Comment worth noting: Many blind ‘conservatives’ in Minnesota

Editor: Occasionally we post guest comments/opinion pieces from readers.  This, below, is a comment a resident of Minnesota posted at this story last week:

Headline: 25 reasons to end Somali refugee resettlement now

Before you read Bob Carrillo’s comment, you might want to visit Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch yesterday about Republicans and Dems (pandering!) in the Minnesota state legislature by proposing to give nearly $20 million in taxpayer dollars to Somali community development (because of course we all know that poverty produces Islamic terrorists—NOT!).

(This post will be filed in my ‘What you can do’ category—don’t be afraid to speak!)

From Bob Carrillo (highlighting is mine):

This week (Tuesday 2/6) was caucus week in Minnesota.

Two nights ago, I found myself compelled to call in to a local radio talk show host (Walter Hudson) (IHeart Radio 1130 AM – “Closing Argument”).

He was interviewing Mr. Phillip Parrish, a fairly straight laced, no nonsense, gubernatorial candidate for the State of Minnesota; a personality and intellect sorely need here in the land of Minnesota denial…


Walter Hudson radio
Walter Hudson is on the right.


I was not particularly pleased with the tenor of the dialogue exchange by Mr. Hudson. He claims to be a conservative. However, in Minnesota, as true in many places in the country, what passes for a republican, or even a common sensed based conservative leaves many of us adults in the room wanting. In short, and with very few exceptions, Minnesota has become a breeding ground for adult-children posing as conservative thinkers, and RINO’s.

In any event, I was compelled to call in to Mr. Hudson’s radio program.

Needless to say the discussion, and exchange between myself and Mr. Hudson did not come off very well…at least from his end I believe.

After posing the following question to him, and citing a number of horrible examples of atrocities committed by radical Islamist’s in Minnesota, some resulting in the maiming and even death of Minnesota citizens, as absolute proof that this is not simply some ethereal debate relating to the differences between religious and cultural factions in Minnesota at all.

Using those pesky circumstances called FACTS, I attempted to make my case, in opposition to his wishful thinking (or not) approach to Minnesota’s growing and deadly problems, Mr. Hudson did his level best to deflect and to derail our discussion at every turn.

While attempting to bring the hostility level down several times during the conversation, it was clear to me that he had no intention of allowing me to get past his all-over-the-top, and emotionally driven ranting. …He was upset.. So upset, that even after he dismissed me just prior to a hard break, he referenced me personally a few times during the next hour (segment) of his program in a less than respectful manner. Since I used to host my own weekly radio talk show program for eight years, I found his tone and demeanor to be incredibly unprofessional and disrespectful.

To my initial question: Can you point to any place on the planet where this “social justice” experiment, which involves this clash of cultures (one of which, literally refuses to assimilate by intent and by design), has worked well for the indigenous people of that place, OR has not ended badly???

Where, in Europe, Australia, or in the US and Canada is the “group hug approach”, and philosophy of appeasement (COEXIST) working? …Just one place!

Minnesota Somalis 2
Women in traditional Muslim dress take part in prayers outside the federal courthouse before a jury found 35-year-old Amina Farah Ali and 64-year-old Hawo Mohamed Hassan guilty on all counts Thursday, Oct. 20, 2011, in Minneapolis of conspiring to funnel money to a terrorist group in Somalia.

When Mr. Hudson obviously blew his stack on air, relating to my question, and then wandered around per his response in a manner, which I would only describe as angry and unintelligible, I then suggested that perhaps taking a “Straw Poll” amongst the many victims and their families here in Minnesota, who have been directly affected by this insane combination of public policy, he lost it again, and suggested that no straw poll was necessary, or some such reaction by someone in denial.

