    Now the question: When is it time for them to go home and be thankful for all you’ve done? How long do they continue to mooch off those who’ve been more than generous? 20 years?
    I think twenty (20) years is MORE than enough. Go home and farewell…!

    Liked by 1 person

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