Danes want to eliminate immigrant ghettos by 2030

In the meantime the right-of-center government is proposing to impose stricter criminal penalties in those 1,000 existing ghettos, or parallel societies.


Here is a story from a Leftist publication that says the Danish People’s Party wants to bulldoze these ghettos.  https://squawker.org/politics/denmarks-far-right-is-planning-to-bulldoze-muslim-and-black-ghettos/


I found this latest news interesting as in the US we seem to be purposefully creating parallel societies as ethnic enclaves grow with the help and encouragement of Democrat political leaders, refugee contractors and local, state and federal government financial encouragement (come back later for my follow-up post).


Invasion of Europe news….

From Eurasia Times:

The right-of-centre Conservative government is expected to unveil more details of its plan to impose more severe punishments in areas with relatively high numbers of immigrants. Lawlessness risks creating “parallel societies”, the government says.


Around 10 per cent of Denmark’s 5.6 million population are immigrants, 10 times more than in 1980.


You should know that George Soros has been promoting Somali migration to Denmark.  See Open Society propaganda here:   https://www.opensocietyfoundations.org/voices/somalis-copenhagen-growing-children-unwanted-immigrants

The government’s “ghettos” have populations of more than 1,000 where more than 50 per cent of residents are non-western immigrants, with the latest list including 22 districts.

The government estimates that 28,000 immigrant families “live in a parallel society”, making up around half of the “ghetto” populations.

The largest ethnic groups in that category were Somali at 44 per cent and Lebanese with 41 per cent, the ministry reported.

The latest proposal was part of a drive to eliminate “ghettos” by 2030, Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said.

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4 thoughts on “Danes want to eliminate immigrant ghettos by 2030

  1. Leave it to the Scandinavian / Nordic governments to embrace the real life definition of insanity… The real question is, who is going to eliminate whom? It is the very same Scandinavian / Nordic cultural roots in Minnesota, which is like “deja vu all over again”, as Yogi Berra once said, which has caused Minnesota to lose it’s collective mind..

    Please go to the You Tube video of our 2017 Minnesota “State of the State” address.. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.. Please sit down for this one however.. …In contrast, I watched an interview of the governor of Kentucky the other day… Ahhh….dare to dream…an intact adult..

    Well…good luck with that Denmark..

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    1. Exactly, who is going to eliminate whom?

      Scandinavian independent media do not cheer this Danish “solution” to muslim ghettos. Break up these areas, introduce stricter laws and move the residents here to where? Denmark is not a large country.

      Hundreds of comments in Danish, Swedish and Norwegian anti msm media show no enthusiasm for this proposal. They believe nothing will come of it. Politicians are famous for promises and that’s where it usually ends. Political leaders and their behind the scenes handlers/financiers made the transformation of Europe happen. Looking to these same characters for solution to the problems they created is futile. On the bright side, some docile and content Scandinavians are finally waking up from hibernation thanks to the new independent media over there.

      Mixing newcomers with the ethnic population does not always bode well for the old-timers. A very recent example is from Oslo where young, male newcomers are given rooms in government run senior living and assisted living facilities. There is no separation in the buildings and newcomers are free to walk wherever they please. Due to fire regulations the elderly residents can’t lock their doors at night and families are mighty worried.

      The elderly in one such facility in Oslo have been given eviction notice by local government officials. They have to be out by June 1st. The multi story buildings will at that point be 100% newcomer occupied. Same thing happened with another elderly facility where all occupants were forced to leave to make room for new arrivals from Africa and the Middle East.

      Here’s why they need the extra rooms:
      Posted By: Bill W. Williams 1. March 2018
      “2000+ refugees from Syria, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Libya will soon be standing upon Norwegian soil. The Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Norwegian Immigration Directorate have announced preliminary processing of 2000+ Norwegian-bound refugees allotted by 2018 governmental quota.”


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