Message about your e-mail notices

rrw-logo-1I’m sorry if you signed up and subscribed to RRW and then without explanation you stop receiving those e-mail notices each time I post.  

Know that I can’t control those e-mails and have complained on many occasions to WordPress.  Another reader today alerted me to the problem. She, like most readers who stop getting the e-mails, think that I am (for some reason) not writing.

Additionally, some of you have said that you attempted to re-subscribe and cannot.

I don’t know if this is being done on purpose by WordPress, or your e-mail server has decided they don’t like my work, or simply a case of lousy service from WordPress.


I can’t emphasize this enough: please please just come to RRW directly and see what I have posted that day or the day before (or the day before that….).  You don’t need to wait for an e-mail!  And, besides there is so much more here at the blog itself than you get in an e-mail. Check out Frequently Asked Questions in the header for example.

Just put this in your favorites and visit every day (or every few days):

Or, if you are on twitter, follow me because I put all of my posts there, plus a whole lot more news you can use!  I am @RefugeeWatcher (you will find me also by searching for Ann Corcoran).

Thank you!



16 thoughts on “Message about your e-mail notices

  1. I get so much email anyway, I just check out Ann’s site each morning–who doesn’t? Since I visit it daily, RRW automatically appears in a bar of frequently visited websites at the top of my Google Chrome screen. I click it–easy as pie. Interestingly Google may not consider Ann quite as scary as Drudge–sorry, Ann–because I have also been visiting Drudge’s headline screen for a long time, but Google never presents it among the frequently visited sites in the bar at the top of the screen nor among the other sites I often visit that they present in the tiles in the middle of the same screen. Seems sort of sophomoric, but then that’s our Globalist Monopoly Media for you.


    1. Under the radar is fine by me! And, yes, that is the way to see RRW…you can also then have a quick look at my tweets where there is often some good stuff that I can’t find time to post.


  2. I’ve been getting mine. Thank you so much for all you do. suzanne



  3. Ann, I have been receiving 2 or 3 of your posts per day. It may not be WordPress. I’ve never had trouble with them before. FYI, twice, when I had a blog at Google’s blogspot, I posted something about bullying, and also parents’ reaction to a cross dressing activity in the schools. The one about the parents, I got a nasty note from Google, saying that I must stop posting hateful stuff. On the one about bullying, it had that word in the subject line, and my sister, who has a Gmail address, stopped getting my posts. Google was trashing her emails from my blog. I’m sure you’re aware that Google, Facebook, and Twitter are now under fire for censorship. It’s very frustrating for a lot of conservatives.The deck is stacked against us. Just wanted to let you know. I hope you can resolve this problem.

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    1. Thanks for the info! On Twitter I have had them shadow-ban some of my tweets, so am aware of what they are up to.


    1. It is usually two or three a day ….I try for three, but lately it’s been hard to squeeze in three. I do a lot of tweeting which I find fun (and distracting!).

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  4. I did have problems back in this past summer, when I switched addresses.

    It was corrected though and I’ve had no problem since receiving messages


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