European rescue boats rushed to Libyan coast to pick up migrant invaders, took them to Sicily

Invasion of Europe…..

This is just a tiny peek at the monstrous Mediterranean ‘refugee rescue’ scam that has been going on for years with the mainstream media playing along.

Although this news is from last year, it is a topic we have not adequately covered.


Golfo Azzuro
The Golfo Azzurro sitting low in the water, packed to the gills with Africans ferried to Europe.


Here is what you need to know about the ‘rescue’ ferry—-Golfo Azzurro (one of several).

In June 2016 the Golfo Azzurro has invited the ‘Boat Refuge Foundation’, a Dutch foundation, to go for a search & rescue for saving boat refugees in the Mediterranean Sea. The vessel is managed by Adrian J. Sonneveld, Captain and shipmanager. The Search & Rescue operation is managed by the Italian Coastguard. Golfo Azzuro will be operated under the Panama Flag. The Boat Refuge Foundation will charter the vessel for a symbolic price. The board of the Golfo Azzurro Foundation based in Rotterdam.

The ‘refugee rescuers,’ apparently including the Italian government at its height of operation, wanted you to think that they were intercepting the migrant boats close to the European coast when in fact they were picking up, the mostly economic migrants (not refugees!), only a few miles off the Libyan coast.

One brave researcher shows you in his youtube video how he can prove that so-called rescue ships like the Golfo Azzurro were actually literally acting as ferry boats. He purchased a ship tracking service and in this shot he shows how close the Boat Refugee Foundation’s ship went to the African coast.

Below is a screenshot from Luca Donadel’s damning video (we missed it last year!).  Go here to to see it all. (English subtitles).


Luca youtube


Coming to your town!

And, if you think this is Europe’s problem, think again. First, what is happening in Europe dooms Western Civilization, but bringing it closer to home…. Do you see Malta in there (tiny island nation below Sicily)? The US regularly (illegally in my opinion) is picking up hundreds of the migrants there annually and taking them to Your Town, USA.

And we are still doing it!

I have followed the Malta air lift for years and checking Wrapsnet this week, I see that we have taken 53 illegal migrants who landed on Malta to America as full-fledged refugees in the first months of FY18 (under Trump!).

See my huge Malta archive here.

My complete ‘Invasion of Europe’ archive is here. Don’t miss my many posts on Hillary’s role in the destabilization of Libya, the launch pad for the invasion.

7 thoughts on “European rescue boats rushed to Libyan coast to pick up migrant invaders, took them to Sicily

  1. These boat lifts are a daily occurrence and mostly kept under wraps. I don’t see how any of this can be reversed because so many will do anything for money, regardless of outcome.

    Here is a recent video from the Italian city of Florence (Firenze). Hundreds of men from Senegal go on a rampage after one of their own is killed. The article does not state how and why the killing happened. It’s scary to watch and won’t benefit the tourist industry.

    The video is in embedded in this article and can be seen directly here without going through mandatory hoops since it “may be inappropriate for some users.”


  2. When is enough, enough? I don’t know why the citizens don’t rise up and overthrow their governments for allowing hundreds of thousands of uncivilized tribal peoples to immigrate to their countries. There will be a huge price to pay for citizens staying silent and allowing governments to destroy your countries.


  3. Bastards! Soros and his cronies need to be in jail. It takes a lot of money to keep a ship like this running a crewed.

    Best regards,

    Kevin Lynn

    Executive Director
    Progressives for Immigration reform

    1701 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Suite 300
    Washington, DC 20006

    (O) 202.543.5325
    (F) 202.595.0258

    (c) 626.825.1331


  4. My, my! Look what a little girl from Maryland has gone and done!!! And power to her in every step she takes. Now Ann is a bonafide international expert I have followed her unique input for six or seven years, and my admiration for her dedicated journey in behalf of the citizens of the USA. Desperate for the truth about the illegal insertion of anti-American interlopers pouring into our precious country since Obama’s election, (and even before), guided by evil globalists, caliphate mongers whose only interest in America is to subdue, conquer and overturn our beautiful influence in the world. Make no mistake about it, Americans have been deceived for years by elected and appointed “officials” bought and paid for by wealthy manipulators who have no “skin” in our well-being, and no care about our future only insofar as it serves their desire to lower our status to third-world levels.
    Bless you Ann.


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