Austria: Mahmoud took the money and went home!

They are trying it all over Europe—paying the migrants to go home!

It is something we have advocated here as well.  Believe me, it is cheaper than incarceration and deportation and way cheaper than migrants of all stripes living (for years!) off the generosity of the US taxpayer for food, shelter, education and medical care.

going home

Here is the story from NPR (hat tip: Joanne):

158,000. That’s roughly how many refugees are stuck in limbo in Europe right now.

Many of them got to Europe in late 2015, when the refugee crisis reached its peak, and have been waiting since then to see if they’ll be formally accepted into the European Union.

To cut down on the wait time and economic impact of this massive influx, some countries and nonprofits in Europe have embraced a new idea — pay refugees to go back to the countries they left in the first place.

Mahmoud Abdelwahab is one of the people who has been waiting. He’s 25, and originally from Mosul, Iraq. In early 2016, he quit his job as a cook and came to Europe, ending up in Vienna.


….the Austrian courts have been overwhelmed by applications. When the migrant crisis reached its peak back in 2015, the number of people wanting to stay in Austria tripled.

Instead of waiting longer, Mahmoud late last year made a tough decision. He decided to leave Austria and go back to Iraq.

“He saw other Iraqi people receiving the negative decision that they have to go back,” Epaid says. “And that’s why he decided for himself to back, before he got a negative.”

That decision — to voluntarily leave the country — is exactly what the Austrian government wants refugees to do.

Last spring, Austria announced that it would give 1,000 euros (roughly $1,219 USD) to the first 1,000 refugees who signed up to leave on their own.

The program was successful, and the government extended the offer to more refugees. It’s an incentive that’s gaining traction across Europe.


He’s taking the buyout, he says, to go home and use the money to buy a car and become a cab driver.

“Two years … [I] was here for nothing,” Mahmoud says as Epaid translates. “It didn’t make any sense to come here.”

More here.

And, LOL!, if I could run the immigration program (in any country) I would hire Mahmoud for a huge sum of money and have him filmed saying that in public service announcements to be shown all over the Middle East and Africa!

And, for my readers who just want to see them arrested and taken in chains to an airport, I don’t want to hear from you so don’t bother commenting. (Of course there would have to be all sorts rules put in place, like they can’t come back next week.  I know that!)

Heck, if we could pay the supposedly educated DACA kids (the Dreamers!) to go back to their countries of origin they might actually (if they have been educated by the US) help their people and their homelands improve themselves, and the world would be a better place.

Come on President Trump, give it a try.  Offer to pay them to return to where they came from, with maybe a little starter money, and see how many will sign up.  Call the program Dreams from my Father’s Homeland!

There would be a little humorous side benefit for us as we watched the Dems scream bloody murder about wasting taxpayer dollars….

(I’m shutting up! I’m getting carried away!).

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16 thoughts on “Austria: Mahmoud took the money and went home!

  1. I have been suggesting for the last 2 years, at least, that it would be cheaper to help people stay in their own countries and keep them safe along with paying illegals to go back to their country and educate them there. Either way, they could be an enhancement to their country and, as you say also, improve it. Great idea if only someone would act on it.


  2. So- What exactly was Mahmoud’s Claim to Asylum?? All asylees must have a claim, that is their purpose: war, civil unrest, oppression because of say, sexual preference or religion. IF he did claim “war” as his reason for fleeing, did he leave Wife and Child(ren) back home? Most I read of online have a wife and children at home. Why would a MAN claiming to flee violence, leave the most helpless behind in that “such a terrible place that I had to flee”? Wouldn’t you send your children and women on ahead and B) FIGHT: if there is indeed a war or violent conflict, isn’t it the right thing to do for one’s country to stay and fight? Are these military-aged men not cowards for fleeing?

    C) THIS MAN HAD A JOB in his home country. Why, in anyone’s right mind, would they QUIT THEIR JOB to risk drowning and possible starvation to wander around in a foreign country, where one has about a zero chance of success?

    This man has proved himself a TRAITOR to his country, and a COWARD for fleeing conflict and leaving helpless loved ones behind. Can we as a group implement these insults as a method to curtailing the refugee trend?

    Does not this idea of paying refugees to leave, a form of extortion?? It is the SAME ENDS the UN is trying to do: Income Equalization- forcing 1st world to fund 3rd world’s population- the world’s poorest (they never ever mention the reasons behind their poverty, they like to confuse people with nonsense explanations and ‘science-y’ phrases designed to obfuscate the hearer).

    Thank you Ann.


  3. The fighting in Syria is almost over. ISIS is on the run. Refugees can go home. We shouldn’t pay them. but a humanitarian flight home would be ok. The president should continue to lower the number of refugees taken in to ZERO. He should also get the refugee situation into and future DACA talks. We should cut off all funding to the program and ban any welfare/social service payments.

    If we are able to cut off funding and welfare/social service payments, I would venture a guess that people would not be so quick to come here. Keep in mind there have been cases of people claiming “refugee status” only to go back to visit their home country. How bad could things really be if that’s the case?

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  4. Over in the country Trump recently mentioned he’d welcome immigrants from, be careful of what you wish (say). At the rate native Norwegians are being fleeced to make life more comfortable for newcomers, natives may one day say enough is enough and take Trump up on his offer. They have begun to feel the pain.

    The latest is an extra amount added to the newcomers’ monthly stipend as reward for not playing with fire alarms. Seems it has become a form of amusement at asylum centers, sending fire departments on wild goose chases. Of course there are those instances where newcomers actually burn the centers to the ground so they can be moved closer to town.

    So now the playful newcomers get an extra US $ 65 added to what they already receive in “pocket money”. $ 65 extra per month x several thousand newcomers add up to some real hard, cold cash. They already receive a nice monthly handout of cash depending on the family situation. The larger the family, the bigger the handout in addition to free room and board. Adult newcomers who are not happy with their free accommodations get free cigarettes as well as a menu to choose meals from, easing the pain.

    At senior centers (people who made Norway prosper) they’ve had to switch to the cheapest brand of biscuits since the favorite brand, Marie biscuits, are no longer affordable on the national budget. Another strain to the national budget is the new requirement that preschool teachers must learn to speak Norwegian. What have they done for years? Used sign language?

    If not so serious, it would be comical. Inmates are running the national asylum.


  5. I meant the “refugees” in Europe, who did not enter legally, but I would still say that even in the case of those here who the government let in, let’s not make them too comfortable. One way to do it is to put them in fenced camps, instead of nice apartments at taxpayer expense.


    1. Tough talk is easy, but you aren’t running our government, and once Trump is gone the window closes. This is it, either get real now, get a bunch of people out, or we are finished.


  6. Let’s not forget that they are illegals, and paying them will only encourage more of this kind of blackmail. Instead of paying them, why not make their lives even more uncomfortable?


    1. Those here on Temporary Protected Status and the Diversity Visa Lottery, plus unhappy refugees are not here illegally.


  7. Hey, maybe Trump could start a foundation a la Clinton Foundation only it would pay migrants to go home – and actually use the money for that purpose instead of enriching the founders/employees. I’d donate! So would a lot of others who just want to see them go home.


  8. Ann, I think this is a fantastic idea. Pay them to leave the USA and return to their homelands, with the understanding that they are never to try and enter the USA again. We are paying out millions to provide for them here, so what is the dif. Dee Winter


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