Hartke: Lutherans want DACA amnesty, shutdown unacceptable

Today I saw this Press Release (below) on the twitter page for Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, but can’t find it elsewhere.

Apparently their site has been down for days (strange!).

Since it is LIRS’s embattled CEO making the statement I guess she survived the internal turmoil and shake up that Breitbart reported here in November.

This is what you see when you attempt to get to the website:


LIRS website
This made me laugh. Their website has been down for at least 3 days, but they don’t want to miss a donation or a travel loan payment from their refugee clients (your money but they get a cut of it when they can get refugees to pay-up!)


Now here (below) is LIRS’ Press release.

Linda hartke 2
Hartke: ‘Non-profit’ groups like ours are impacted because we are 97% funded by the government. (She didn’t admit the 97% part!)

A point I don’t make often enough is that the federal refugee contractors support illegal immigrants with as much vigor as they support legal refugees.

You may hear your politicians make a distinction between LEGAL and ILLEGAL immigration with a comment like this:

“Legal immigration is good, but illegal is what I object to.”

But, get it into your head that the Leftwing Open Borders advocates, including those leading the nine federally funded resettlement agencies, make NO SUCH DISTINCTION.  They are advocates for any and all immigrants and are supportive of amnesty as you can see in this statement.

I never understood that because each illegal (made legal) through amnesty is a competitor of the refugees (LIRS’s clients) for whom they are contracted to find employment.

The shutdown also means that money that might have been coming to them from Washington today and tomorrow is not coming.


LIRS shutdown page 1

LIRS shutdown page 2

Go here for my complete archive on LIRS.  Readers of the Lutheran faith who disagree with this NGO operating in your name should speak up.

5 thoughts on “Hartke: Lutherans want DACA amnesty, shutdown unacceptable

  1. I used to be a Lutheran. Grew up in Lutheran home. About 25-years ago, I red in THE LUTHERAN (evangelical) magazine that the Lutheran bishop in America had declared that when the Israelis and Arabs go at it, the Lutheran church would support to Moslems. I studied up on that a bit and learned that Martin Luther was violently anti-Semitic.

    My letter to my pastor and to the bishop a few days later declared that my shadow would never cross the threshold of a Lutheran church again. 25-years later, I haven’t crossed a Lutheran church’s threshold.


  2. When was the last time the liberals shut down the government on our behalf, instead of for his invading army of foreign nationals who aren’t even citizens? Even during the great recession when people were losing their homes and winding up out on the streets, there was barely a whimper from the left, yet here they are willing to shut down our government for the benefit of illegals. It doesn’t take a rocket scientists to realize what these people’s priorities are.


  3. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    I love how LIRS and LIARS looks and sound so much alike…
    Wait! It IS alike: two peas in a pod.
    How these people can claim “non-profit” is beyond me. I suspect the “workers” get paid and the CEOs get WELL-paid, but, still, somehow they are non-profit.
    Me thinks the word “non-profit” needs a new description, and all “non-profits” (including churches) should get an IRS audit…just for giggles if nothing else.


  4. Catholic churches are in a full court press re refugees and immigration…as I listened to the last homily I thought, I care more about what happens to this country than I do about my own personal sense of holiness. We are far away in Montana now, but I remember the changes in Socal in the early 60s too well to be complacent about it.


  5. The only obligation the government has is to keep its legal citizens safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic, and that they will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America.

    We have laws already that govern these areas. We are simply enforcing them and expecting them to be enforced. Just because non-citizens don’t like them, guess what, THEY DON’T GET A VOTE!


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