Unlikely aborted deportation flight to Somali will ever be rescheduled, as court steps in

A federal judge in Florida has blocked the government from deporting the 92 Somalis who made it to West Africa before some yet-to-be-explained glitch caused their deportation flight to return to the US.  See previous posts here and here.

The usual argument is being raised that we can’t possibly return migrants who have committed crimes in the US back to S***hole countries. It would be inhumane, immigrant activists claim.

So, what this says to me is, if we will be barred from sending lawbreakers back, then we must vigorously keep them out of the US in the first place through robust screening. 

Otherwise, taxpayers will be expected to pay for their incarceration for years!

From Courthouse News:

Judge Gayles:   https://ballotpedia.org/Darrin_P._Gayles

MIAMI (CN) – A federal judge temporarily blocked the government from deporting a group of Somali immigrants who say they were shackled and handcuffed for two days by immigration officials during a failed deportation attempt last month.

In a ruling issued Friday in Miami federal court, U.S. District Judge Darrin Gayles said that the 92 Somali immigrants have the right to reopen their removal orders because they are looking “to apply or re-apply for asylum or withholding of deportation based on changed circumstances arising in the country of nationality or in the country to which deportation has been ordered.”


For decades, Somali nationals were rarely deported from the U.S. mainly because their country lacks a “functioning central government,” according to Gayles’ 14-page ruling, but Immigration and Customs Enforcement began deporting Somalis more often after changes to U.S. policies last year under the Trump administration.

Of course they blame it on Trump, but Obama was deporting Somalis as we told you here in 2013, and in 2005 the US Supreme Court said the US can send aliens back to where they came from—even to hellhole countries.

The botched deportation is now used as a further excuse about why they face threats in Somalia:

The immigrants argue that the international media attention surrounding the botched deportation has made it unsafe for them to return to Somalia because they would be targets of the extremist group Al-Shabaab, which believes that people returning to Somalia after living in Western nations for a long period of time are enemies of their cause.


U.S. law prohibits the deportation of individuals to countries where they could face political persecution or torture.

I bet those sneaky immigration lawyers never told the Judge that the Supreme Court said in 2005 that such deportations were legal, see here.   The fact that the Bush Administration didn’t do it, doesn’t make it a law!

Lisa Lehner, a senior litigation attorney with Americans for Immigrant Justice, said in a statement that “the court’s thorough review of what it termed the ‘exceptional circumstances’ of this case reveals a depth of understanding of the plight of these individuals.”

The Somali immigrants are represented by Americans for Immigrant Justice, the American Civil Liberties Union, University of Miami Law Clinic, University of Minnesota Law School’s Center for New Americans and Broward Legal Aid.

More here.

My prediction: This batch will be released back into your towns and cities.  Minnesota here they come!

3 thoughts on “Unlikely aborted deportation flight to Somali will ever be rescheduled, as court steps in

  1. …Can’t wait.. Come one, come all, Minnesota is a free for all…

    Or, is it that Minnesota is in a violence ridden cultural free fall?

    Minnesota’s Idiocracy, and ever growing crop of suicidal idiots is now larger than its annual corn crop.

    Again..Can’t wait..

    Add all of this to secondary migration, stampeding toward Minnesota as we speak, and we have reached the “twilight zone” in terms of common sense.. Steaming toward Minnesota from many US States, who have begun to get the picture, and cut off their culturally baked-in welfare exploitation, and there you have it… …We are toast!

    Then there is this.

    Now we can expect a violent terrorist incident twice each month here, as opposed to the average of one per month in Minnesota currently. …Shootings…rapes…stabbings…human trafficking…gang threats…child molestation & serial rape…staged and fake fire-bombings of mosques for the do-re-me & misguided sympathy…Mall attacks & rampages…terrorist threats against the Mall of America…money laundering to fund terrorism…mini-mosques in our public schools…polygamy…polyandry…incest…immigration fraud…welfare fraud…more female genital mutilation…jihadist training hotbeds…widespread communicable diseases (some quite lethal)…arson…roving uniformed “sharia [ compliance ] police”…”8 Armed & Dangerous Somali Men” being sought by the Mpls FBI Office now……

    And now……..WIDESPREAD PUBLIC INTIMIDATION by MN CAIR (a Muslim Brotherhood & Hamas terrorist organization(s) affiliate), per their openly stated, “We now carry a BIG STICK” threats (MN CAIR Director Jaylani Hussein – October 2017) levied directly toward Minnesota citizens, who might object to any and or all of the above..

    In the words of Forrest Gump’s Mom…”Stupid is as stupid does”.. And, in the words of comedian, Ron White…”You can’t fix stupid”!

    Can’t wait!


  2. What really bothers me here is that openly gay, black judge Gayle is obviously using this as a way to force his political POV on us all, risking our safety and costing us a fortune in the process. He is absolutely despicable for doing this, and there is a real danger of him corrupting the entire district. At least we only get stuck with the persistent parasites “temporarily”, so hopefully another judge with a little more sense will get the case and we can be rid of them.


  3. NO, what we need to do is cut off all funds and trade to the sh1th0le countries who won’t take their illegals back, criminal or otherwise, and stop all incoming arrivals for ANY REASON, PERIOD, from those countries until they take their citizens back as lawfully required.

    I believe the State Department can do this EASILY, as a matter of course, and I believe President TRUMP mentioned it during the campaign.


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