Is Minnesota’s welcome mat still out for refugees?

That is the question that the Twin Cities Pioneer Press seeks to answer in a longish article published yesterday.

(Was it ever really out, or were Minnesotans kept in the dark and never asked?)

Employing a technique we have become accustomed to seeing, reporter Bob Shaw uses a family as his ‘poster family’ that seems to be the kind of people America can absorb—hardworking, speak English, grateful—so as to get your sympathy juices flowing.  But otherwise, I think it is was a pretty balanced and generally factual piece.

It’s long and chock-full of information.  Here are some snips that interested me and I wanted to comment on (emphasis is mine):

Minnesota has the highest number of refugees per capita nationwide, according to the U.S. Census and refugee-support agencies. With 2 percent of the nation’s population, Minnesota has 13 percent of its refugees.


The cutback in the refugee inflow has shaken Minnesota’s network of sponsoring agencies.  [I don’t believe we are told in this article that the “sponsoring agencies” are handsomely paid for their ‘charitable works.’—-ed]

Kim Crockett
Kim Crockett (Center of the American Experiment) said residents often don’t speak out or even ask questions of the process for fear of being called racists.

They say the more refugees, the better. They argue that refugees boost the economy, diversify our state and eventually pay back the costs of their resettlement.

Yet, refugees cost an estimated $107,000 each in food aid, medical expenses and other services, according to one researcher. Communities have no control over the in-flow of refugees, yet they must share the cost of supporting them. And, according to Kim Crockett, vice president of the Center of the American Experiment, a conservative think tank based in Golden Valley.

“No one ever asks taxpayers: ‘Do you want to support this?’ ” she said. “When we question this, we are told that is mean-spirited, bigoted and xenophobic.”

Refugee advocates made a huge mistake!

I’ve been giving this above a lot of thought lately and have concluded that the refugee industry made a huge blunder years ago in its treatment of local citizens.  Of course the refugee advocates and contractors*** thought they could go on forever keeping information secret from the local people and now once the locals see that they have been kept in the dark and are reacting, the only thing left for the industry is to pull out the “racist” label, thus making locals even angrier.

Pioneer Press continues with more on that Notre Dame study which doesn’t seem to me supports the idea that more refugees are good for Minnesota. Twenty years! It is going to take twenty years for taxpayers to be repaid for their generosity!

Refugees are free to apply for taxpayer-funded government aid, like any other residents. Nonprofit groups often help them apply.

A 2017 Notre Dame study on the economic outlook of refugees said that after 20 years, refugees are more likely than native-born residents to be receiving welfare and food-support payments — and they are also more likely to be employed.

What does that tell you? Employed at what? Obviously work (like meatpacking in MN!) that doesn’t pay enough to allow them to get off of welfare!

Crockett thinks that initial outlay is too high as well and points out that although this is a federal program, the feds have dumped huge costs on the taxpayers of Minnesota:

The refugee resettlement program is a federal effort, but the federal government “does not compensate Minnesota, or the local school districts, cities or counties, who may find themselves coping with large concentrations of refugees,” Crockett says. So when many refugees end up enrolled in Medicaid or assistance programs such as those for housing or transportation or language study, Minnesotans absorb the extra costs.

This next bit is always said in understanding tones—refugees want to live with their own kind of people, near their own cultural and ethnic kindred spirits and relatives. 

Little Mogadishu
The Star Tribune posted a glowing account of life in Little Mogadishu (Minneapolis) last year.  Can you ever imagine such a story about a neighborhood that was proud of (and attempted to retain) its Christian English roots.  Why aren’t there calls (using words like racist and xenophobic) for Somalis to “welcome” diversity to their neighborhoods?

But, here is what I want to know—-why is that same understanding not given to people with European roots? Why are we told we aren’t permitted to seek out our kind of people, but it is so acceptable for say Somalis (and other refugee groups) to develop enclaves?  

Why isn’t that Somali, who wants to live with his kind, never called a racist?

The state doesn’t keep track of refugees who arrive in the U.S. and then move to Minnesota. But the federal government does.

Minnesota accepted 4,523 refugees in the two-year period ending Sept. 30, 2015, according to the federal Office of Refugee Settlement. But at the same time, a second wave arrived — 3,864 refugees who moved from other states to Minnesota.

