Moneybags Miliband (with Harriet) is responsible for changing Charlottesville by changing the people

That would be Charlottesville, Virginia.

When I saw the story headline at something called The Daily Progress, I initially wasn’t going to bother reading the Op-Ed by Harriet Kuhr because I figured anything with Daily Progress in it would be some commie publication.

It is, in fact, the sole daily newspaper in the Charlottesville area, and the International Rescue Committee is the only federal resettlement contractor working to change that portion of Virginia.

Opinion/Commentary: New immigration policies have been devastating

(Trump is a bad guy column!)


Harriet with IRC map
Here is Harriet in 2015 selling the IRC’s ‘humanitarian’ work to another unsuspecting Virginia town, a suburb of Charlottesville.  I see the map was made before the IRC captured Montana.


But, I’m glad I read it because opinion writer and International Rescue Committee‘s face in that city, Harriet Kuhr, has an important factual error that I see repeated by the Open Borders Left whenever they get a chance.

They say that Ronald Reagan is responsible for the Refugee Act of 1980.  It just ain’t so.

He presided over it during its first year (as it admitted thousands escaping Communism), but it was the brainchild of Senator Ted Kennedy (who else!) and it was signed in to law by Jimmy Carter (who else!).  See here March 18,1980.  (It was 8 months later that Reagan whipped Carter by winning the Presidency.)

And, just so you know, when these Leftists try to make the program sound like it was a bipartisan effort they are spinning like tops.  See the list of co-sponsors to the Kennedy bill (not exactly a balanced group):

Sen. Javits, Jacob K. [R-NY]
Sen. McGovern, George [D-SD]
Sen. Randolph, Jennings [D-WV]
Sen. Pell, Claiborne [D-RI]
Sen. Ribicoff, Abraham A. [D-CT]
Sen. Moynihan, Daniel Patrick [D-NY]
Sen. Williams, Harrison A., Jr. [D-NJ]
Sen. Riegle, Donald W., Jr. [D-MI]
Sen. Sarbanes, Paul S. [D-MD]
Sen. Hatfield, Mark O. [R-OR]
Sen. Tsongas, Paul E. [D-MA]
Sen. Biden, Joseph R., Jr. [D-DE]  [To this day, Delaware only takes less than 10 refugees a year!–ed]

So here is what Harriet is trying to sell to the good citizens of Charlottesville at The Daily Progress:

Miliband in Manhattan
This is Harriet’s boss in Manhattan! British national and one-worlder, IRC CEO David Miliband, pulls down an annual salary package of $671,749 (doing well by doing good!). In 2015, the IRC received 66% of its $688,920,920 budget from US taxpayers! A “VALUED TRADITION” THAT MUST END!

The Refugee Resettlement program is one of the United States’ most valued traditions. It is the bar that sets the standard for other resettlement programs; an effort above party politics that enshrined the core common values of our nation to tackle global problems right here: that families ought to be together; that our children should have a better future than we had; that hard work, persistence, strength, and character would be treasured in our great land.  [Our children means something very different to me!—ed]

Ronald Reagan began this tradition, and his successors strengthened it. They understood that it supported our global leadership and national safety, and it stoked a humanitarian tradition, an entrepreneurial spirit, and collective economic success. [What a load of mumbo-jumbo!—ed]

This tradition is something we at IRC see come alive every day, thanks to the talented and resilient people we, and the Charlottesville community, have the opportunity to work with.

Read the rest of her pitch here and see comments.  You can see our friend Jim Simpson has jumped in.

This other commenter, Brad London, immediately goes to the sorry old ‘you are a racist’ line and yammers about the Native Americans.

If he wants to give America back to the Indians, then I want to give North Africa and most of the Middle East back to its early inhabitants (before the Muslim invaders came)—to Christians and Jews!


Here is screenshot of the Simpson/London exchange. If you want to get in on the action, click here.

Simpson v. London


See my archive on the International Rescue Committee here. It is the financially largest of the nine contractors that are paid to place refugees in to your towns and cities.

(Numbers in parenthesis below are the percentages of their funds that come involuntarily from you).

