US News and World Report takes notice of South Dakota refugee controversy

“Refugee resettlements and interfaith dialogue is a part of a war.”

(State Senator Neal Tapio)

If you missed it, please visit my previous post on South Dakota, here.

Update January 12th: See what happened at the ‘Interfaith’ rally, here.  Also, see this incredible research on Taneeza Islam, here.

In preparation for reading this you might also visit the work of Islam expert Steve Coughlin on how “Interfaith” groups came to be used by the Muslim Brotherhood in their work to promote Islam in America.  See my 2016 post here.

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Here in November of last year (after Taneeza Islam shut down several speakers she disagreed with in SD, denying them of their First Amendment rights) she was granted a forum at the University of South Dakota for HER free speech and she said this: “Islamophobia and anti-immigrant, refugee bigotry has been rampant and largely unnoticed by South Dakotans until this past year.”

Members of South Dakota’s “Interfaith” community descended on the capital in Pierre to protest any possible consideration of a plan to study the cost of refugee resettlement in the state being proposed by State Senator Neil Tapio.

See how clever they are to immediately spin the issue of the economic impact of refugees on the state’s economy as one of a threat to freedom of religion.  I suspect that is the work of Taneeza Islam, a clearly well-trained community agitator.

Islam was formerly the CAIR-MN Civil Rights Director and one can get an insight on her previous work by clicking here.

LOL! I wonder if hard core Leftists hold training programs for promising Islamic supremacist activists on how to sucker the mainstream media and the average citizen.

Oh, and by the way, since there aren’t enough people converting to Islam in America, in order to build their population (and increase their political power) they need high birth rates and immigration (thus the huge attention Muslim activists are paying to President Trump and the roll back on the refugee program). See my Pew Research post here.

Here are a few snips from the AP story at US News:

PIERRE, S.D. (AP) — Clergy and members of several religions gathered Wednesday at the South Dakota Capitol to meet lawmakers and urge them not to denigrate people of faiths different than their own.

Screenshot (140)
Lutheran Bishop Zellmer leading his South Dakota sheep.

The prayer and outreach come after some state lawmakers last year pushed measures targeting refugee resettlement in South Dakota. David Zellmer, bishop of the South Dakota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, said the gathering was about “lifting up” that the freedom of religion guaranteed in the First Amendment is for everyone.


Taneeza Islam, executive director of the nonprofit South Dakota Voices for Peace, said she hopes lawmakers recognize the diversity in the state. She said it’s important they understand the decisions made at the Capitol affect everyone in South Dakota.


Tapio, who is preparing to run for U.S. House, called the interfaith group a “political movement.” Tapio has said he will form an unofficial legislative work group to examine state immigration and refugee resettlement programs in South Dakota.


“We have a domestic threat that’s going on right here in our country,” Tapio said after the prayers. “Refugee resettlements and interfaith dialogue is a part of a war. It’s a silent part. It’s a part about taking away the Christian fabric of our nation. Now, some people are OK with that. That’s their prerogative, but there’s American patriots that want to fight.”

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Just like when the US Catholic Bishops talk about their charitable good works for refugees and never mention their pecuniary interest, so too do the Lutheran Bishops never mention that there is federal boodle involved with refugee resettlement.

So what can you do? Wherever you live, pay attention to your local “Interfaith” group promoting Islam as somehow special and in need of protection.  If you are brave, infiltrate the group. Then figure out what is the best way to expose their agenda to the general public.

Concerned South Dakotans need to immediately check out Islam’s group, South Dakota Voices for Peace. Find out if it is properly incorporated. Find out who is on its Board of Directors. Find out who funds it, etc. Is it just CAIR with a squishy sounding name?

Unfortunately we have to learn to fight like the Left!

See my ‘What you can do’ category for a whole bunch of ideas!


9 thoughts on “US News and World Report takes notice of South Dakota refugee controversy

  1. So glad to see your reference to Stephen Couglin’s work (specifically his Red Pill videos that dismantle the “interfaith dialogue” scam). He is simply the best authority on this subject I know of. This muslima bleating thought-stopping buzzwords such as “Islamophobia”, “anti-immigrant”, “refugee bigotry” is a typical “interfaith” scam artist, as is that grinning fool Zellmer.

    My local ACT! for America chapter has encouraged everyone to subscribe to RRW and it has been extremely rewarding. I greatly admire the work you are doing.

    Linda Blood




  2. Re spinning everything as relating to religious freedom: FREEDOM OF RELIGION CAN NEVER BE THE TOP PRIORITY. Or you could throw gays off buildings (“my god says so”) and openly practice genital mutilation (“my god says so”). It’s about time we made it clear that freedom of religion is ONE freedom, and that others (safety, etc) are often higher priorities. Here are 2 short videos (2 min and 10 min) on the subjecy:


  3. Please note that the Evangelical Lufauxran Church in America is radically liberal in both its theology and politics. A number of more conservative Lutheran church bodies have split from association with the ELCA. The theologically conservative Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod has declared the ELCA “embodying apostasy from the faith once delivered to the saints” (leading some to use the acronym, XXXA).

    Unfortunately the Missouri Synod has not severed its own association, and the association of some of its leaders and recognized service organizations, with the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIaRS). At its 2019 synod convention, LCMS delegates have the opportunity to do so.


  4. Stupid and self serving Christian Communities that are digging their own graves for 30 pieces of silver from the government resettlement programs. Just wait until the Muslims outnumber them and demand that all crosses and religious art on churches visible to on-lookers, be removed.

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  5. When will these people realize Islam is an aggressive political movement, not a “religion”? I would say that the sheep are inviting the wolves into their pasture, but I like wolves and wouldn’t want to insult them by using them as an analogy to those filthy, bloodthirsty beasts.

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  6. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    “Interfaith” outreach, a benign-sounding word but very dangerous–just ask this grinning Lutheran bishop, Zellmer (in the picture) he quite likely thinks islam is the MOST peaceful religion on earth.
    Than there’s little lying moslem activist, Taneeza Islam, now spreading her lies in SD gangbusters.
    Finally state senator Neil Tapio, maybe South Dakota’s one hope to stay “free.”

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