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World Relief (Evangelicals) defends its reliance on millions of dollars in federal grants/contracts

Posted by Ann Corcoran on February 22, 2018

As you know, World Relief is one of the nine federal refugee contractors*** that depends on federal money to do its work.

Earlier this month we reported on their presence on Capitol Hill pushing for amnesty for the DACA ‘kids’ at a press conference headlined by Oklahoma Republican Senator James Lankford (have you noticed that Lankford is a FOX Newshound lately).


Lankford and world relief

Republican Senator James Lankford headlined the World Relief presser earlier this month on behalf of amnesty for the so-called ‘Dreamers.’ That is World Relief lobbyist Jenny Yang on far right.  Should any of our tax dollars be used for religious Left advocacy? And, will Lankford be their man to help them keep their government boodle?


World Relief’s out front role on behalf of illegal aliens raises questions about their financial support from the US State Department and HHS as refugee contractors as you can see in this story with the headline:

Conflict of Interest? World Relief, Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Debate

Recently, World Relief convened Christian leaders to speak out for immigrants.  After some raised questions on their mission and motives, the aid group responds.

Here is the story at The Stream (hat tip: Chris) which begins with a few words about the DACA vote, then this:

Some Senate leaders still see an opportunity to pass a targeted bill that could pass both chambers. The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program expires on March 5. More than 700,000 immigrants, many brought to the U.S. as children, will face potential deportation. Senator James Lankford, R-Okla., vowed to keep working in coming weeks towards a solution.

Lankford appeared recently at a press conference convened by World Relief. He spoke alongside faith leaders who advocate the cause of immigrants and refugees. In interviews with The Stream, some questioned World Relief’s role in the coalition.

“I don’t doubt that these groups have sincere convictions,” states Mark Tooley, president of the Institute on Religion and Democracy. “But World Relief and various Catholic relief groups get government dollars for refugee resettlement while lobbying for immigration causes. So there is a seeming self-interest.”

If money is not a driving factor, then they should say no thanks and not take another dime from US taxpayers!  ‘Christian’ verbiage doesn’t cut it! Let them demonstrate Christian love with privately donated funds!

The Stream continues….

Jenny Yang, vice president of advocacy at World Relief, responds in an interview. “Money has never been a driving factor,” she says. “Our staff members feel it is part of their missional calling to reach the nations for Christ by loving their immigrant neighbors. They make minimal amounts of money in doing this work.”

Kelly Kullberg

World Relief critic Kullberg.

World Relief operates as one of nine voluntary agencies with contracts under the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Since last year, the inflow of refugees into the U.S. has been drastically cut. Interviews with leaders on both sides reveal divisions — even when values are shared.

Often on Capitol Hill, Yang’s role is to advocate for human rights and religious liberty. “Any time we speak up on an issue, it really is out of knowing people personally in relationship,” says Yang. “Whether we’re speaking out on the food crisis in South Sudan or other parts of Africa, or we’re speaking up for immigrants in the U.S., it’s because these are individuals we know and serve in our ministry.”

Kelly Kullberg has been a volunteer missionary in seven nations. In the early 1990’s, she served at a World Relief project in Central America. “We helped reclaim a San Salvador garbage dump,” she recalls. “The project won a U.N. award as a redeemed home for 8,000 people.”

Since 2013, Kullberg has headed up Evangelicals for Biblical Immigration. The loose coalition critiques what it calls “pro-amnesty evangelicals.”

Today, she asserts a troubling agenda drives the venerable aid agency. “World Relief once did great Christian gospel work around the world — both in word and deed,” says Kullberg. “Perhaps World Relief should explain how they’ve received more than $256 million in U.S. government grants for resettling immigrants and refugees.”

The funding figure comes from official government sources at “While they still do work overseas, it seems that the priority has become refugee work in the U.S,” states Kullberg.


Concerns for Christian witness are at the heart of her criticisms, Kullberg claims.

Federal grant rules prohibit witnessing to refugees about Christ!

“By taking federal money, World Relief and other voluntary agencies cannot legally share the gospel of Jesus Christ, verbally, with those they are serving,” she says. “World Relief should consider the whole counsel of Scripture, the long-term consequences of their work and get back to their original mission.”


“We also adhere to strict humanitarian policies and guidelines. In our international and U.S. programs, we don’t engage in proselytism.  [NO! Because they would lose their federal money!—-ed]

US State Department rule:

The Department of State has cooperative agreements with nine domestic resettlement agencies to resettle refugees. While some of the agencies have religious affiliations, they are not allowed to proselytize.

There is much more in this story, please continue reading here.

See our complete archive on World Relief by clicking here.

*** These are the nine federally funded refugee agencies operating in the US.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

There will never be reform of the US Refugee Admissions Program as long as those organizations paid to place refugees in American towns and cities are also able to do political community organizing and lobby for more refugees and more money for themselves.

If, as Yang says, money has not been a driving factor, how about just saying no.  We challenge World Relief to survive by giving up nearly 73% of its present income.

10 Responses to “World Relief (Evangelicals) defends its reliance on millions of dollars in federal grants/contracts”

  1. teresajane1 said

    Ann Corcoran I love and appreciate you girl! This clear thinking and good reporting is so needed. I put a link in my most recent blog post to this article. Well done!


  2. It is NO charity if it uses monies taken from laborers who did not volunteer to donate any funds. Taxes taken out of our paychecks are done involuntarily, with no say-so on our part, and cannot be called “donations” nor “humanitarian”. To claim such is dishonest, unethical, downright evil. Yes, evil! It is no better than theft. Even the Bible speaks of this, that any king who takes money from the laborers is slavery, that even the plow-oxen are allowed to graze while they work. These “evangelicals” need read what the Bible says about self pride, self congratulatory behavior, and what the Word says about truth.


  3. I guess all the footage of Christians being beheaded by members of the very religion they are helping immigrate to Christian countries doesn’t mean anything to them. Isn’t there some passage in the Bible forbidding stupidity, suicide, and trying to force others to help encourage the passive take over of the country they live in? Charity is one thing, blatant stupidity another. If these people really care about the poor to that extent then they should donate everything they have to them, and join the Peace Corps.


  4. Puddy Dunne said

    Very timely, the death of Billy Graham. Add this to his legacy as he was seduced decades ago to this Vatican Jesuit driven GLADIO agenda 21 agenda. Destroy sovereignty and religious freedom to usher in a one world god of their choosing. Too bad so many do not see the origins of this plan and how long this agendahas been planned and executed.



  5. Tim Gibson said


  6. said

    PS… Kelly really needs to get a real job I think..


  7. said

    What in God’s name is “Biblical Immigration”?

    Now, that does sound like blasphemy to me…

    Someone should write a book, entitled, “Poor God!: Subtitle: …”They just keep dragging Him in to all this stuff”..


  8. Always amazes me that that the separation of church and state screamers are so silent when it come to tax money being used by these religious affiliated organizations….


    • Ann Corcoran said

      I have been wondering for over ten years why the ACLU hasn’t questioned this clear example of the lack of separation of church and state. But, it really means the ACLU is a bunch of phonies and support it because these refugee contractors are on the political Left with the ACLU.


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