Nearly 36,000 ‘grocery’ stores engaged in food stamp trafficking over a recent three year period (Obama)

So, why am I writing about this?  If you are a relatively new reader, you probably don’t know that I followed food stamp fraud stories for many years as a sideline to my refugee research work.  (We had a bust in my county just as the refugee arrivals began in earnest.)

I first became interested in it when I noticed that the majority of busts I was reading about, mostly at small grocery stores and convenience stores, were of immigrant owners and managers.


One recent bust in Maine:


If you click here you can see many years worth of stories on food stamp fraud here at RRW. Many are million dollar frauds involving trafficking perpetrated by frankly many Middle Eastern/Asian immigrants some of whom sent the money they ripped off out of the country.

Here is a story about a recent report from the Dept. of Agriculture on the extent of the fraud.  Let’s hope Big Don will take care of these crooks!

Remember readers, trafficking involves big bucks, your money! It is not about people buying junk food on food stamps.

From CNS News:

( – The U.S. Department of Agriculture has published a report estimating that 35,891 food retailers around the country engaged in food stamp fraud, illegally “trafficking” more than $1 billion in Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits annually over the three-year period from 2012 through 2014.


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Most of the fraud is in small groceries and convenience stores!


CNS News continues….

“Retailer trafficking of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits occurs primarily when SNAP recipients sell their benefits for cash to food retailers, often at a discount,” the USDA’s Food and Nutrition Service said in a summary of the report.

“SNAP benefits are permitted for the purchase of eligible food items from authorized food retailers,” said the report. “The sale or exchange of SNAP benefits for anything other than food sold by an authorized SNAP retailer is illegal.”


“An estimated $1.077 billion in SNAP benefits annually were trafficked and thereby diverted from their intended purpose,” said the report.

“Overall, about 1.5 percent of total SNAP benefits were trafficked; and approximately 11.8 percent of all authorized SNAP stores engaged in trafficking,” it said.


“Trafficking is defined as buying or selling benefits for cash or consideration other than eligible food, and the penalty is permanent disqualification,” said the report. “Permanent disqualification occurs when a retailer’s authorization to redeem SNAP benefits is revoked.”

States where ‘diversity is beautiful’ have the highest number of illegal operations.

A breakdown by states showed that the largest number of retailers permanently disqualified from SNAP in fiscal 2016 were in New York (448), the second largest number was in Florida (175), the third largest was in California (133) and the fourth largest was in New Jersey (130).

Go get’em Donald!

Again, see my food stamp fraud archive by clicking here.  There are some doozy stories there!

10 thoughts on “Nearly 36,000 ‘grocery’ stores engaged in food stamp trafficking over a recent three year period (Obama)

  1. There are many instances of fraud in Medicare/Medicaid by immigrants. I wonder how many are done by refugees. Someone needs to compile a list of white collar crimes by immigrants and compare how many crimes they do versus native born citizens.


  2. Hi Ann,  I read your post and it flashed me back to the second article attached  below. It doesn’t mention food stamps, but thought you’d find it interesting if you haven’t already read it. The first article is about food stamps. I don’t  know if you’ve already seen these,  they’re older but i didn’t notice them in the archives so thought I’d send them just in case. If they’re there and i missed them, I do apologize. Thank you for all you do and for keeping us informed,  it is very much appreciated! Chad

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    1. Thanks for adding to our case file… honestly there are so many who can keep up. As a matter of fact, for years I’ve begged some wannabe blogger to write a blog just on food stamp fraud (maybe on medicare/medicaid added in) where immigrants were the fraudsters. It would be a very popular blog and it would serve as a storehouse for these stories. Any takers?


  3. Any “refugee”, asylum seeker, green card holder, etc., caught abusing these benefits should be deported, no questions asked. It would help a lot to put conditions on legal immigration also, like stipulating that if the immigrant gets convicted of anything more than an infraction in their lifetime here, out they go. Good luck getting the liberals to go along with that idea, though.


  4. this needs to go to the white house, then get on FOX News, then on to the conservative treehouse and then onto Rush Limbaugh…otherwise u are preaching to the choir. FWIW.


  5. I believe that those retailers, rather than being eliminated from the program should be prosecuted for their illegal activity. Perhaps they are, I don’t know. I assume, also that these are mom and pop grocers, not national chains.


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