I also informed Walter that I have lived overseas, and I have traveled overseas extensively, AND I HAVE VISITED THE “NO GO ZONE’ IN PARIS. I told him that he does not want to see that here. But, indicated to hime that the seeds for that here in Minnesota have already been sown. (See Stories: uniformed “Sharia [ LAW ] Police” patrols being tolerated by the MPD in the Cedar-Riverside area OF Minneapolis, now known as “little Mogadishu”)

I did have the opportunity, while he was continuing to talk over me at every turn to make the following statement, leading to a question: “I do not see a bunch of wild eyed Catholic, Lutherans, Presbyterians, or Methodists, as an organized effort per their cultural group thinking process, running around, and committing such horrible, barbaric, violent (Anti-American) atrocities, directed at Muslims, or any other groups of people”, based upon some religious differences as the driver for all this mayhem.

I also stated as a fact, that this entire experiment in “social justice”, and the seeds of this being sown all over Minnesota, per this “Welcoming Communities” nonsense, is, for economic reasons, “Public Health reasons”, and “Public Safety reasons”, is UNSUSTAINABLE and DANGEROUS.

He continued to present, what I can only describe as disjointed philosophical drool, relating to this very serious and very real life situation we are facing here in Minnesota, and sounding like the “can’t we all just get along” mantra of the left crowd, and doing everything possible to run from the discussion points being made by me throughout our brief discussion. He was finally successful by cutting me off completely, and hanging up on the call. ..Bad form Mr. Hudson..

If I had been given the opportunity to do so, I would have asked him the following questions:

* Is all the collateral damage, which has truly occurred here in Minnesota, and with greater frequency with each passing day now, acceptable losses to you Mr. Hudson?

* Is there no question in your mind relating to the cause and effect analysis per your own thinking about all this?

* Does the other side (Muslim “community”) bare any responsibility whatsoever, for the behavior of far too many of their brothers and sisters of their “book”, whether covertly or overtly involved?

* Do these people deserve (per demand and intimidation) “TO BE TREATED AS A SPECIAL CLASS OF MINNESOTANS”??, while other Minnesotans have to follow the rules of any civilized nation, and submit to US CONSTITUTIONAL LAW – AND PUBLICLY DISAVOW ANY ALLEGIANCE TO “SHARIA LAW”?

* Should this “community” – including CAIR Minnesota and their director Jaylani Hussein, be expected – in fact required, TO PUBLICLY CONDEMN HAMAS, THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD, AL-QADEA, BOKO-HARAM, and label these organizations PROPERLY as terrorist organizations, and disavow their connection and allegiance to such groups.

* Should they as (Americans?) be required to pledge allegiance to our American flag (as all other immigrants to the United States have done over time), and pledge to support, and defend OUR US Constitution, etc. etc.?

* When accepting any position in “public office” anywhere in the US, should they be swearing in per their “book”?

* Should their Imams be afforded to “special” privilege” of being able to host POLITICALLY ORIENTED TRAINING PROGRAMS IN THEIR MOSQUES, when other religions would be risking their “Tax Exempt Status” by doing the same.

* Should only “special people” be allowed to reach “sharia law” IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS here in Minnesota, and have PRAYER ROOMS, PRAYER BREAKS, AND PRAYER RUGS in OUR Minnesota PUBLIC SCHOOLS SYSTEMS, when, per a long standing US Supreme decision: the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in the case of Lemon v. Kurtzman. In the 1971 case, the court ruled that a three-pronged test has to be passed for religious involvement in public schools. Is there secular purpose for the activity? Does the activity actively promote religion or inhibit religion? Is the “entanglement” between church and state “excessive?”. Because there are no other religious groups afforded ALL OF THE ABOVE, in terms accommodations, there is a problem here..

* Should there not be far better screening for serious, and sometimes, deadly “communicable diseases” being imported into Minnesota per the “Refugee Resettlement Program, and certainly the illegal “Sanctuary City(s)” public policy in full bloom in Minnesota. Additionally, shouldn’t the various Departments of Health in Minnesota be required to STOP HIDING CASES OF ACTIVE TUBERCULOSIS, and other lethal and debilitating IMPORTED diseases, and MAKE MANDATORY ALL PROPER MEDICAL PROCEDURES – INCLUDING INOCULATIONS AND ADDITIONAL PRECAUTIONS – TO PROTECT THE PUBLIC THEY ARE OBLIGED TO SERVE?

