In South Dakota, it is about pleasing the Chamber, about low wage workers and fear

….but the fear isn’t about fear for the safety of citizens of South Dakota, it is the fear the Left and Islamic supremacists know how to stir—the fear of being called names or appearing ‘unwelcoming’ that will be the death of the west!

Hohmann asks: Does Morgan Evanson, stabbed in Minneapolis only a few months ago by a still at-large Somali man, feel she was enriched?

And, so they give us gobbledygook about the beauty of cultural diversity and enrichment, about the need for vibrant communities.

Leo Hohmann has penned a follow-up to his story of a few days ago about his eye-opening trip to the American heartland.

(If you missed Hohmann’s first account of his opportunity to testify before the South Dakota Senate, go here first, and then read on below).

I’ll call my post:

Women helping women! Not!

From Leo Hohmann:

Chamber of Commerce praises ‘diversity & cultural enrichment’ Muslim refugees bring to US cities

As I walked through the state Capitol in Pierre, S.D., last week, I was struck by the magnificent beauty of the building, especially the murals that cover the interior walls and ceilings.

Debra Owens of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce praised the cultural enrichment that Somalis bring to the state.

Many of the murals have a Christian theme.

The one right over the main Senate chamber depicts the settlers of this great state as they reached out to the Native Americans with the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The very word “Islam” means “submission.” They push. We submit. This is the new norm in Western societies from Germany and Sweden to Canada, Australia and the U.S. This is how Western societies are being weakened from within.

As I sat through the senate hearings Wednesday on a bill that would have declared a moratorium on refugee arrivals from 10 Sharia-compliant nations, it became obvious that refugee advocates are skilled at dodging and deflecting questions/concerns South Dakotans have about the culture of violence being imported into their state.

It’s being imported to Sioux Falls and Aberdeen under the guise of humanitarianism and fixing labor shortages.

But perhaps the dumbest reason of all used to justify the resettlements was put forth by the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce, which sent lobbyist Debra Owens to the Capitol to tell the people’s legislature that refugee resettlement brings “cultural enrichment and diversity” that benefits South Dakota.

Kris Langor
SD Republican Senator Kris Langer fretted that the state might look “unwelcoming.”

As if the South Dakota culture has not become sufficiently enriched over the last 100-plus years and needs Somalia to help it out. Give me a break. That was an insult to the intelligence of every citizen of this wonderful state, including the Native Americans.

Hohmann lists and rebuts the many excuses he heard from legislators and those testifying on behalf of bringing more Somalis to South Dakota.

He asks?

Did Morgan Evenson, 24, benefit from cultural enrichment and diversity when she was stabbed 14 times by a Somali migrant while walking home from work in downtown Minneapolis?

I’ve only given you the bare bones of Hohmann’s story, go here and read it all.

Then you might want to visit my archive on South Dakota here.  It is a state I visited in the summer of 2016 on my tour of western states where BIG MEAT rules!

Endnote:  You should see this story today at ‘Progressives for Immigration Reform’ on how wages are rising for low-skill workers now that immigration is slowing.

The meatpackers of South Dakota will have to (boo hoo!) pay more for their slaughterhouse slave laborers if this keeps up!

8 thoughts on “In South Dakota, it is about pleasing the Chamber, about low wage workers and fear

  1. And their favorite talking point ” Jesus said to welcome the stranger” “Would Jesus have turned his back on these people?” As if they are the holy charitable humanitarians and the rest of us are evil greedy people. Time to stand up and vote out any politician that agrees with this garbage.


  2. Mark 8:36 King James Version:

    A serious message to all those involved in this suicide pact for profit:

    “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?”

    …and lose this culture of freedom, OUR US Constitution & Bill of Rights, and this great nation…and a future of FREEDOM for his family, his neighbors, and in the memory of those who have sacrificed so much to give us this truly unique, American Experiment..


  3. I am just amazed that the liberals have so successfully used the “enrichment” ploy so effectively against us. How can we possibly be enriched by people from a country so corrupt, crime-ridden, and backward that the only hope they have of a future is to come to our country and attempt to siphon off our resources? if their culture is so rich, what the hell are they doing here in the first place?


  4. Thanks for mentioning our article Ann!!

    Best regards,

    Kevin Lynn

    Executive Director
    Progressives for Immigration reform

    1701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

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    (c) 626.825.1331


  5. For every “enrichment an so diversity” crap heaved onto us about Islam perhaps a few versus from the Koran will eminstrate this enrichment – like “Suri 4:34 – Scourge the disobidient wife if you suspect her disobedience” and “spread terror among the non-believers until they say there is no god but Allah and Muhammed is his messenger..”.
    That will do for a start and a few “slay the polythesists (us who believe in Father, Son ans Holy Spirit”) etc. underline such “slay” “strike at the necks” and “Scourge” etc. —in your copy of the Koran so you can toss in more if needed.


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