Next batch of Australian rejected asylum seekers headed our way, mostly single men

They are mostly single men from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Burma (Rohingya) and they are on their way to Anytown, USA.

Here is the news at The Guardian:

The fourth group of refugees to be accepted for resettlement in the United States from Australia’s offshore immigration regime [detention centers!—ed] are poised to leave Nauru for the US, via Fiji.

The 22 refugees are all single men except for one Rohingyan man and his wife, according to Ian Rintoul from the Refugee Action Coalition.

Ian Rintoul
Socialist refugee advocate Ian Rintoul:

It is the second group to leave Nauru under the controversial resettlement program, following two groups that have also been resettled from Australia’s detention centre on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea.

The latest cohort will bring the number of refugees resettled in the US to about 110. About 2,000 refugees and asylum seekers remain in Australia’s offshore system.

The controversial “US deal” – decried as “dumb” but upheld by the US president Donald Trump – was brokered by his predecessor Barack Obama and the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, in September 2016.

Mr. Prez where are you?

Why is the US running camps in Costa Rica (unprecedented!) in the first place, and remember escaping violence in one’s own country does not make someone a legitimate REFUGEE!

In exchange for the US considering to resettle 1,250 refugees from Australia’s offshore camps, Australia has agreed to take refugees from US-run refugee camps in Costa Rica. Those refugees are from the violence-plagued northern triangle countries of central America: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Rintoul said all the refugees in the new cohort are Afghans, Pakistanis and Rohingya. The makeup further confirms fears that Iranians, who make up the largest national group on Nauru, will be excluded from the US intake.

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There is a discussion about how we (and the Aussie government) are mean and insisting that only single men be allowed to be placed in America.  But, it is a bit deceptive because the families are on Australian soil, and I will bet we said, no way are we bringing the whole family when they are already firmly planted in Australia.

But, of course there is no reason to bring any of them. These are Australia’s problem not ours!

Go here for my extensive archive on the Australia “dumb” deal.

4 thoughts on “Next batch of Australian rejected asylum seekers headed our way, mostly single men

  1. Yes, we’re still stuck with a cohort of young Iranian males, mostly draft dodgers from the Iranian draft which was upgraded 3 years ago. They’ve been offered up to $25,000 to go home which should be a decent incentive but they prefer to hang out for some mythical sympathetic change of government allowing them into Australia. However this is purely notional on their part, encouraged by people like Rintoul who have turned this nonsense into an industry delivering salaries to human rights lawyers and other leftist backup groups. Both the current government and the Opposition are firmly committed to not bringing them into Australia.


    1. Exactly Robert Pavlick. I’ve been stating this, which is obvious to all of us but apparently invisible to the Left. If it were true, that their home countries are unlivable, would not the proper thing – the logical thing, be to send one’s most vulnerable on ahead of the men? Especially YOUNG men. I’ve also noticed the media is switching tactics again- remember the phony /staged photos of “war zones” from those 3rd world locales are no longer being displayed in the headlines as they used to? Remember all the pictures supposedly out of Syria of bloodied and torn children? The media outlets are losing credibility. So, now they are utilizing a new tactic, and that is sympathy for the migrants based solely that they’re impoverished. We are supposed to take them in because they are “poor”. We in this country would all be poor too, if we ran a country as if it was the 3rd world. Or, I should say, we’d be impoverished too if we were in a Marxist state. It’s heading that way, so prepare to be impoverished just as badly as these cultural cavemen arriving here.


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