* Should not the participants in “Female Genital Mutilation” of female children, serial rape of female children (as young as 4 years or 5 years of age) as well as all other crimes committed in Minnesota, be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the LAW (US Constitutional LAW), and those convicted, be imprisoned, deported, and (relating to crimes involving children), have their children removed for their custody PERMANENTLY?

* Where are the home grown, or imported to Minnesota, terrorists being trained in Minnesota, or being conditioned to act and behave this antisocial and uncivilized manner, hate the infidel, hate Americans (while loving AND EMBRACING all the “free goodies” per our ridiculous welfare distributions systems), being schooled to believe that they can threaten and intimidate with impunity, rape children and women, kill or attempt to kill, commit arson, and a whole host of offences against OUR American society (with impunity), in spite of how short a time, or how long a time they have been in this country – AND AMPLE TIME ENOUGH TO ASSIMILATE? Who is teaching all this and where?

* There is certainly more, but this will do for now.

In any event, I called back after being cut off, relating to our brief encounter on the radio, and proposed the following to Mr. Hudson, per his call screener: I expressed a desire to be a guest on his program for two hours – up close and in studio – and an open, direct, and respectful discourse between one another relating to these interrelated and interconnected, and extremely critical issues concerning and impacting ALL MINNESOTANS today… I even suggested that he could invite his favorite Imam to sit in as well.

I left my name, some background information about me, my phone number, and asked for a return phone call. What do you think Walter. Shall we have a go?

I am still waiting…

What do you think? Will Hudson invite Carrillo on as a guest? I wouldn’t bet on it, but you never know! We will see what kind of a ‘conservative’ man Hudson is!

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10 thoughts on “Comment worth noting: Many blind ‘conservatives’ in Minnesota

  1. Bob, we went 6 minutes past our scheduled break to continue with you. As a radio personality yourself, I’m sure you can appreciate the generosity in that. As for the rest, tune in tonight (2/12), and call in again! We’d love to have you.


    1. Mr. Hudson,

      Thank you for responding.

      However, I am not certain that the word “generosity” would be the word I would use to describe neither the tone, nor the proper focus on your part, as that applied to your discussion with Mr. Parrish, nor myself, relating to such a critical and important issue of the day relating to the lives (Public Safety & Public Health) of so many Americans and Minnesotans today.

      That aside, and in my view, neither Mr. Parrish, nor myself, should be the central focus relating to this serious discussion of the day. And frankly speaking, you should not be either.

      People are now dying here in Minnesota as a result of glossing over these matters Mr. Hudson. People are being maimed, stabbed, raped (including children), mutilated, sexually assaulted, intimidated, threatened, committing arson, and so much more now, ALL CONNECTED TO THAT (as you suggested several times on air), that oh-so-insignificant “1 % of our US population”, which, per their numbers, “have no real chance to actually overthrow our government, nor subvert and supplant OUR US Constitution” (pardon the paraphrasing here)??…Now do they?

      A little clue per a serious question: If they are such an insignificant % of our population, how are they able to commit so many of these crimes and atrocities with such regularity now, create so much mayhem, and manufacture a “new normal” in Minnesota, which was unheard of just 15 years or so ago?

      Putting emotion aside completely, let us have a frank, honest, respectful, and this all important discussion on air, – IN PERSON – IN STUDIO, and for a solid 2 hour airing, and honest and complete discussion relating to the multifaceted and interrelated connective tissue to this ancient, and oftentimes throughout history, brutal, political ideology, claiming to be a “religion of peace”, and (in the United States) hiding behind OUR US Constitution and Bill of Rights for cover and protection.

      Want particular instances (as you asked Mr. Parrish), where there has been a clear double standard (special) treatment of perpetrators, having committed such serious, violent, and even unthinkable crimes in Minnesota (and around the US), for which they have either been given a pass entirely, or charged and sentenced with kid gloves, by what now passes for law enforcement authorities and OUR Courts, representing no more than a slap on the wrist – I have lots of them, just in the past 3 years here Mr. Hudson. I will save those specific examples for our on air discussion and for you and your listening audience, IF you have the courage, and character enough, to accept this offer to meet, in studio and on air, based upon the conditions stated above.. Lets see…

      I will be happy to even send you my notes ahead of time. I was also not kidding about asking Jaylani Hussein (MN CAIR Director) or Minnesota’s most radical Imam to sit in on the discussion with us. Let’s have at it.

