Minneapolis: Somali and African American students in high school brawl

…..and not for the first time!

Diversity is Beautiful alert!

Yesterday this brief news item was brought to my attention (hat tip: Anne Marie) and I see that Frontpage magazine is on the story too.

Although we know that the conflicts between Somalis and African Americans are more widespread and not limited to Minnesota, rarely does the media report on the tension.

Southwest high
There are no photos of the brawl that I could find. But, don’t miss the story about a student being assaulted at the same school yesterday because he was carrying a Trump flag across the street from the ‘peace’ walkout.  http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2018/03/14/trump-flag-assault/

My guess is that these incidents are not brought to the public’s attention because it goes against the PC multiculti myth (a myth that the media loves to advance) that those of the same brown skin color couldn’t possibly hate each other, but we have seen that clearly in the xenophobic unwelcoming black South Africans as well.

Here is the headline from Alpha News:

Safety concerns arise as violence continues to escalate at Minneapolis Southwest High School

And here are a few snips from the story:

MINNEAPOLIS – Safety concerns arise as violence continues to escalate at Southwest High School.

On top of an already failing administration, Southwest High School staff are struggling to maintain peace between students. Last Friday, March 2, multiple fights broke out during the school’s second lunch period. Despite attempts to sweep the issue under the rug and downplay the violence, persistent students and parents forced the administration to address the situation.


The fight was not limited to the two students, who were reported by classmates to be a Somali-American and an African American.

Over 20 students joined the chaos soon after the first punches were thrown and the original videos that surfaced were titled “Somalis vs. Blacks.” The original videos have been taken down due to pressure from school administration. The school’s resource officer was present in the cafeteria. In an attempt to control the situation, school officials put the cafeteria on lockdown for 15 minutes after the allotted 30-minute lunch period, keeping any students from leaving or entering, including the ones not involved. All staff members that were not otherwise occupied were called to action.

No police but, wow! 15 student resource officers called in from other schools!

The police were not called, but 15 student resource officers from other schools were called for backup. In an eyewitness video taken by a student, the administration’s inability to diffuse the skirmish in a timely, appropriate, and safe manner was made clear.

More here.  Why parents leave their kids in schools like this is beyond me.

Five years ago another such incident happened (one that we know of!) at another Minneapolis high school. 


South High injuries
The cafeteria riot at South High five years ago resulted in injuries.  Fights were between Somalis and other students (African American and Native American). Somali activists said the school administration wasn’t doing enough to make Somalis feel welcome.  That is the line Minnesota Public Radio was pushing.   https://www.mprnews.org/story/2013/02/20/education/racial-tension-south-high-brawl


Here is my story from February 2013:

Minneapolis High School riot reveals tensions between Somalis and American blacks

And, looking back in my archives from 2008 I see that an African American attempts to explain the tension between the supposed African ‘brothers’ (Somalis v. African-Americans).

More on the friction between Black Americans and Black African refugees

And, don’t miss the terrible news from St. Cloud in 2015 where a Somali teen murdered a 20-year-old African American man:

St. Cloud residents hammer Rep. Emmer on Refugee Program; Somali teen murders African American

The fight that ended the life of the African American was because the Somali teen was aggressive toward the American black girl and I will bet that much of this tribal violence is over turf and girls.

For new readers, I have a huge archive on Minnesota and especially on Somalis in Minneapolis and St. Cloud.  Use key search words in the window at the top of the left hand side bar.  But, don’t miss one of my top stories of all time—-Why so many Somalis in Minneapolis from 2011, here.

9 thoughts on “Minneapolis: Somali and African American students in high school brawl

  1. Rochester, MN also mentioned…

    Federal School Discipline Directives
    12 Mar 2018

    The Heritage Foundation hosted a discussion on the Obama administration federal school discipline directive. In 2014, the Education and Justice Departments sent a letter notifying schools undergoing federal civil rights investigations that they risked losing federal funding if they had a higher number of referrals of minority students to law enforcement for discipline.

    Following the deadly February 14, 2018 high school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) had urged Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to get rid of this directive. Panelists in this discussion examined the pros and cons and also talked about the possibility of the Trump administration rescinding the policy.



  2. Need I say more?

    Broward County Releases CCTV Video of Parkland School Shooting and School Deputy Inaction…


    That is your SRO. He rec’d numerous awards in prior years. BOG FAT PAYCHECKS and a PENSION+++ from you. Yet, he stayed outside and mismanaged the entire operation. Then retired rather than facing the music. Disgusting.

    And yet they want your guns and your rights. EVERYONE KNEW THIS YOUNG MAN WAS A BOILING KEG OF POWDER!


