Human rights activist wakes up about Muslim migrants in Germany, admits she was wrong

Editor: There is some controversy surrounding what exactly Rebecca Sommer said especially about possibly retiring to Poland. But, this interview at looks completely legit. I have taken the liberty of creating paragraphs in her story for easier reading.


German girls
German girls in 2015.  Photo and story:


From Bulgarian news

Recently we from published an article about German activist, artist and humanitarian Rebecca Sommer. We were contacted by a friend of hers about certain inaccuracies and therefore contacted Rebecca. She was kind enough to send us a translated version of the original interview she made for Polish media.

Rebecca Sommer is an internationally known German artist, journalist, photographer and award-winning filmmaker. She’s been living in Berlin since 2012. Before returning to Germany, she worked as a non-governmental human rights advocate with special advisory status ECOSOC (UN Economic and Social Council) at United Nations headquarters as well as in Geneva. She specializes in the rights of indigenous peoples. For over a decade, she worked with UNHCHR (United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights), with UNPFII (United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples) and with UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees).


N.O-S .: Rebecca, you have worked for many years with refugees and immigrants, you are a well-known human rights activist. Already years before the refugee wave 2015, you was [were] a well-known person fighting for unlimited admission of these people to Germany. What influenced the change of your views?

Rebecca Sommer: I would like to point out that I have never endorsed “unlimited” admission of migrants, because it is impossible for any country to adopt indefinitely.

I am a humanist and human rights activist. For the first years I believed that people who come here are real refugees and are happy that they will be safe now and because of that they will show a good faith in order to adapt here and to integrate. But with time, step by step an unpleasant awakening came about.

The reasons for this were so complex that I just could not ignore them anymore. For sure, one of the main turning points was 2015 New Year’s Eve in Cologne. Then I finally had to admit to myself that that this behavior suits the overwhelming majority of Muslims, the way they see things, with whom I had to deal with in my life. In that moment I said to myself: “Rebecca, now you have to pull the emergency breaks, last but not least because as a human rights advocate you are oblied [obliged?—ed] to focus also on women’s rights, with your responsibility to us, as a woman.

I have tried to justify these constantly repeated patterns of behavior and mind set of most of the refugees, their way of perceiving the world, which is based on their religion, Islam, and their culture, for example in such a way – that they are new here.

I believed that their medieval views would change over time. I placed great trust in our libertarian, equitable European and western values, and I naively thought that every person must welcome them and take them on. But after looking back through the years of repetitive experiences and my own work environment as a volunteer, I had to admit to myself that when it comes to Muslim refugees, they have grown up with completely different values.

They have been passing through brainwashing and are indoctrinated by Islam and most have no intention of taking over our values – worse, they look at us „unbelievers“ with superiority and arrogance. I call it the „Kopftuch im Kopf“ (headscarf in the head).

And additionally, after their arrival here, many of them fall into the tentacles of fundamental Imams, (the political Islam imported from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran etc.) who strengthen and encourage their fundamentalism, that prohibits them to integrate with us „infidels“ and our way of life, prohibits the acceptance of our perception of the world and our scientific achievements. And unfortunately, the German state seems to have no longer any control over it.

Another good example which helped me to open my eyes, happened in 2016. I then learned the truth about a certain group of refugees, whom I looked after for a long time. They had become my friends in the meantime. I helped them during the asylum procedures, I dealt with their official matters, I got them apartments, furniture, cell phones, computers, clothing, courses, jobs, scholarships and spent countless free hours of my private time on their individual cases.

At a certain moment, I finally realized that these people were playing a wrong game with me Taqyyia. I was deceived by them, which disappointed me a lot. I was constantly warned against this Muslim misleading strategy, by people from Arab countries and Kurds who did not only flee from war zones, but had to flee from Muslims.

However, I did not want to listen to them. And suddenly it turned out that those people I did everything for, who drank, danced and laughed with me; who did not pray, did not go to the mosque, did not follow Ramadan, mocked religion and deeply religious people, they all, while eating my food and sitting in my garden, called me behind my back “a stupid German whore”.

