Seattle: Tax dollars go to special programs for special people—Somalis

I couldn’t help seeing the irony yesterday when I posted on how Denmark is attempting to break up ethnic ghettos that have developed in certain housing projects in that country, see here, while we in the US are still building our ethnic enclaves even using tax dollars to do it!

And, before you move on, don’t miss Leo Hohmann last night who posted on a startling comment from German Chancellor Angela Merkel—yes, she admitted they have no-go zones in some German cities. 

In Seattle they are literally building-in separateness!

So much for assimilation!

Somali girls basketball
Special grant program so that Somali girls can play basketball. I sure hope if other girls of other ethnic groups, or even white Americans arrived they would be permitted to play too.

Although I am not sure the grant money is still flowing from the feds (the Office of Refugee Resettlement) to specific ethnic groups as it had been several years ago, this local grant continues the foolish idea of separating needy people by their ethnicity (country of origin).

How on earth do political leaders and grantmakers expect assimilation to ever happen when division and special treatment by country of origin is encouraged!

I wonder if someone formed a club entitled say: Americans of British Ethnicity Youth Club, would it even be permitted to exist let alone get nearly a million bucks from taxpayers?

Somali Youth & Family Club gets nearly a million dollars for after school programs for Somalis

From the South Seattle Emerald:

A crowd of young Somali girls has just finished an hour of basketball. Now they head to the classroom upstairs for tutoring, and of course an occasional dance to Drake’s “God’s Plan.”

These girls, most of them first-generation immigrants, are Skyway residents in the Somali Youth & Family Club, a nonprofit program which holds afterschool programs in Skyway’s Creston Point Apartments. Creston Point has almost 500 units, and many of the residents are Somali immigrants and refugees.

Around 100 Somali youths are in the program, which holds sessions five days a week and allows children of all ages to participate. Members can receive tutoring, play basketball, read and write poetry, and swim.

The nonprofit program is able to run events like this thanks in part to a recent $855,000 grant from King County’s Best Starts for Kids initiative. The grant more than doubled the program’s budget, according to Kelsey Dale, Education Program Manager for the Somali Youth & Family Club.  [Let’s see, $855,000 divided by 100 kids=$8,550 per Somali kid—ed]

The program started in 2007, and is currently overseen by Aden Hussein, a Somali immigrant who came to Skyway in 1999. Hussein says the program has been remarkably successful.

More here.

What is Drake’s “Gods Plan,” I wanted to know.

Apparently it is a song that is all the rage in the last few weeks.

The lyrics are here.

You can listen here (if it isn’t visible in your e-mail, then come to RRW see it or search for it on the net).


And here is a story about what five religious leaders say about the song and Drake giving out money in the music video.

The Islamic leader says this about it:

Mona Haydar, The Islamic Center at NYU, New York, NY

“The video had me in tears and made me wish that we would talk seriously about things like reparations in America for indigenous and Black peoples. It made me think about stolen lands and stolen peoples and the inequity we see as a result of those oppressions and how we become numb to it like the way we come to see poverty as simply the condition of a people instead of a symptom of systemic infrastructural injustice. People say that the system is broken and I don’t believe that’s true — I think the system is fully functional and is rigged the way it is to keep some people up and some people down. The video reminded me of unfettered capitalism and the destruction of our Earth mother.


This is a song and video you might want to keep away from your children, just saying!

6 thoughts on “Seattle: Tax dollars go to special programs for special people—Somalis

  1. “God’s Plan”? Really? Poor God! They just keep dragging Him into all this stuff.. I think, and relating to a world gone mad, this is partly why Jesus might have wept, if He were alive today..

    A “special class of people”…receiving “special” loads of cash for any purpose, is discrimination on its face.

    Perhaps the truth is…the “special” treatment, and misapplication of US taxpayer resources, in Seattle and, where I live in Minnesota, and elsewhere, is intended to keep this immigrant so-called-youth population busy enough, so they may not FEEL disaffected, and start blowing things up, stabbing and shooting innocent Americans, committing arson, engaging in rape gang activity against infidels, and so on..

    Well, 2 years ago, our Minnesota legislature presented this ‘community” a “black bag” full of cash; $2 Million Dollars to be exact, and all of the barbaric violence and mayhem, and a cycle of “death to the infidels”, has only escalated ever since..

    Now, they (Minnesota Legislature) want to present them with $18 Million Dollars more?

    God’s Plan?

    Good Luck Seattle!

    Poor God..


  2. “I wonder if someone formed a club entitled say: Americans of British Ethnicity Youth Club, would it even be permitted to exist let alone get nearly a million bucks from taxpayers?” – Amen

    Mona Haydar does not mention Arab-run slavery, still in existence, nor that if you go far enough back in history all groups have migrated. Even in Africa there have been enough migrations all over that continent that it is highly doubtful any group of people is in their original location. But if ignorant and hateful people believe this, that the suffering of the poor in the world is due to Europeans ‘rigging’ the system, wouldn’t that justify the displacement and death of Whites, as took place in Zimbabwe, once Rhodesia, and is now going on is South Africa, and in its earlier stages in Sweden, Germany, UK, Canada and America?

    By the way, I like Mona’s “systemic infrastructural injustice.” Used to be termed–after it was found that equality under the law did not magically uplift minorities out of group dysfunction–‘institutional racism.’ Coming up with new blame words is so much easier than working like hell, not forgetting to have some fun, until you and your family are successful.


  3. If they want to cry over the plight (real or imagined) of indigenous peoples, have them head over to Latin America where discrimination of indios is rampant. They are kept out of the job market and it wasn’t until recently that Mexican employers were legally prohibited from the “Indians need not apply” (Mexican indigenous tribes) in job listings. They still discriminate though, and calling someone an “indio” is an insult. No Mexicans want to admit to any “indio” blood in them.

    And what “reparations for indigenous peoples” in America is this moron talking about? And how far back does he want to go? I read that the native Americans ancestors probably traveled from Mongolia to begin the human race here. Let’s “repatriate” them, then, I would say to him. How about punishing the progeny of ancestral Natives for their burying of girl babies and their practice of crucifixion of unwanted squaws? Ugh the phony baloney “Noble Savage” is pure Tom-Tom-Foolery.


  4. Great point Ann! The Irish Americans and Polish Americans need to demand theirs since they are giving them out based on ethnicity!

    Best regards,

    Kevin Lynn

    Executive Director
    Progressives for Immigration reform

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    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

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