“Diversity is strength” says Minnesota mayor!

Be careful what you wish for! 

Haven’t you all seen what is happening to Canada since the boy wonder just north of your border said the same thing?

Marv Calvin
Willmar mayor Marv Calvin. Willmar open for business—for Jenny-O turkey slaughterhouse.

They are rolling out the welcome mat in Minnesota (and not just for the NFL).

Come to think about it, the NFL has put its faith in that rag-tag Minneapolis PD (yikes!).

From the Star Tribune:

City leaders across Minnesota are passing “welcoming” resolutions in an effort to send a message that their communities are inclusive amid growing national tension around the issue of immigration.

City councils in Willmar and St. Joseph, two central Minnesota cities that are becoming increasingly diverse, are expected to discuss resolutions Monday. The measures don’t change policy but are considered symbolic.

“This resolution will just tell everybody ‘We want you in Willmar,’ ” Mayor Marv Calvin said, adding he expects the resolution will pass.

It isn’t America First! or Minnesota First! It is M-O-N-E-Y First!

“Willmar’s strength is in its diversity,” Calvin said. “If people feel they’re not welcome to a community, that’s detrimental to economic development.”

Willmar, a city of nearly 20,000 residents two hours west of Minneapolis, has long had a large Latino population. In recent years, it has also seen a growing number of immigrants from East African nations. Calvin said the newcomers have helped the city flourish with new businesses.

But the resolution isn’t meant just for immigrants and first-generation Americans. It also is designed to send a message to people who were born in Willmar or used to live there that they should return, he said.

He stabbed ten before an off-duty police officer killed him.   https://www.sctimes.com/story/news/local/2016/09/17/reports-several-hurt-crossroads-center-incident/90607870/

“Willmar is open for business,” he added.

***Update*** See CAIR organizing in Willmar, here.

In St. Joseph, residents formed a group called Cultural Bridges more than a year ago to build connections, especially between Christians and Muslims and the town’s Somali refugees and longtime residents after a Somali man stabbed*** 10 people at the Crossroads Center mall in nearby St. Cloud in 2016.

Since then, the group has taught adult basic education classes, provided homework tutoring and launched a jobs search program for Somali immigrants.

The group will ask the City Council on Monday to consider a welcoming resolution. It also plans to post fliers affirming inclusivity after white nationalist posters were plastered across the city illegally. [See posters here.—ed]

“The City Council has a great opportunity. … This is not something that should be met with silence,” said Raj Chaphalkar, a member of the group. “It may seem obvious, but sometimes we need leaders to say [these words] out loud. This is a good place to be for everybody.”

More here.

We have a massive archive on Minnesota where resettlement of Somalis began in earnest about 30 years ago thanks to resettlement contractors: Catholic Charities, Lutheran Social Services and World Relief.  I’ve been there twice now myself.

***They like knives.  Just ask the young white woman attacked and stabbed by a man described as Somali (still on the loose?) recently. Her story was in my top three stories of last month, see here.

8 thoughts on ““Diversity is strength” says Minnesota mayor!

  1. Florida university gets its very own Muslim groper:

    “A doctoral student at the University of Central Florida was arrested Friday and accused of inappropriately touching four women and trying to grab a fifth on campus between November and January.

    Abdullah Mohammed Zaman, 30, faces three counts of battery and one count of attempted battery. A fifth charge is pending, police said.”



  2. I just wanted to post my sadness over Laura Huhtasaari’s loss in Finland’s election. I’m proud of women like her,Le Pen and even
    the Swan of Tuonela who fight the good fight. I hope that Mrs. Corcoran never gives up. There’s no living in peace with Muslims. No matter what history we had with the Middle East we need to put an ocean barrier between us. The Muslims should be sent back.


  3. “Diversity” is NOT “strength” no matter how many times these traitors parrot the lie. “Diversity” is Balkanization, and destruction of a hegemonic society that is capable of self-governance. But then again, these wh0res for the U.S. Chamber of Con-Men already knew that.

    The so-called “refugee” invasion and the continued toleration of the INVASION of aliens (legal and illegal) – particularly from Third World countries – constitute the “shock troops” of the globalist, oligarch “New World Ordure” cabal. The plan: destroy whatever hegemony the nations of the West still retain. Destroy their sovereignty. Cause as much strife, economic hardship, crime, mayhem and murder as possible. The brainwashed zombies of the Left are just the current “useful idiots” helping this to occur.

    When the situation gets bad enough the sheeple of the once-free nations of the West will beg their so-called “leaders” to “do something”. Then the NWO cabal will come out with their “solution”: WORLD GOVERNMENT. (Translated: enslavement of all who are not part of their cabal or the government drones that do their dirty work.)