This not only hurt me a lot, because I was their friend, their sister and their mother, and I really trusted them, but it gave me another impulse to reflect. Because they were a living example and hope for a successful integration and also for friendship between Western-oriented and Arab-Muslim people.

I helped them, protected and supported them and gave them real friendship. I accepted them with open arms in Germany and for this I got disrespect by their words and deeds as a “thank you”.

The interview continues here.

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10 thoughts on “Human rights activist wakes up about Muslim migrants in Germany, admits she was wrong

  1. Novinite appear to have pulled the interview off the site. Must be tremendous SJW pressure to bury this alongside all the native victims of violence due their virtue signaling immigration.


  2. If she really feels this way, she should begin helping others realize the stupid mistake they are making. Europe has created a situation that will be very hard to reverse, and unfortunately, the only way to effectively rid the country of this vermin is to escort them out at gunpoint. Maybe people like her can help organize an army of volunteers to do the job; I know many of us would love to.


  3. Thanks for posting this enlightening article! It is very scary to see how Europe is destroying itself, day by day, by allowing this Islamic tidal wave to undermine their culture. I hope they can reverse the trend before it is too late. My mother came from Sweden and that nation is already headed for societal collapse from massive Muslim immigration. Very sad to see.


    1. Speaking of Sweden, there is a mosque in the city of Växjö, pop. 66,000. The local imam recently applied for a permit to allow for call to prayer over loudspeakers five times a day. I found a photo of the modest mosque in winter landscape. Looks pretty bleak for people used to warmer climes. However, I see nothing but brand new cars in the parking lot thanks to Swedish taxpayers’ generosity.

      The twittering bishop of Växjö – photo in link:

      Brief translation:

      Fredrik Modéus, bishop in Växjö Parish, looks forward to the Islamic call to prayer. He can hardly wait for the festivities to begin and says this is just normal in a multicultural society. Despite numerous complaints from his congregation about his views, the good bishop twittered that he’ll appreciate those calls to prayer as well as hearing church bells ring.

      Apologists in another Swedish town compare the sound of call to prayer to the sound of an ice cream truck. In other words, no big deal.

      The city of Växjö has a beautiful cathedral built between 1690 and 1710. Yet traitors, including the Swedish royal family, keep spouting the falsities that Sweden has no culture, no traditions and no heritage. This will be further enhanced by the new head of the Swedish National Heritage Board.
      “Qaisar Mahmood, a Muslim born in Pakistan, is the new head of the Swedish National Heritage Board. This is an extremely anomalous appointment, since he readily admits that he has not read anything about Sweden’s cultural heritage. But his new job is not really about preserving and protecting Sweden’s cultural heritage and historical sites at all.”

      Växjö Cathedral:

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  4. Unfortunately Rebecca Sommer does not need approval from Poland to move there from Germany. Both Poland and Germany are members of the Schengen Zone.

    As a German citizen, all Fräulein Sommers need to do is pack her rucksack and go. Too bad the dead victims of her naive and dangerous actions can’t do the same.
    Schengen Area, named after “the Schengen Agreement” signifies a zone where 26 different European nations, acknowledged the abolishment of their internal borders with other member nations and outside, for the free and unrestricted movement of people, goods, services, and capital, in harmony with common rules for controlling external borders and fighting criminality by strengthening common judicial system and police cooperation.
    Through Schengen Area, borders between European countries are only existent on maps, as to over 400 million nationals of 26 member countries the freedom of traveling passport check and border control free within and outside the area is guaranteed, as within a single country, since every country share the common travel and movement rights.


  5. This woman and people like her have worked for YEARS to ruin Germany. NOW she wants to flee to Poland to escape the cesspit she helped create. I think she is a Trojan horse. I hope Poland DENIES her immigration request!!


  6. It was first translated to polish and then back to german.It was wrong that she want to go Poland,she sayed that many wants to go…and thats right.There are some Million people in german who lived before in Poland(Germans and Poles),so its also easy for them to go…and the big citys in Poland are much cleaner than germany today(also with EU/German money the build a lot in poo EU Countries).Also many people move away from big citys,i think you call it White Fly in USA…


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