Temporary Protected Status for Syrians will expire March 31st and the wailing has begun

As we have learned repeatedly, Temporary Protected Status, a LEGAL immigration program, is not temporary.

You’ve been hearing the wailing about Salvadorans, who have had 17 years here in America to get over a natural disaster back home nearly 2 decades ago (having to leave the US by 2019) well wait till you hear the clamor for the Syrians who were first granted ‘temporary’ protection by Obama in 2012.


leahy, Durbin, Feinstein
The usual culprits! Three of the six US Senators who appealed to Obama for ‘temporary’ protection for Syrians already in the US. Senators Leahy, Durbin and Feinstein.


The more I think about this whole program, which allows nationals of designated countries who were present in the US  (illegally?) on the date of the designation to stay and work for 18 months until their home country is back on its feet and then is extended every 18 months for YEARS, the more I think the whole program should be trashed right along with that insane Diversity Visa Lottery.

With TPS, every 18 months there is a hue and cry from advocates for the people working, getting drivers licenses, having babies and probably voting (with their drivers licenses) to allow them to stay for another 18 months. (And, by the way, sending billions out of the US economy and ‘home’ to their third world country as remittances.)

Every 18 months for the ten countries that have TPS now we hear the same cries from the Dems—you can’t make them leave, they have families, houses, businesses etc.

Frankly it has been a back door amnesty and what they have all been waiting for for nearly 2 decades is a real amnesty granted by Congress and the President.

You need to understand that it is a BFD that President Trump has said TPS for Salvadorans will end.

Now comes the next anti-Trump media campaign on behalf of 7,000 Syrians who got TPS during the Obama Administration.

I wrote about it at the time and you should know that these six Democrat Senators petitioned Obama for the Syrian designation:

Sens. Dick Durbin, D-Ill.; Patrick Leahy, D-Vt.; Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif.; Robert Menendez, D-N.J.; Ben Cardin, D-Md.; and Bob Casey, D-Pa.

Again, remember that this program does not let supposed ‘refugees’ in to the country it was only designed to allow a temporary stay in the US for those ALREADY IN HERE for another reason to stay for a little while.  Wikipedia has a good description, here.

El Salvador, Haiti, Honduras, Liberia, Nepal, Nicaragua, Somalia, Sudan, South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. By November 2017, about 300,000 foreign nationals were recipients of protection under temporary protected status.  Some have been in the United States since the 1990s. People with temporary protected status are able to obtain work authorization every 18 months since the designation was made, in some cases for many years.

Here comes the Huffington Post with the next installment of ‘Trump is a meany!’ This time it is the Syrian TPS designation that has them worked up!

Remember readers these are not REFUGEES! If they have a claim for asylum and prove they would be persecuted if returned to their home country, surely they have made those applications.

HuffPo writer immigration attorney Nadeen Aljijakli:  http://akimmigration.com/attorneys.htm

With humanitarian relief, known as Temporary Protected Status (TPS), set to expire for nearly 7,000 Syrians at the end of this month, many fear the Trump administration’s looming decision. [The USCIS website says they have until March 31st, so I’m guessing the announcement is made 2 months in advance.—ed]

The countries selected for TPS are few and far between, with only ten currently designated. And the Trump administration appears to be eliminating TPS protection for each designated country one at a time: Nicaragua, Sudan, Haiti, and now the latest upset of El Salvador, which was designated 17 years ago and tragically affects at least 200,000 people. In light of the Trump administration’s unrelenting attacks against dreamers, refugees, immigrants, and other vulnerable populations, Syrians in the U.S. are bracing themselves for the worst.

In order to extend the program, the Department of Homeland Security must merely decide whether the catastrophic country conditions in Syria, that warranted the TPS designation in 2012, continue to be met. Although the answer appears not only obvious, but indisputable, Washington is mulling this over. If the administration decides that Syrians no longer require protection and terminates TPS on January 31, 2018, such a devastating decision can only be grounded in political theatre, and not the reality of the country’s conditions.

Blah, blah, blah… now this!