Minnesota’s secondary migration was larger than all other states combined. Second-place Iowa had 442 refugees moving from other states. [The story doesn’t tell you that most of the secondary migrants are Somalis and a few other African ethnic groups.—ed]

In other words, as soon as they have a choice of where to live, many refugees choose Minnesota.

“Minnesota has been a magnet,” said Bob Oehrig, director of Arrive Ministries in Richfield, an agency that handles refugees. He said Minnesota has what refugees want — jobs, good social welfare programs, and plenty of people from their home country [Somalia!—-ed].

There is much more here for you to chew on!

Strategic error!

***These (below) are the nine major federal contractors making decisions about who comes to your towns and cities. They are paid by the head to place refugees and are now in budgetary panic-mode as the Trump Administration slows the flow to America.

At some point in the last three decades they made a strategic (fatal?) error when they chose to act in secrecy and treat local communities and citizens with disdain and vilification instead of trying to be honest and understanding of concerns people have for their security, their culture and their wallets.  As a result the backlash against them is real and growing!

12 thoughts on “Is Minnesota’s welcome mat still out for refugees?

  1. Last night I heard on Fox news that we NEED one million immigrants per year to make up for the lack of births in this country. Why is that money not spent on offering help to families who are happy to have another child or two? It would take only a couple of years to see if it would work.


      1. Sorry to have to say this but, perhaps the 60 million children aborted since that process was sanctioned by the government might have made some difference as well. I would have adopted 2, along with the two children I raised as well.


    1. European countries have already dug their own graves by not having children in the past 50 years. In fact, I can still hear all the lefties in the US, preaching to US citizens, about how WE work too much, play (vacation) too little, and how WE need to become more like the Europeans.. …Begin the work day @ 10 am – go to a 2 hour lunch at noon – work from 2 pm until 4 or 5 pm.. – Take a 2 month (paid holiday) vacation each year… Well….

      Easy to do for a while I suppose. Especially if you do not have to create enough of an economy to be able to spend resources on any national defense systems (let the USA do it for us).. But then…

      Poland is now asking their citizens to go forth and multiply, NOW! …all for this very reason..


  2. These propaganda pieces always fail to address the consequences overpopulation is having on our environment. We simply cannot continue to add people to the population like this. Whatever happened to the democrats commitment to the environment?


    1. A number of years ago the environmental movement sold out to the far left. Look up the controversy surrounding the Sierra Club and when it chose to support more migration and ignore the environmental consequences. Most others of the big environmental groups then followed suit. In fact the major immigration control groups like NumbersUSA and FAIR came out of the old environmental movement.

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  3. Result?

    Minnesotans have been voting with their feet in the last few years. Silently, leaving Minnesota permanently, and with their do-re-me.

    During the past – almost 4 years now – almost $50 Billion dollars of personal wealth has left Minnesota for good (See: “The Great Tax Migration”).

    They used to be called “snowbirds”, and now they have flown the coop. Fact: The largest number of driver’s license applications in Florida are applied for by former Minnesotans. A clear look at the adult-child antics, and questionably sane, behavior on the part of our governor (See: YouTube January 2017 State of the State address by Mr. Dayton), the Twin Cities Mayoral Marxists, Saul Aliksky like city council members around the state, and sadly, even Minnesota law endorsement, such as it remains today, and you really do not have to work very hard to figure out the “why” connected to all of this mass exodus to saner lands of opportunity elsewhere.

    Case on point: St Paul’s Mayor Chris Coleman proposed an almost 24% property tax increase last year, because the city is broke – AND HE IS NOW RUNNING FOR GOVERNOR, on the Stalin/Lenin ticket (DFL). While I know that the Minneapolis City Council voted themselves – along with the crazy mayor – a $10,000 annual raise, even though the city is broke, I cannot recall if the St. Paul tax-junkies and bums did the same.

    While there are certainly a number of interrelated reasons for this mass Minnesota migration phenomenon, the impact of this endless economic assault and bombardment of hard line (we will not assimilate – and we want everything for free) immigrants, foisted upon the Minnesota taxpayer as their economic responsibility by force, in support of the various facets of the socialist agenda, is the financial impact connected to this so-called “refugee”, “Refugee resettlement Program”, and the cultural mess this has created here. And, the secondary migration challenge, stampeding to the Minnesota border from other states; states, which have limited, or cut off their everything for “free” programs almost entirely, HAS JUST BEGUN really.. Now that our little Somali immigration fraud expert – OR polygamy, OR bigamy, OR polyandry proponent, mistress, and new MN State Representative, Ilhan Omar, has made the cover of Time Magazine last fall, while law enforcement and our legislature have looked the other way completely, MINNESOTA IS IN FOR THE CULTURAL SHOCK AND ECONOMIC RIDE OF ITS ENTIRE HISTORY AS A STATE. I fear.

