More of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers leave for US

This is an update on the movement of illegal aliens who tried to get in to Australia by boat, were placed in Australian detention centers, but thanks to former President Obama’s “dumb deal” they are coming to the US as refugees.

Photo is of a bunch that was headed our way in January.

(A refugee designation is the highest class of legal immigration one can hope to get because it comes with the works—a furnished apartment, job counseling, case workers to sign you up for your ‘services,’ etc.)

If you are a new reader, you need to know that Donald Trump agreed to honor the deal he once called “dumb,” but at least the administration seems to be slow-walking the process.

This time we learn that the latest batch includes a few families in addition to the larger number of single men, that Australia did not want on its mainland, being placed without your knowledge in Any Town, USA.

From the Australian AP via the Daily Mail:

Four more families of refugees and a cohort of single men have left immigration camps on Nauru to start new lives in the United States.

The group of 29, including eight children, who flew off the island nation on Sunday is the fifth cohort to depart Nauru under Australia’s refugee resettlement deal with the US.

They included two Sri Lankan, one Rohingyan and one Afghan family and single men from Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, refugee advocates said.

Two hundred and twenty four of a projected 1,250 have been selected.

Since resettlements under the deal started in September, 139 refugees have left Nauru and 85 from Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island.

Ian Rintoul
Australian open borders activist Rintoul wonders why no more vetting interviews have been scheduled.

However, the Refugee Action Coalition said it was remarkable there were no Iranian, Somali or Sudanese refugees among those who have left this year, despite Australian Border Force officials denying any particular nationalities were banned from resettling in the US. [It makes no sense that the Trump Admin is blocking Iranians, Somalis and Sudanese, but allowing Afghans, Pakistanis and Rohingya!—ed]


RAC spokesman Ian Rintoul said US officials were expected to remain in Nauru for another couple of weeks but had not yet scheduled any new vetting interviews for another round of refugees.

Under the deal Australia reached with the previous Obama administration – derided as the worst ever by now-president Donald Trump – the US agreed to take up to 1250 refugees from the offshore detention centres.

Go here to learn more about the Australian “dumb” deal. We have been following it for months.

5 thoughts on “More of Australia’s rejected asylum seekers leave for US

  1. You can sing all the praises you want about the current administration. This was an executive order (not a law ). When something is dangerous to the U.S. well being then it is supposed to be stopped by whoever sits it the Presidental Chair and it is not being done. This is just politics and not the well being of the country and yet an additional heavy burden on the taxpayer. Are we bringing in more terrorist with this group? If other countries are unable to take care of those they have agreed to take in, then it is on them and their taxpayers. So please stop with the praises to this current administration for what amounts to doing what is WRONG for the country.


      1. Because you are stepping aside from the fact of instead doing the correct thing for our country and taxpayers, ridding of the harmful executive order of Obama, Trump instead decides to play politics allowing the harm to continue. You are not bringing out the point of this harm and instead makes Trump look as though he has no other choice when he does. Executive Orders are not laws and are only as good as the next incoming administration wants them to be rather it be expanded upon or dropping the Executive Order.
        Once again Executive Orders are not law.


        1. With all due respect, you must be new here at RRW because I probably have a dozen or more stories where I have said this is a huge error on Trump’s part and I have said repeatedly that he did not have to go through with it. Check out the link where I direct readers to previous posts on the subject.


  2. What is a Refugee?If you read at the UN etc. you see that a Refugee(from war)is NOT A REFUGEE ANYMORE if he enter a safe country,also even a UN Refugee camp in his own country means the same for him!Also WAR IS NOT a cause for Asylum.Asylum is only for political opressed people.Even in Germany only 1% get real Asylum.The rest is Help for time and REPLACEMENT!But Replacement means you cant send them back!

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