Bannon storms Europe: Let them call you racist!

Steve Bannon, Trump’s right hand man during the run-up to Trump’s upset victory in the US presidential race in 2016, is traveling around Europe spreading a populist message  painfully aware that Europe is in deep trouble and if globalist-instigated migration to the continent continues, Western Civilization itself will be in danger of collapsing in this century.

That reminds me, I recently watched the excellent documentary film, ‘The Fight of Our Lives.  You can order it here (or attend a showing near you).  Using interviews with some very smart people, it lays out the threat from without and the threat from within to our western way of life.  Needless to say, the invasion of Europe is a big part of the film.



Invasion of Europe news….

Here is Mother Jones report on Bannon’s European tour:

Steve Bannon to French Far-Right: “Let Them Call You Racist…Wear It as a Badge of Honor”

Former White House strategist and Trump whisperer Steve Bannon has a message for members of France’s far-right, xenophobic National Front party. “Let them call you racist,” he told the crowd at the party’s congress in Lille on Saturday. “Let them call you xenophobes. Let them call you nativists. Wear it as a badge of honor. Because every day, we get stronger and they get weaker.”


Bannon and Le Pen
Bannon: History is on our side with Marine Le Pen


Mother Jones continues….

Bannon, who was swept out of the White House after unflattering quotes of his appeared in Michael Wolfe’s book Fire and Fury, is currently traveling Europe and whipping up support for various nationalist and anti-immigrant parties. “They see what Breitbart did and they want it in their own language,” he told the New York Times, referring to the right-wing site he left in January. “That’s the key. Right now my sites are in English. They want one in their own language.”

He told the Times that he had a “fascinating” meeting earlier this week with the leaders of the hardline Alternative for Germany party. The AfD, now the third-largest party in Germany, is hostile toward immigrants and Muslims, arguing for stricter immigration controls and bans on minarets and niqabs. Not long ago, two AfD officials responded to a public service announcement by German police that ran in Arabic as well as German by tweeting, “Are they seeking to appease the barbaric, Muslim, rapist hordes of men?”

The Times also reported that Bannon might meet with Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, an autocratic figure who has cracked down on his country’s media, judiciary, and electoral system. Blocking immigrants from entering Hungary is arguably Orbán’s signature issue. Bannon, who declined to say whether he was meeting with the Hungarian leader, called him a “hero” and “the most significant guy on the scene right now.”

And Bannon has embedded himself in Italian politics, lending a hand to the populist forces now on the rise in that country.

In France, Bannon reportedly met with the National Front’s leader, Marine Le Pen, who was defeated in last year’s presidential election by centrist Emmanuel Macron.

More here.

Bannon is exactly right on the “racist” name-calling! Take away the power of the word by laughing at them!  Humor is the most powerful political weapon (Saul Alinsky).

I’ve said often that we should have a gala every year to celebrate all those that the Southern Poverty Law Center has labeled as racists.

(I don’t mean to brag about my honors, it would just be a fun gathering that would also send a powerful message because it would end, once and for all, the SPLC’s power with the media.)

See the New York Times on Bannon (wrecking the European establishment!), here, and Fox News here.

My ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here.

5 thoughts on “Bannon storms Europe: Let them call you racist!

  1. I hope he spreads the word an raises all kinds of hell that alone might wake up a lot of people that have lost free speech along with most of their rights. If anyone dares to say one word against any Muslim they can be put in jail or taken to court.


  2. Altruistic Self-sacrifice within the Protestant ethics that this unique Republic was founded upon made this nation one of the most wealthy and powerful on earth until we allowed our Dire enemies of old to infiltrate and subvert us with their elitist ZioJesuit cultural marxism/liberation theology pushing anti-white Christian sociopathic self-interest based upon their kabbalist tribalism.

    Race is skin color and says where you came from and who you are racially…not your stupidity level. Smash Cultural Marxism! We will not be REPLACED! So piss off with your leftist anti-white genocide propaganda…

    Yeah! Help the Zionist/Jesuit/Islamic unholy trinity commit mass genocide on all white Protestants and Christians globally in the new age Talmudic/Kabbalist inquisition. Become leftist social justice artists in the Luciferian Illuminati…

    A guy on Google+ is handing out membership applications for positions within the NWO Illuminati offering all manner of material wealth, magical healing, bringing back loved ones, and love spells. When I reject his Luciferian offer, he said he would send something my way I would not forget.

    My response:

    I already have aggressive small cell lung cancer that is the result of Satanic attack probably from your twisted ZioJesuit tribe’s Talmudic/Kabbalist Babylonian Luciferianism being inflicted upon our world.

    You are a Talmudic anti-white Christian America cultural marxist subversive…

    You and your twisted kabbalist cultural marxist/liberation theological ZioJesuit tribe have done everything possible to rob, replace, and eradicate white Christian western civilization. White and Christian genocide disguised freedom.

    Thousands of cultural marxist anti-white Christian Jews came to America in the 1930s with the help of their Jesuit brethren to infiltrate, rob, replace, and eradicate white Protestant America and white Christian western civilization overall. They stole our media from Edison and hijacked our sociopolitical institutions with the help of commies like John Dewey.

    Racial Injustice = Cultural Marxist White Christian Genocide. Only in white countries do our non-white enemies use liberal marxist words like racial injustice to rob, replace, and eradicate whites.
    Racism actually means Nationalism.

    It stinks that the commies in our government are now putting our women in harm’s way to speed up our genocide by allowing our enemies to kill off our women in battle. Our men are not allowed to protect our women and kids anymore says the leftist government with force. Women must be separated from their men to serve the cultural marxist government agenda of white Christian genocide. I guess they are running out of white men to kill off in their ZioJesuit wars of attrition.

    We gave the anti-white Christian commie crooks the power to destroy us by doing nothing to stop them…

    Our leftist anti-white Christian cultural marxist enemies with their foreign subversive people of color asshats are being used to replace us in our white nations. Liberal scum turns many of our white women, girls, men, and boys into African ghetto musick pole dancers, sluts, and hookers in ZioJesuit TV who kill babies while hopped up on drugs and alcohol.

    Western governments not accepting white South African refugees are basically admitting that the point of their refugee policy isn’t helping people in need, but mass importation of non-whites and Muslims into Western countries.


  3. hurrah for Steve Bannon! He is in my prayers for his safety while he is trying to wake up Europeans. He got a raw deal here in the USA, and I hope he is successful in Europe.


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