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Minnesota: Playing the criminal name game again!

Posted by Ann Corcoran on March 10, 2018

Too funny! Send me more of these stories, like the ones I mentioned in my post a couple of days ago, here, where I explained that readers are virtually never told anything about the immigration status or ethnicity of someone arrested. They are simply referred to as the “_____ man.”

From his photo and his name we know he is Somali and likely a refugee (from a refugee family) since the vast majority of Somalis in the US came in through the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program.

Thanks to reader JC for sending this news from yesterday:


Student, 19, Charged For School Shooting Threat On Snapchat

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A 19-year-old man faces charges after allegedly threatening a school shooting via social media.

According to a criminal complaint, Omar Fuad Abdi is charged with one count of terroristic threats.

The complaint states police responded to Ubah Medical Academy*** in Hopkins Tuesday on a report of a student with a bullet.


This one is easy: Omar Abdi is Somali

A staff member told police he took a bullet from Abdi during gym class. He also said he had a video of Abdi robbing someone with a handgun.

When police spoke to Abdi, he said he was the person in the video, but the robbery was staged and the gun was a BB gun. He said he found the bullet outside of the school.

Wednesday, police were alerted to a threatening Snapchat post by Abdi.

“School shooter coming tmr [sic] !!! Go tell the cops,” the message read.

Police met with Abdi at the school, where he admitted he wrote the message, but did not actually intend to shoot anyone. According to the complaint, he “wanted to see how people would feel after learning of the post.”

I know every one of you, when you see stories like this one, want to know where he is from and how he got here. As Ann Coulter says, we all get out our “secret decoder rings” and play the name game.

But, the police and the mainstream media seem hellbent on keeping that information secret.

UMA logo

*** I was interested to learn what the Ubah Medical Academy is and this (below) is what I learned at their website.

The refugee industry spawns new cottage industries!

It is a public charter school almost completely made up of Somali students. Again we see that government-funded effort to encourage separateness rather than encouraging assimilation.

“Culturally sensitive environment!”

Our Mission

The mission of Ubah Medical Academy is to provide students with a rigorous education that will prepare them for college and the pursuit of medical, or other meaningful careers in our community. As a public charter high school, Ubah Medical Academy is open to all students, but our program is inclusively designed to meet the unique needs of international students and their families in a culturally sensitive environment.

4 Responses to “Minnesota: Playing the criminal name game again!”

  1. TwoLaine said

    I noticed that they are a Pillsbury United Communities Charter School.

    “Ubah Medical Academy is authorized by Pillsbury United Communities (PUC). PUC creates choice, change, and connection.

    PUC charter schools:

    – offer bold and innovative educational strategies;
    – provide an environment that promotes respect for all students and their individual identities; and
    – engage students in academic and authentic learning opportunities, service learning, and personal development.”

    Check out their leadership.


  2. TwoLaine said

    These little thugs have all the answers don’t they?! I found it outside. My mommy told me to do it. My sister hit me. It’s because my school was not inclusive enough. The devil made me do it.


  3. I do not or have any intension to assimilate myself with the likes of them, thank you so much. So as a European descendant woman, if I said I wanted my European descendant children to attend an inclusively designed school that caters to the needs of European immigrants and European descendant children only that school would be lambasted in the lying press, branded racist and Nazi and it would have to close down immediately, but OUR hard earned dollars in taxes are paid to “educate” the uneducable and no one asked the taxpayers if we wanted our money to go to this nonsense that is obviously discriminator against us born and raised here………of European descent.


  4. Margaret Starry said

    And they wonder why no one trusts the media? (Just kidding! 🤣)


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