      In the meantime, perhaps we could take the “straw poll”, which you found to be so infuriating as a suggestion by me the other evening, by the family of DeSean Daggs, age 23, of Eden Prairie.. He is, at present. deceased, and shot to death this January in the Dinky town area of Minneapolis for no apparent reason.. This list of many other victims and family members in Minnesota is remarkably long, and not something for which we should be proud as a State, or as a civilized society.

      Furthermore, these people should not represent a list of acceptable “statistics” relating to any collateral damage and dismissed in such a cavalier manner by anyone as acceptable losses in this clash of antithetical cultures.

      …The Minnesota victim tote board of shame continues to grow, and exponentially now Walter, while we all sit around philosophizing and theorizing about all of this, from some platform of intellectual and ethereal musing; GEE…CAN’T WE JUST RESPECT AND RECOGNIZE ALL RELIGIOUS DIFFERENCES – ADMIT THE FLAWS IN EACH OF THEM TODAY- AND JUST GET ALONG (the Minnesota feel-good – COEXIST – “social justice” mantra)… Let’s just declare one more Minnesota city a part of the “Welcoming & Just Community Cities Program. …That’s the ticket! That’s the solution!

      ..Not so much Mr. Hudson..

      Not see’in it Mr. Hudson. Again….I am not seeing a bunch of wild eyed Presbyterians, Catholics, Methodists, Baptists, Mormons, Jews, or Seventh Day Adventists, and so on (Representing a huge portion of our US population), all running around as an organized body, and committing such horrible atrocities against innocent citizens, daily, weekly, monthly.. Perhaps the uniformed “Sharia Police” now patrolling the Cedar-Riverside area of Minneapolis have the answer to this mystery..

      Am I being a bit sarcastic? Absolutely! …They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of humor. Not in this case however, because I am not attempting to be the least bit funny..

      3 final points: This is far too important an issue to ignore or gloss over. There is no way to outrun this problem by ignoring it, or marginalize the subject, nor the people presenting the argument. Present day Europe and the UK, is a mess. In fact, a disaster. This my friend is our future, and right quick if we are not going to take these matters more seriously and address them as such immediately.

      As I used to say to my listening audience as I signed off air each week, “I reserve the right to be wrong, and I pray to God that I am…”

      By the way, and while I do not know Phillip Parrish, except to say hello and shake a hand, you owe him (and his platform of issues) respect enough to offer him an in-studio interview, and to some extent, an apology. He is at least an adult in the race for Governor’s seat and not an adult-child pretending to be such..

      Please, and with all due respect, let all of us hear from you soon..

      I will be waiting..


  2. Don’t know about Hudson, but the Neocons and many of the Constitutionalists and Libertarians are worse than the Left. Since they would rather be bitten on the butt by a fer-de-lance than be called bigoted, they will often support or fall silent on open borders. And yet on other issues, like ‘Support Our Troops!’ or ‘Defend the Constitution!’ they can sound so sensible they are lulling average Americans into not jumping out of the ‘Diversity Is Our Strength!’ frying pan until it will be demographically too late.


  3. Ann you are a tiger with all the correct and true information. None of these people want to go one on one with you. All I can say is WOW! Mike, Chelan, Wash.


  4. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    This is so true about Minnesota (also known as minnesomalia.)
    Unfortunately, Minnesota’s dribble and drool is intruding on their RED state right next door across the Red River of the North: North Dakota, where much of the narrow strip of ND hugging Minnesota has turned Blue.


  5. Wow those are some excellent talking points and questions that we can all use as a template for approaching our elected officials and wannabe politicians. Thanks to Bob Carrillo for having the facts ready and to you Ann for sharing that.


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