Investigative reporter and blogger, Leo Hohmann’s first-hand account of trip to South Dakota

It was an eye-opener on so many levels Hohmann recounted to me and here is the first of a couple of posts on what he saw and learned when he was invited to help educate a South Dakota legislative committee about refugee resettlement and the refugees being secretly placed in American towns in recent years.

Joining Hohmann on a witness panel were James Simpson and Phil Haney, both should be familiar to regular readers here at RRW.

Below is the title and a few snips of the must read post at, but please read it all! (Emphasis below is mine):

GOP governor leads fight against ending refugee influx from Somalia and other jihadist strongholds

Many of you have noticed I’ve been quiet this week, posting only one article about the efforts of Kansas Congresswoman Lynn Jenkins to win amnesty for an illegal-alien Muslim professor with ties to a terror-stained mosque.

Rest assured I haven’t been slacking. I was traveling on special assignment, so let me fill you in.

SD Senator Neal Tapio is running for Congress. Although Republicans soundly defeated his bill, the hearing served as an educational opportunity that should be replicated in other states.

Refugee resettlement has over the past couple of years become a controversial subject in many state capitals as more Americans educate themselves on the dark underbelly of a program that has been transforming U.S. cities and towns for 35 years.

South Dakota — like Idaho, Ohio, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, West Virginia and Minnesota — is a state where patriotic Americans have formed pockets of resistance to the resettlements. They’ve seen the fraud and greed upon which the program — run by the United Nations in cooperation with the U.S. State Department and its federal contractors affiliated with private agencies like Catholic Charities and Lutheran Social Services — is based.


My task Wednesday was to testify before the South Dakota Senate’s Committee on State Affairs in support of a bill introduced by Sen. Neal Tapio that would place a moratorium on refugees entering that state from any country that has been placed on a federal travel ban.

Any time a state pushes back against refugee resettlement it is a big deal, so I dropped everything and flew to South Dakota. This federal program has evolved over the decades from a legitimate humanitarian effort into a fraudulent operation whereby agencies like Lutheran Social Services serve as headhunters for industries looking for cheap Third World labor. The cost for U.S. communities has been devastating in terms of crime, terrorism and welfare abuse but the establishment of both parties will tell any lie necessary to keep the cheap labor flowing.

I saw them in action in South Dakota Wednesday and it left me with a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach.

Continue here for the remainder of part one.

See the Argus Leader here for its sanitized story on the hearing. More later on that!

Go here for my South Dakota archive, a state I visited during my tour of meatpacking states in the summer of 2016.

6 thoughts on “Investigative reporter and blogger, Leo Hohmann’s first-hand account of trip to South Dakota

  1. Great work Leo.. Thank you for all the effort. You also Ann..

    As long as greedy politicians and bureaucrats can line their pockets with unthinkable power and money doing this damage, they will continue.

    I do often wonder however, where they believe they will be safe (their children and grandchildren as well), and live out their lives, after they stuff their pockets with enough money to run from all of what they have created here.

    I have assured many politicians in Minnesota, in writing and up close and personal, that they cannot outrun this madness. It is a cancer, which is spreading too fast now, and “denial” is OUR weakness to the extreme.

    But, to do this to America for profit is unconscionable… I remember this always: Mark 8:36 King James Version / “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

    The other quote is from Luke 23:34, and Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

    I attended college for a couple of years in Huron SD in 1968-1970. That small town is now unrecognizable today. I now live between Minneapolis and St Cloud Minnesota. This place is an insane asylum, that makes the stage for “One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest” look like a day at a summer camp now..

    At this stage of my life, and knowing what I surely know these days, my heart aches for this country..

    Job one for me now, relating to all of this, is to take very good care of my adult children and grandchildren in the very best way I know how…

    Again, thank you for all that you do Leo & Ann, and all the other patriots out there..

    Blessings to you and yours..

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  2. Was this event televised? These discussions should all be televised. We need to force these Meatpacker Industry Headhunters out into the sunlight.

    I meant to share this with you awhile back. Better late than never. Turn it up loud so you can hear what is being said.

    Republican Senator Ron Johnson Tells President Trump “it makes no sense to try and bring back high labor manufacturing jobs”…
    14 Feb 2018
    by sundance

    These are the people in charge of your states. That was a threat to the President if the United States on camera.


    1. What jobs? Electrolux just announced that they are leaving St Cloud Minnesota for greener pastures in S. Carolina, with more companies leaving Minnesota soon.. $50 Billion Dollars of personal wealth has departed Minnesota permanently just in the last 3 years, with more to follow as well..

      Thank you congressman Tom Emmer, congressman Keith Ellison, senator Amy Klobuchar, and almost all of our congressional representation, and so many more opportunists connected to Minnesota politics today, for the mess YOU have allowed to be created here… And, yes I did use lower case lettering per their titles intentionally. …Do YOU ALL Have enough taxpayer booty in your pockets yet? …30 pieces of silver?

      I have zero respect for any of these poor excuses for human beings…

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