Italian election: Anti-EU populism on the rise; immigration is key issue

Invasion of Europe news….

Italians have had enough!

Italian refugees
Tired of images like this, Italians vote for change.

Italians went to the polls yesterday and CNN trumpets this morning headline:

Populist surge in Italy as voters back anti-immigrant, anti-establishment parties

Here is a bit of the story. Complete results will be available shortly, says CNN.

(CNN) Italy is facing a populist uprising after a surge in support for anti-European parties in Sunday’s parliamentary election, however no party received enough votes to rule alone meaning the country will likely enter a period of political deadlock.

The anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) made significant gains in Sunday’s vote though with 31% of the vote, it doesn’t have enough seats to form government, according to state broadcaster RAI.

The center-right coalition, which includes League — also known as the Northern League — along with former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia and the neo-fascist Brothers of Italy, is likely to form the largest bloc in both houses of the country’s parliament, a combined share of votes totaling over 37%.

Of its coalition partners, the anti-immigrant League attracted the largest share of the votes with 18% to Forza Italia’s 14%. The swing toward the League looks set to give the party as many as 123 seats in the lower house, up from 22 seats, a six-fold increase.

As no party secured a majority, the country faces weeks, if not months, of negotiations between groups with competing interests to form a government. Final results are expected to be released at 2 p.m. local time (8 a.m. ET).


If projections are accurate, the result means that Italy could be plunged into months of further political deadlock that could have broader implications for Europe — both the League and the Five Star Movement are anti-EU parties.

Bannon in Italy 2
Bannon was in Rome this week to cheer on the populists.  All fine and dandy, but if he doesn’t want the original Trump populist movement to die in the US, he needs to re-energize/re-organize it, or find someone who will.

The rise of anti-European voices, both on the right and from the anti-establishment M5S, comes as Italians appear increasingly divided over issues such as undocumented immigration contributed to a rancorous campaign.


The populist parties’ gains in the polls were not lost on US President Donald Trump’s former strategic adviser Steve Bannon, who was in Rome to observe the elections.

Bannon said in an interview with Italy’s Corriere della Sera newspaper that an alliance between the anti-immigrant League party and the populist Five Star Movement was “the ultimate dream.”

“This election is crucial for the global populist movement” he said, saying it was an issue of “sovereignty” for Italians opposed to immigration.

More here.

Maybe there is hope for Italy, but they need to get tough and stop the migrant boats, send migrants back to where they came from and get busy having Italian babies! It is demography stupid!

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5 thoughts on “Italian election: Anti-EU populism on the rise; immigration is key issue

  1. It’s very refreshing to see anti-migrant parties are gaining ground across Europe. People are fighting back against ‘cultural misappropriation’ on the part of the Muslim invasion, hijrah, jihad, call it what you will.


  2. Don Corleone lives!

    Go get-um Romans.. Bring in the Sicilians, and, finish the job…

    Great for the Italian people, and the Italian CULTURE…

    While there are pockets of resistance in the US, and growing I believe (I live, unfortunately, in Minnesota-stan), the authorities, and the “Public Authority” need to get this, and in a hurry.

    This IS a cultural cancer, and in many places throughout the United (OUR) States, it is being allowed to metastasize.. In Minnesota, per example, we have the real life version of the film, “Dumb & Dumber”, playing out on the stage of brutal realism, in the form of the criminally stupid, coupled with abject and unmitigated cowardice..

    As for Italy, and the Italian people…Go Don Corleone! Please, “make them an offer they cannot refuse”..

    …or, ask them to leave voluntarily to go back and fix the messes they created, and then abandoned in their various homelands of “peace and tranquility”.. May Allah be your guide home… Oh, yes..please, do not let the door hit you in the ass on the way out..


  3. Reblogged this on islamnewworldorder and commented:
    Maybe Italy will set the pace for common sense for the Western European nations, but they are starting way late. Their eastern neighbors came to their senses right away at the beginning of the muslim invasion.


  4. 5 Stars are globalists, communists in disguise, pro immigrant invaders: children of Soros. RZ


    1. Funny…

      If Mr. Robert Mueller & his socialist-globalist comrades were so so interested in truly eliminating ANY interference with OUR US elections, they should begin with George Soros (“Secretary of State Project”), and his endless meddling in US elections, by “buying off” “Secretary’s Of State throughout the United States, for over a decade or more, INCLUDING OUR OWN – NOW FORMER – MINNESOTA SECRETARY OF STATE, (bought & paid for) MARK RITCHIE, AND NOW STEVE SIMON, as his current back-up…

      Soros, with the assistance of people like Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar, and a whole host of congressional personnel all around the country, WITH THEIR HANDS OUT FOR HIS PAYOLA, have intentionally compromised this nations voter integrity systems, with WIDE SPREAD VOTER FRAUD as the result, and for many years.. These people have made Chicago’s mayor from yesteryear, (“vote early, vote often”) Mayor Daley, look like a boy-scout.

      However, Soros is a part of the in crowd connected to the DC “swamp”. The “IN-CROWD” and Mueller, Comey, the Clintonistas, Holder, Lynch, Brennan, Rod Rosenstein, and many more, and some in the current DOJ, are a complete disgrace, and should be prosecuted sooner than later.. In short, Soros is their pal..


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