    Exacerbating the problem, Add to this mix, the 2 major – and openly stated AND SUPPORTED BY CITY(s) ORDINANCE – the “sanctuary city(s)” we taxpayers are forced to support (Over a Billion Dollars Each Year [ Federation for American Immigration Reform reporting ] ), and we Minnesotans live in – taxed-to-death and beyond-the-grave, hell here. In fact, it is likely inaccurate to include only the Twin Cities. Like it or not, the entire State of Minnesota is a “Sanctuary State” in actual practice. …No medical screening for these wonderful souls, “doing the work that Americans won’t do”, as is the childish narrative of “the left”, and “thee right as well”, have said to all of us..

    Then, we have all the imported diseases connected to all of the above. ..Some remarkably lethal my friends.. Many, are unbelievably expensive to even try to cure, if curable at all, and all of it at the taxpayer’s expense of course. Any idea how expensive, in medical cost, it is to address someone who has been diagnosed with active TB, which is remarkably “drug resistant? Oh by the way, people are dying in Minnesota now as a result, and I wonder how many body bags need to be filled as a result of all of this before Minnesotans wake up. Then there are the other 19 communicable diseases, which is yet but another category, in which Minnesota leads the pack throughout the US. Oh, did I forget to mention, the rumored cost incurred by Minnesotans, for the surgical repair work, for those female children, who have been subjected to the 10th century practice of “Female Genital Mutilation”..

    The insane incidences of increased crime, barbaric violence, and anti-civilized-society behavior – and occurring with increasing frequency all the time, and reflective of what is normal in their countries of origin, is astounding these days. …Not “Minnesota Nice” at all. And, Minnesota law enforcement, and the cowardly body politic here, are now too afraid to even enforce the laws on the books relating to any of what is happening here any longer, in my opinion.

    There is far too much more to reference here, but this will do for now I think. And yes, I do actually THINK!

    Is all of the above, and more, in terms of verifiable observations relating to what has been referenced, “racist”, “xenophobic”, or “Islamophobic”, or even the byproduct of a “white privilege” knee jerk reaction and thinking process? I don’t think so at all. ALL of my grandparents came over to this country “on the boat” as they say, from western and eastern Europe, and from Puerto Rico, and through Ellis Island NY, for nothing more than an “opportunity” to succeed (no free stuff), and for a better life, AND TO ACTUALLY BECOME AMERICANS.

    Again, Is all of the above, and more, in terms of verifiable observations relating to what has been referenced, “racist”, “xenophobic”, or “Islamophobic”, or even the byproduct of a “white privilege” knee jerk reaction and thinking process? …How about common sense? Or, self preservation? How about very serious Public Health and Public Safety concerns? ..How about being FORCED as a taxpayer, to pay the tab for all this, without being able to offer up a complaint – and WITH NO OUTLET available now for any redress of such grievances, or the clear violation of the public trust?

    In short, if that is even possible, Minnesotans, and for a variety of justifiable reasons, are angry, and they are rightly afraid. Many are taking the governor up on his callous, sarcastic, and crass suggestion, and they are leaving.

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  4. The Communist mindf*ck.
    Speak up and get ostracized. Multipurpose method to destroy our country.
    When I was a kid they warned us of the dangers of Communism. No God, conformity.
    That’s changed for an alarming number of individuals residing in our country. Socialist Democrats.
    The Solution? MAGA

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  5. WHO is REALLY calling those countries SHITHOLES? The do-gooders who insist those countries are so awful that their populations have to come to America to be safe, free, fed ….. THAT is who is calling those countries SHITHOLES. .and we cannot think of sending the El Salvadorans back to their highest murder rate country in the world because it would be cruel to send them back to, yup, their total shithole… same with Somalia, Haiti ……………

    WHO is racist? The Pollyannas are RACIST by saying those “shithole” brown countries are incapable of being civilized without WHITE LIBERALS to guide them. The Libs just want PETS that are dependent on the Libs .

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