US Refugee program is a kind of Ponzi-scheme that is failing

They want to blame it all of course on Donald Trump (and Stephen Miller!), but the refugee slowdown has exposed the weakness of a scheme set up in 1979-1980 by then Senator Ted Kennedy (with Joe Biden) and Jimmy Carter.

The architects….

The whole program was sold as a public-private partnership implying that there would be an equal sharing of finances and responsibility, but over the years the public share (your tax ‘contributions’) has grown while the private share has withered.

So that now, with the per refugee head payment dropping as fewer refugee are admitted, the program is being exposed for what it has become….

It is a monopolistic conglomeration of supposed ‘religious’ and ‘humanitarian’ charities living almost exclusively on the federal dole. Their budgets are fully dependent on the next shipment of paying clients (aka refugees).


Come on Congress!  It is time to dump it or fix it.

I notice that with all the talk about reforming LEGAL immigration there is no talk of reforming the obviously seriously flawed USRAP!

The program is “under siege” say the refugee agencies and their media lackeys!

Rarely do I post twice on one story, but I told you about this one yesterday (here) and it is full of revealing information.  I see it is a ‘Religion News Service’ story that appears here in the National Catholic Reporter showcasing (again) that anti-Trump rally last month at the White House.

Do they really think the average American taxpayer will be moved by a photo of Muslims praying against the President as a publicity stunt?


Muslims praying at WH
The big banner on the right is the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society protest march banner.

Boo hoo! We Catholics are running out of your money!

National Catholic Reporter:

USCCB [US Conference of Catholic Bishops—ed] officials said they are still deciding how to move forward but already expect to close about 15 sites this year, shifting from 75 to as few as 60. Catholic Charities, the primary affiliate for the USCCB’s on-the-ground resettlement work, said that of the 700 full-time employees across its network who work on refugee resettlement, more than 300 are estimated to see a temporary layoff, permanent layoff or possible reassignment due to the refugee ban.

An April 2017 report from the Episcopal News Service said the Episcopal Church would cut its 31-member affiliate network by six in 2018.

Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service said it had not closed any sites, though before she resigned earlier this week as its president and CEO, Linda Hartke confirmed the agency has made staff reductions at its headquarters. [This is especially funny because we know that many staff at headquarters quit due to Hartke’s poor management!—Now it is all Donald’s fault!—How convenient!—ed]

Maybe if the top dogs took pay cuts, and raised PRIVATE money, the lower level staff could be retained? 

Local organizations appear to bear the brunt of the cuts. [Sure they do, no one really expects the CEO’s to take pay cuts.—ed] Paula Torisk, deputy director of refugee resettlement for Catholic Charities San Antonio, which works with the USCCB’s program, said her office has laid off at least 23 people because of the various bans — around 30 percent to 35 percent of her staff.

Lower level staff are unemployed because the whole refugee program is built (wrongly) as a Ponzi scheme.

She said many of those who lost their jobs are, like Giri [refugee star of the story—ed], themselves refugees or former refugees who have since become U.S. citizens. Her office previously relied on their cultural knowledge and language skills but has been forced to hire translators in their absence.

“You’ve got staff taking on cases where they don’t speak the language,” said Torisk, who has worked with refugees since 1996. “I’ve heard other resettlement programs say, ‘How can we pay for [interpreters] if our funding is cut?’”

She also said that due to uncertainty surrounding the program, funding for the longer-term refugee assistance — such as providing English classes — is now doled out on a quarterly basis instead of annually throughout Texas.

There is much more, but you get my drift.

The whole 1980 system is based on an ever-expanding refugee flow to America and over the ensuing decades the contractors (below) got fat and lazy because federal money flowed like a river to them and they built fiefdoms with it!

I repeat: Where is Congress?

The nine refugee contractors “fighting for their survival”….

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

4 thoughts on “US Refugee program is a kind of Ponzi-scheme that is failing

  1. Sirhan Sirhan (assassinated Robert Kennedy) came to America in 1956 at age 12, according to Peter Evans, author of “Nemesis”, a book about Aristotle Onassis and Jackie Kennedy, with the “help of some Lutheran Ministers and the CIA”. Whether it’s Vietnamese, Hmong, Laotians, Cubans, Cambodians, or Muslims from the Middle East, every time we get in a new conflict overseas, we end up with refugees. Interesting that Edward Kennedy (Ted) sponsored the Visa Lottery in order to accept more
    legal immigration from Middle Eastern countries. Maybe he didn’t have time to read.


    1. If only more had been written about Sirhan at the time, we wouldn’t have gotten this far down the black hole…


  2. Where is Congress? In the service of the Jesuits. You can blame this GLADIO “C “operation on them. Even if it fails the ramifications of what damage has already been done will be felt for years to come. Good Catholics think they are acting in accordance with their faith while the Jesuits are exercising a military style coup to destroy the American way, our constitution and religious freedom. There are certainly plans for Sharia and their method is genius. One can clearly see their intent to bring the worst militant, trained forces here while removing from their nations in order to make the conquest of foreign operations less complicated. This is the Hegelian dialectic of One World Order. Gladio-ABC. The redistribution of wealth is merely one opportunity. It’s pure genius, pure evil.


  3. Some of them have already moved on to the next man-made crisis, building and housing the homeless society that they have all helped to create. There’s good government money in that too. Look in the NW and you will find the same groups already participating in this gubt pie. If they can capture it by getting in on building or providing overseas housing for the “refugees”, that will make them happy too. That will take them into forever.

    I heard on the news today something about religious groups bringing over a $TRILLION$ into the economy every year. I think if we subtract how much they TAKE from the gubt every year, plus what they put on the credit card for us, there would be an extremely large deficit. One that they can NEVER REPAY, no matter how much money they collect from anyone.


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