(And, again, if Syrians can prove they would be killed if returned to Syria, then they need to apply for asylum. The immigration attorney writing this piece knows that!)

While the Trump administration may stand to gain political points with its right wing supporters for being “tough on immigration,” many Syrians, who consider their return to Syria a death sentence, will pay the price. The President continues to leverage his platform of xenophobia and superiority against those less fortunate — nations he, reportedly, disgracefully refers to as “shithole” countries. This cannot be the guiding force of this country’s immigration policies. By ending TPS for Syrians, the administration would not only be turning its back on a most vulnerable population, but it would be abandoning the humanitarian principles and values that led to the creation of TPS.

More here if you feel like reading it!

End TPS altogether!

I repeat: It is time to dump this whole program because like so many other LEGAL immigration programs it has been corrupted by the Open Borders Left!

And, I can’t emphasize enough that Donald Trump has opened the window for change on how we admit immigrants to America. We must strike now because once he is out of office there will be no one with the guts to do what must be done. And the Dems know it!

19 thoughts on “Temporary Protected Status for Syrians will expire March 31st and the wailing has begun

    1. I have written and snail-mailed a letter to the POTUS with a copy to Jeff Sessions pointing out that with ISIS defeated on the battlefield, the Syrian civil war is essential over and we ought to therefore start repatriation all non-christian refugees back to Syria, etc.

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      1. To Jameshorn, I liked what you wrote. I hope you can post an online petition to stop allowing people to apply for TPS if the disasters or war are no longer happening. Make a petition that needs at least 1000 signatures minimum. Please post an online petetion on Change.org


  1. I have written and mailed a letter to President Trump pointing out that as the civil war (Sunnis vs. Shia) in Syria is over with the battlefield defeat of ISIS, there is no longer a need to bring Syrian refugees to the USA, that it is now time to repatriate them to Syria.

    It would be good if hundreds or even thousands of such letters were mailed to the President.


  2. Adding up TPS, incorrectly-applied-14th-amendment “anchor babies”, refugees, illegals, DACA, chain migration, visa lottery, the amnesty scheme that scammed Reagan and programs we probably don’t know about, I estimate- looking at Census records- that we are approaching 1/3 of our population to be “non-native”, since I can’t call them all illegal, although that’s my take. If 1/3–(100 mill.) sounds excessive to you– examine records and do the math. Only merit-based legal immigration and the same rules that applied during the Ellis Island era should be stringently enforced. IMO. .MAGA

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  3. So send all the Syrians back!

    You all cannot be serious!!. Lets not talk about open borders, left wing politics etc , but humanity-yes we should perhaps stop TPS as a process going forward, but to send Syrians back is cruel. I am guessing despite the success of most DACA folks, you want them sent back as well. It seems like none of your readers look at the individuals affected which is why I hate your broad brush approach to labeling based on a individual crime thus castigating a whole group. (Diversity Lottery based on the NYC issue}

    You talk about motivations of big business and the agencies as not really in the compassionate care business but in a conspiracy to make money and provide workers for Tyson, Chobani etc, but what about the individual cases? Maybe your readers should check out the documentary “:120 hours” about a Mexican getting a community service award for his volunteering but being deported based ona police stop for no reason other then to see if he has a license. Readers-is this correct-he has a job, 2 daughters and is a volunteering teaching singing and dancing. He was deported=is this correct-yes he was illegal but he benefits the US. As to TPS, once you have established the program, it is hard to send folks back who have made a constructive difference, but going forward the program can be eliminated or reduced.

    Tell me how has the Diverisity Lottery hurt America? For m, I am concerned about refugees. I would support jettising TPS and reducing the lottery to provide for a higher number of refugees and protect DACA. There needs to be a compromise. The wall should not be the stumbling block. Can any of your readers consider impacts of these types of decisions?

    Nieve as I may be, I believe that yourr readers would make different decisions if they were personally involved with refugees and immigrants. Yes-we need reform but not at the expense of hurting people. I have supported some of Anns reform suggestions over the years, but not at the expense of people who truly need refugee status and those here under DACA and TPS who contribute. The other problem is that you do not address is the asylum system mess.