And, I will continue to repeat: as long as taxpayers pay for fake non-profit groups like these to distribute refugees around the country and then to politically organize against us (who disagree with them), the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program will never be reformed.


6 thoughts on “Moneybags Miliband (with Harriet) is responsible for changing Charlottesville by changing the people

  1. Notice how these communists dress? Very egalitarian- always the t-shirts, and in Michelle Obama’s case: shorts. She wore them aboard Air Force One, she wore them to a semi-official visit to a public children’s school as part of her healthy eating campaign (can you imagine any other First Lady going out in public in a pair of shorts? I can’t). The “Harriet” named woman in your image is an epitome of a communist. She’s slovenly, wearing muted, earth-tones, and rather off-putting aesthetically. If I had a scheme to sell, I would certainly dress to impress. These Marxists can’t help but show their true colors in matters of their appearances.

    I’ve another gripe, and that is the bad habit of atheists and non-believers “Bible-shaming”. The old “that’s unchristian!” scam. It is written in the Bible that those who do not work shall not eat. It also is a Commandment that thou shalt not steal. Robbing a man of his wages is also mentioned in the Old Testament, it also would fall under theft. It’s evil to take a man’s earned wages without his consent to hand over to someone else (Federal & State taxes taken out of one’s paycheck, to pay State Dept which in turn goes into the refugee programs). I do believe strongly that if the American people knew just how much of the US govt budget went into these “non-profit” org.s they’d protest quite loudly. Ann you are doing a very fine job exposing this.. corruption, and I do believe it is a corrupt program. By the way, the general public has an erroneous trust in anything deemed non-profit. To be a certified non-profit organization does NOT mean that it makes zero profits- it merely wins that designation by meeting certain regulations/rules. For instance: Goodwill Industries has a non-profit designation, but their profits are unbelievable. They get that non-profit badge for using *some* of the monies (that you paid, actually) to “train” disabled for jobs (that training is having disabled fold clothing donations, or sort items for sale in the stores – to me that’s cheap and/or free labor!)
    These refugee organizations work the same way: Your money, yet they receive the accolades and the tax breaks, and the very high incomes of officials. These non-profits are all the same. Non-profit does not mean “no profits” it’s merely a moniker- and don’t forget it.


  2. I’ve never understood how a failed British politician managed to inviegle himself into a cushy job like that, a job which has such a social impact on Americans in small towns across the nation. I hesitate to resort to blaming the ‘Jewish connection’ but I see no other explanation to account for Miliband’s new persona.


    1. David Miliband and his brother Ed, both British labor party politicians, were groomed to pass through the political revolving door. Being Jewish and children of ‘refugees’ carry a certain advantage. His refugee parents hailed from Belgium and Poland.

      The Office of David Miliband Limited was formed in 2010 with Miliband and his wife as directors. Over the years he spent much of his time on corporate boards and speaking assignments, earning one million £ in addition to his MP salary. In March 2013 Miliband announced that he planned to resign from Parliament to take a position as head of the International Rescue Committee in NYC. He also explained to the media that he did not wish to compete with his brother Ed in British politics.

      Through his positions on several high level financial boards both at home and abroad, and being a member of Rockefeller’s Trilateral Commission, he was well groomed and well suited for his current position in the lucrative refugee industry. It’s all about commerce and money in those circles, even if the profits include human trafficking.
      “Miliband’s parents fled to Britain from continental Europe during World War II and its aftermath. As the son of refugees, he brings a personal commitment to the IRC’s work. He lives in New York City with his wife, violinist Louise Shackelton, and their two sons.”


  3. Obviously Harriett could feed at least one refugee family, in their home country, by cutting back on shakes and fries. As far as this Brad London character, I’ve long thought that the pro-Native American argument for open borders is the nuttiest. How does it help today’s Native Americans, of whom there are millions, for us to further inundate them with outsiders and their offspring? Of course what is so telling is that these same open borders advocates in Europe, where Europeans are native, argue just as zealously for open borders. They just don’t have that particular tear-jerking Native American arrow in their little quivers of irrational arguments.


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