    “The Decline and Fall of American Nationhood”

    “Refugee Crisis: Using Chaos to build Power”

    “UN-‘Together’: Propaganda Bid Seeks to Flood West With Migrants”

    “New UN Chief to Europe: Ignore Voters. Open the Borders”

    “EU Insider: US Must Take More Refugees – Get Rid of Sovereignty”

    “Soros and CFR Exploit Refugee Crisis for New World Order”

    “Hungarian PM: Mass Migration A Plot To Destroy Christian West”

    “Soros Hack Reveals Plot Behind Europe’s Refugee Crisis, Media Funding and Manipulation”

    Global Free Movement: UN Chief Calls Migration a ‘Right’ in a ‘World on the Move’

    “New United Nations Boss Unveils Plan to Promote Global Mass Migration”


  4. Minnesota Problems:
    Muslim stabbings in Mall of America;
    Muslim cop blowing away innocent housewife.

    MN towns demanding more Muslim ‘refugees’!

    Willmar, MN, Mayor Marv Calvin:
    The dumbest mayor in America?

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  5. The mayor of Willmar Minnesota is brain-dead and a greedy coward. …And, I am trying to be generous here.. As is true in St Cloud, and soon to join the “chump train”, there will be the city council and mayor of St. Joseph Minnesota as well.

    Meanwhile, we have an impassioned poor-me speech maker, and intellectual drool being delivered to the “suckers” in the crowd, by Hamdi Kosar speaking on Dec. 18, 2017, during the Willmar City Council’s open forum about “the hardships of immigrating to the United States and the importance of finding a welcoming community”. Really? She also spoke Thursday in Bloomington in support of a statewide coalition calling on “people of faith” to fight Islamophobia. Now, they want to invade our churches, synagogues, our places of worship, as well as a concerted effort to overwhelm our political process and systems, to enlist recruits to support this blatant attempt at “civilization jihad? I vote NO!

    Well…sorry that your free food, free housing for a family of 10, free medical care, free “transport” back and forth from Minneapolis to St Cloud OR Willmar, free this – and free that, police and fire protection, security, all at taxpayers expense, isn’t working out for you Ms. Kosar..

    Common sense should win the day here people!

    I do not see – ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET & OR IN MINNESOTA – where a concerted effort on the part of wide eyed, knife wielding, Lutherans, Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists, Baptists, Jewish people, Hindus, or any other religious group, are as an organized group of people, perpetrating such horrible atrocities, against any other religious sect. NONE!

    However, even in their own home countries, I see horrible crimes being perpetrated against even the people, within their own borders almost daily. In short, far too many of these people simply do not play well with others, AND FOR CENTURIES..

    It is a tragedy for the world when any group of persons – whether they be Christians, moderate Muslims, Yazidis, Kurds, Druze, or Coptic Christians, etc., are denied their human dignity and the basic human freedom to believe and worship as they please, and persecuted only by a group of people, linked to the so-called “religion of peace”.

    In Somalia, the radical militant group al-Shabaab relies on a clan-based structure to advance its sick ideology masquerading as a religion, and forcing sheikhs and imams to teach jihad or face expulsion or death.

    Christians from a Muslim background are regarded as high-value targets. Sound familiar? …Be-headings, being burned alive, crucifixions, so-called “honor killings”, bombings, stabbings, rape, slavery, impaling; take your pick…

    Again, common sense should prevail, and win the day, even in the politically charged zoo of liberal lakes Minnesota.

    I am completely unwilling to turn a blind eye to any of this insanity brewing with increased frequency every day in Minnesota, and, in any way, “agree to disagree” about any of this with this Somali woman, pleading victim-hood on behalf of her oh-so-slick “community” of con artists and welfare addicted “grifters”…

    I for one, would like to state for the record, that I do not want to import any more of this dangerous sub-human behavior to Minnesota

    Wake up Minnesota! This place is way down the road, and at light speed, steaming toward becoming a real life version of the film, “One Flew Over The Cookoo’s Nest”…

    To the mayors of St Cloud MN, or Willmar MN, or St Joseph MN, or elsewhere in this collective loony-bin, now being referred to as “Minnesota-stan”: DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT YOUR OH-SO SPECIAL ATTEMPT AT THE GROUP HUG AND APPEASEMENT IS GOING TO WIN THE DAY, when so many, world-wide, have tried this social experiment and failed MISERABLY?

    Hint: Neither your gated communities, nor your security team will keep you safe from all of the above either, or keep you and your family members safe and out of the fray, when all of this hits the fan. Just look at present day Europe!

    WAKE UP!


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  6. Business owners simply want to use all of these “refugees” and illegals in their meat packing plants and similar unattractive jobs. But let me ask them: How did the meat packing industry survive for over one hundred years WITHOUT THE USE OF SOMALI REFUGEES ?????


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