Dear Donald, give Bibi a gift today, cut federal funding to HIAS….

…..and help yourself too!

[On refugees] right now we’re setting a very bad example.

(HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield told the Israeli press last month)


It really is outrageous.  Taxpayers shelled out $24,493,743 in federal grants to the ‘non-profit’ Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society according to its most recent Form 990 available and the group is in Israel community agitating and badmouthing the Trump Admin at the same time.


HIAS CEO Mark Hetfield at the White House last month protesting the Trump Administration refugee policy which reduces his organization’s income.


HIAS (they changed their name a few years ago, dropped the Hebrew) is helping organize protests in Israel against the deportation of illegal aliens.

I’m not challenging their right to free speech elsewhere in the world, but shouldn’t there be some law against using taxpayer dollars to do it!

I’m sure they will say they have great bookkeepers working to keep their pots of money separate.  However, their taxpayer funding makes up half of their budget each year and they couldn’t exist without it (and they sure couldn’t pay these huge salaries, below).

Here is news directly from the HIAS horse’s mouth:

The diverse coalition of Israeli and North American groups calling for more humane treatment of asylum seekers is gathering momentum at a critical juncture, with the first wave of deportations scheduled to begin in April.


While in Israel for a visit, HIAS President and CEO Mark Hetfield told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz that he felt encouraged the narrative was finally beginning to shift back in favor of the asylum seekers.

“Israelis are beginning to realize these are people with asylum claims, and they should be given a fair asylum hearing,” he said.

“If the government is unable to set up a system that is fair, it should give these people social and economic rights until it is safe for them to go back home. We’re not talking about a lot of people anymore.” [Last figure I saw was 37,000, a very high number for a small country to absorb—-ed]


HIAS, along with partners at the New Israel Fund, T’ruah, and Right Now, organized a call-in day last week in coordination with the #LetUsHelp Campaign, urging North Americans to call their local Israeli consulates and ask them to stop the deportation plans.

In his interview with Haaretz, Hetfield spoke about the relationship between Israel’s policies and attitudes back home in the United States.

“In the eyes of the American-Jewish community – particularly the younger generation – this is very upsetting and it’s just going to cause further alienation from Israel,” he warned. [He hopes it will!—ed]

Hetfield also noted that Trump Administration’s policies may be playing a role.

“The United States often sets examples for how refugees and asylum seekers should be treated, and that’s what’s happening now. We either set a good example or a bad example – and right now we’re setting a very bad example.

And, to think that we help pay his exorbitant salary!

From that recent Form 990:

Screenshot (211)


Come on Mr. President, turn off their pipeline to the US Treasury!

Looking for something to do? Contact the White House and tell the President to cut HIAS loose!

For new readers:

HIAS is one of nine federal resettlement contractors.

The original Refugee Act of 1980, that set up this monstrosity, envisioned a public-private partnership that over the years has almost completely morphed in to a federal program.

The number in parenthesis is the percentage of their income paid by you (the taxpayer) to place the refugees and get them signed up for their services (aka welfare)!  From most recent accounting, here.

3 thoughts on “Dear Donald, give Bibi a gift today, cut federal funding to HIAS….

  1. HIAS has the lowest percentage of its funds coming from the taxpayers!

    I want to point out that there _is_ (at least) one Jewish family, employed (who I assume are) asylees or refugees who HIAS ignores in its mission. They represent Jews of Africa from outside of Ethiopia who claim Jewish practice and descent.

    HIAS consistently misrepresents its Jewish heritage to the Jews it targets for funds. See marketing material
    …………… “As the Jewish community observes Sukkot, our thoughts turn to the impermanence of shelter affecting millions of people around the globe. ” Sukkot is a festival commemorating the harvest in the Holy Land, culminating in a pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem. Religious tradition has always required the dwellings to be temporary shelters. The holiday centers on the importance of adequate water for crops planted in the Holy Land.
    …………….” At the Passover Seder, we gather to retell the story of the Jewish people’s original wandering and the freedom we found. ” The current Passover observance centers on recounting the plagues that God inflicted on those who enslaved the Jews while planning their genocide: There is even a song about that lauds the destructive/constructive forces of the plagues: The timeline and discussion don’t mention wandering, only entering the Land of Israel after receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai. The freedom is the freedom to bring sacrifices for the worship of the God of A-I-J. In Temple times, this holiday required pilgrimage to the Temple in Jerusalem.

    Frankly, why blame HIAS if donors and tax-payers prefer to provide feel-good funds instead of do-good funds? Why blame HIAS if synagogues and temples and churches have disowned their Biblical roots? Why blame HIAS when the IRS offers full transparency in board salaries? Who wouldn’t want to have these six-figure donations go right to his or her salary? HIAS’s success is a symptom, not a cause.

    Here are two recent donations to HIAS


    1. Ann, I hope President Trump reads your blog…it is a “shonda” that American Jewish organizations embrace Jew-haters while attacking the most pro-Jewish President that I can remember in my lifetime–because they are more loyal to Leftist ideology than America or the needs of the Jewish Community, imho. I still don’t understand why you aren’t on a White House Commission on Refugee Policy…


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