Catholic Charities should not be funded by government!

That is the title of this excellent youtube clip from the Capital Research Center that echoes a major theme here at RRW.  (Hat tip: John) Send it to your friends and family!



(The link to the video is here in case you can’t play it above: )

If you search you should be able to find out how much government money is going to your local Catholic Charities.  Be sure to check off grants and contracts and select years.

Some Catholic Charities are under the budget umbrella of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (one of nine federal contractors for the resettlement of refugees), but that is not the only money CC is getting directly from you—the US taxpayer.

These are the nine federal contractors, for six of them the same message applies—-religious groups should not be getting federal dollars! (Nor should the secular non-profits, but at least they aren’t being as hypocritical as the supposedly religious ones.)

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of federal funding each received in 2015 or 2016, see here:

5 thoughts on “Catholic Charities should not be funded by government!

  1. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    The video sets the Catholics straight, but what about all the other SCAM outfits SCAMMING the taxpayers day after day?
    And most of those NINE have some religion in their name, as if they really are linked directly to a church.


  2. Clergy Response and Separation of Church and State aside, the Jesuit Order runs governments. As if the Vatican doesn’t rule Monarchies, the governments now seem to be controlled as well. Canada is a good example of this paradigm that people seem to miss. How much money does the Vatican control? The trillions are yet to be revealed but the Economist calculated that the Catholic church in America alone had a $170 billion annual operating budget in 2012. Likely a conservative figure considering the offshore black holes. How much they control in the EU and Asia is certainly equal or greater. Wake up people. If money is power, the Vatican rules the world. The Rothschild just do their banking.


  3. Where is the ACLU,ADL, SPLC and the “atheist”groups???? Why are they not filing lawsuits demanding the government stop funding them?
    SELECTIVE :”righteousness” —


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