He was headed to Malaysia, now he is happily settled in Arizona (on your dime!)

….and plans to bring his wife and daughter to live here too! (He left them behind at least 5 years ago in ‘dangerous’ Iran).

Australia’s SBS News appears to be doing a series on those lucky, mostly Muslim, ‘refugees’ who attempted to get to Australia illegally and were then detained for nearly 5 years in offshore detention facilities with the Australian government refusing to consider their asylum claims.hit-the-jackpot3

Many are hitting the jackpot and although Australia isn’t letting them in they are now free in America.  And, every few weeks a new batch arrives.

Here is a story about one of those that Australia didn’t want, but Obama did and arranged for many to come just as he was walking out of the White House.

Trump is now honoring a deal he once called “dumb.”

(See my yuuuge archive on the Australia deal by clicking here.)

You can read the entire gushing story yourself, but what got me is that the star of the story was initially headed for Malaysia, a Muslim country, and only at the urging of a friend got on a people smuggling boat headed for Australia.

As many of my readers have commented over the years—so if it was so dangerous back home, why did these men leave their wives and children behind? 

From SBS News:

[Phoenix, Arizona] is home to Reza Mohammad Nezhad, an Iranian refugee who in 2013 fled his homeland amid fears of persecution, and would eventually try to reach Australia.  [They never tell us exactly why these Muslim men were persecuted. We are expected to take their word for it.—ed]

The 43-year-old left behind his wife and young child, hoping one day they could join him.

He travelled to Malaysia, then Christmas Island, but he was detained in Australia’s Manus Island holding facilities in Papua New Guinea, where he would spend almost four-and-a-half years.


Reza intended to settle in Malaysia after he fled Iran, but changed his mind after a friend there recommended Australia. People in Australia did not harass refugees, his friend said; they had freedom and a strong democracy. It would be a journey he would soon regret.

From Indonesia, Reza boarded a people-smuggling boat headed for Christmas Island. [Indonesia is a Muslim country too—ed]


“I was chosen to be resettled in Arizona,” he told SBS News through a translator. “I don’t know their reasoning, but they chose Arizona for me.”

[US State Department is building ethnic enclaves where people of certain cultures/religions get to live with their own kind of people and they have contractors facilitating the project! Never mind that you are a racist if you want to live with your people!—ed]


He has also got involved with the Iranian American Society of Arizona, which holds several cultural events in the city each week.

“There are many Iranians living here,” he said. “It’s a good city. I’m happy here.”

It’s warm too, which he likes, and he doesn’t feel out of place in a city packed with minority groups. More than 40 per cent of people in Phoenix are Hispanic; Mexico is just 200km to the city’s south.


In one year Reza will be eligible for permanent residency in the US. In five years, he will be able to apply for citizenship. He hopes he will be able to bring his wife and daughter to be with him soon. [Chain migration!—ed]

Continue here and note the anti-Trump tone of the SBS story even as it was Trump who is making all of this possible for these lucky jackpot winners!

3 thoughts on “He was headed to Malaysia, now he is happily settled in Arizona (on your dime!)

  1. Arriving in the former wild west, Reza Mohammad Nezhad will find no shortage of comrades. In this link is a photo of the impressive mosque in Tempe.

    Another mosque, looks like the mosque of all mosques, can be found next to the Black Canyon Freeway in Phoenix:


  2. PS… Too harsh? “Islamophobic”? “Xenophobic”? “Racist”? (which race?)… “White privileged” driven? Nice try! …NOT AT ALL! How about motivated by SELF PRESERVATION AND COMMON SENSE…


  3. Answer? Because, in their world, THEY are the center of their universe. …A lesson they learned from their “book”, and it’s supposed author.

    ..In their world, WOMEN especially, are for THEIR PERSONAL PLEASURE ONLY, and for BREEDING PURPOSES, not unlike a cow, and are in their view, expendable.

    Children are likewise, obviously expendable also, and are nothing more than additional “stock”, to be used for whatever purpose THEY choose.

    …And if, their “stock” decides to rebel, and abandon THEIR warped view of the world around them, there is always the so-called “honor killing” to dispense with THEIR problem, AND TO JUSTIFY that murder at every turn.

    These people live in an upside-down-world, and cannot even resist the temptation to wage brutal war on one another, and justify that sort of barbarism all day long. (See recent ambush by ISIS animals, on Iraqi troopers near Baghdad).

    This poor excuse for a human being, now taking up space in Arizona; eating OUR food, and taking all that he can grab from America now, should be put on the first aircraft available, and sent back to where he started out in the first place. Besides, he and his brothers of “the book” are likely plotting to destroy some American anyway. And, when Arizona cuts off his favorite WELFARE BENEFITS, he will also just as likely, migrate (secondary migration stampede) to The Peoples Republic of Minnesotastan.

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