  3. Students marching, walk outs and staging anti-gun protest, in the U.S. Is all about issues like this! If you disarm the American people, then you have NO resistance to rapes, murders and or sexual enslavement of our women! This is exactly what is and has happened in all the nations of western Europe and Scandinavian countries. Those countries, forced all there citizens to disarm after WWII! Which has now set this occupation by Muslims and the “rape” of European and the Baltic countries! You Reap What You Sow! Now if these little “goody two shoes,” airhead, non-voter students, succeed in influencing state and or nation legislatures, we will be in one hellava Nazi Mess! But, when our guns are taken from us. During WWII, Automatic weapons were made, easily, at and from, kitchen tables. Hoard (bury) 9mm ammunition and large capacity magazines. Other calibers such as 38, .380, do the same.

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  4. PS…US (c)ongressman Tom Emmer has sold us out here in Minnesota…ALL for money and power.. So have Ellison, Klobuchar, Franken, Tina Smith, McCullum, (g)overnor Dayton, and all the rest..

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  5. Well now…

    Years ago I was a volunteer wrestling coach at Washburn High School for a few years.. My children were attanding Minnihaha Academy at the time however.. …Long story as to why I was coaching at WHS.. No matter..

    Funny how this sort of thing did not happen back then…Washburn, Southwest, Roosevelt, Eden Priairie HS, and N. High as well…. Hmmm..

    Now…we have this going on at Eden Prairie High…Southwest more than once…and many more, and even the LA Fitness in Roseville many times dating back to 2014. …The RPD are not happy. Neither are the staff at LA Fitness.

    This IS a problem, regardless of how we frame this issue, or how hard we try to pretend that it is not a problem in Minnesota now.

    By the way, don’t we have to call the detractors, and critics (me for example) of this sort of relatively new phenomenon and violence in Minnesota, as “culturalists”, and not the standard fare of marginalizing insults; as a “RACIST”?…”ISLAMOPHOBE”?…”XENOPHOBE”?..”ANTI-IMMIGRANT”?…or my favorite slam, as “WHITE PRIVILIDGED”?

    Why, you say? Because both of the brawlers are persons of color..

    Again, I was a coach at Washburn…and I brought a 16 year old black young man from a ghetto area of Asbury Park, New Jersey, to Minnesota (I have known him since he was age 6, and he does NOT refer to himself as “African-American”), to finish high school here, and he was on that wrestling team.. As an aside, my 2 children are Hispanic, Polish, Scandinavian & Finnish, just to be clear… Our home was a good home.. Still is.. He still lives here, and IS a part of our family forever.

    The student population was extremely diverse back then, and THERE WAS NONE OF THIS GOING ON. He was one of the most popular kids attending Washburn High…

    Hmmmm…what, pray tell, could be different now? …A number of things of course..

    However, now, with the Mall of America knife attacks recently in November of 2017, stabbings (stabbed 14 times – Morgan Evanson) in the Uptown area of Minneapolis in December of 2017, recent rape attempts at MCTC, and recent strangulation and rape attempt in St Cloud, shooting and killing in January of this year in Dinkytown……threat of a school shooting in Hopkins MN on March 9th, 2017…and the arson attempt at St Kate’s this year also…ISIS recruiting hub for the country…and on and on and on we go, back in time for several years now… Oh, and, 40 year old Justine Damond is still dead – and with no proper resolution to that killing either! …There is a common denominator here people…

    Deny all of it like good “Minnesota Nice” lemmings if you wish… That is a personal choice..

    However, labeling people, who choose to face this extremely harsh and dangerous reality WE ALL FACE, as “racist”, simply to close the door on the discussion, is unacceptable.

    Someone within “the community” is teaching these high school students to behave in this manner. The only question, which remains, is who – or where – and WHY is this behavior being taught.

    Wise up please. This is not going to go away, just because anyone chooses to address this problem with a good old ‘Minnesota Nice’, and diversity laden “We are Welcoming & Just Communities” group hug- or present “the community” with another “$18 Million Dollars” of tribute on top of the last $2 Million Dollars we tax payers were forced to fork over just two years ago, and a “$400,000 museum”…

    Since I have personally visited the No-Go-Zone perimeter in Paris a few years back, I guess I am a “culturalist” after all.

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  6. To understand the role of modern day school resource officers you need to read up on Sundance’s many well documented, researched and reviewed articles on Miami-Dade and Broward counties in Florida. Jack Cashill too.


    School Resource Officers are the guys/gals who sweep juvenile crimes under the rug. Their only job is to break the cycle of the school to prison pipeline, by any means necessary, so that these thugs can still buy guns at age 18 and shoot up their schools, because their juvenile criminals records were whitewashed and suppressed. You can suppress information when your CCTV is set to live, it has to be on a delay, like in Parkland.

    These HORRIBLE and ILLEGAL policies sanctioned by the schools and their local LEs, choosing what laws to enforce or not, gave us Trayvon Martin and Nikolas Cruz, both deemed minorities, and therefore their crimes are non-reportable. We don’t want to keep the black man or hispanic man down.

    BUT WAIT, there’s more. There are also YUGE financial benefits built in for ALL GOOD DIMs WHO COOK THE BOOKS! School bonuses and awards, SRO bonuses and awards, Safe School awards, Safe City wards. ALL B.S.!


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