    I hope some of you readers can be more open about this whole issue assuming that they are not racist etc, as it appears our president is.As a volunteer for 21 years in Clarkston, Georgia, I have been enriched by my experience with refugees of 10 countries and 7 religions. Their love or America is genuine and many have American flags at home.


    1. The purpose of Refugee Resettlement Watch (RWW) is to reveal the abuses which are taking place within refugee resettlement agencies. There is no disrespect towards the individual cases of sincere refugees who are trying to earn an honest living. The articles posted in RWW are focused on creeps, criminals, terrorists, and troublemakers who are abusing the communities, government benefits, and hospitality of all people who were supposed to welcome them. Not all refugee resettlement agencies are angels either. Some resettlement agencies work hand in hand with local slum lords to dump refugees in unsafe housing. Some refugee resettlement are sending in refugees who are suffering from PTSD while coming from war-torn countries and signing said refugees into degrading jobs in slaughterhouses for the meatpacking industry. I hope you will read “The Jungle” by Upton Sinclair which will explain that the awful working conditions of the meatpacking industry have continued to exploit immigrant labor for nearly 100 years. Within the refugee resettlement agencies themselves there is cronyism, corruption, and exploitation. IRC is a multimillion dollar corporation which pays top representatives high salaries, yet the lower level volunteers work for ZERO pay and have to pay at least $60 for their own background checks just for the privilege of volunteering. Some refugee resettlement agencies are simply fronts for human trafficking industries which rely on compliant refugee laborers who may be too traumatized to complain.

      The point I am trying to make is that without dialogue, abuses within human exploitation, immigration, and refugee resettlement will continue on the same path as has been going on globally for the past three hundred years. The vicious cycle of injustice will never be stopped if only the successful stories are promoted while the tragedies of refugee crimes and exploitation by big business are hidden away.

      One last note, the refugee resettlement agencies in the USA are closing down because there are better job opportunities in other countries rather than living here on welfare in section 8 housing. Plus the cryptocurrency craze, the downsizing of the American economy, and the decline of the US dollar are bigger incentives to avoid claiming refugee status anymore.

      To Brant119 and all refugee resettlement crews who are reading:
      Please do not hate. COOPERATE! RWW is not against nobody. RWW is against creeps of all persuasions regardless of countries of origin. As refugee resettlement agencies, you have a right to speak out against creeps within your own organizations! If you know somebody within your crew who is a bully to your fellow volunteers, let RWW know about it! If there is a crook who is getting kickbacks from big money meatpacking industries, tell RWW! If there are refugees who are homophobic, racist, or sexist, DEPORT THEM! If a refugee goes around saying that they are homesick, send them back because somebody else would be happy to take their place.

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    2. 99% of Syrian refugees have not been properly vetted and screened, and a great and growing number of them represent a severe internal terrorist threat to National Security and the safety of citizens, as well as being part of an ideological culture that despises our Constitution and would replace it with the Koran and bigoted, biased sharia laws.


  4. I was trying to look up federal /state/local social benefits/welfare for those receiving TPS designations but seem to be sent in circles. Ann, have you been able to find/get that info. Seems that everything is on a State by State basis. It appears that food assistance and in state tuition for TPS recipients is available. So far I was able to find this from Massachusetts ( 2010) http://www.masslegalhelp.org/immigration/haiti/tps-benefits

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    1. Getting at welfare benefits for any immigrant is hard and usually does require a state by state look. Bottomline is that TPS recipients have work permits and drivers licenses. If they go in to the local welfare office, I assure you NO ONE is going to ask them for their citizenship papers. So assume they get it all. You might want to call the Center for Immigration Studies in DC and ask if they have ever done a study on social service goodies for TPS people. Oh, and when a kid (even illegal kid) goes to a local college to enroll, no one ever asks for citizenship papers, so instate tuition is a given.

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    1. I used to joke about how the resettlement agencies were just like animal hoarders who want to collect some of each kind even if the animals are living in horrible conditions. I suppose we could find a few that they haven’t found yet.


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