Japanese court rejects Syrians’ asylum bids

Japan is one of the few countries in the world steadfastly attempting to maintain its “cultural and ethnic homogeneity” in the face of mounting pressure to open its borders.

See my posts over the years as western mainstream media, the United Nations, and international communists and open borders agitators regularly criticize Japan’s wish to save itself (just as they are now doing the same to Hungary and Poland).

Have you noticed that there are no Islamic terror attacks in Japan?


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Japan for the Japanese…..


From Reuters at USNews:

TOKYO (Reuters) – Two Syrian asylum seekers on Tuesday lost a bid to overturn a government decision to deny them refugee status, in the first such lawsuit in Japan since civil war erupted in the Middle Eastern state in 2011.

The Tokyo District Court upheld a government ruling made five years ago, that the pair’s bid for asylum was not admissible under international refugee law.

“The world understands the Syrian situation – it’s getting worse. But the Japanese court hasn’t understood that at all,” one of the plaintiffs, Joude Youssef, told a news conference.  [The nerve! So Middle Eastern countries can’t stop fighting among themselves and that is Japan’s problem!—ed]

Speaking in Arabic through a Japanese interpreter, Youssef said he planned to appeal the court’s decision.

The second asylum seeker was not at the news conference.

Lawyers said Youssef had the right to stay in Japan, under a humanitarian status that allows residency but not full refugee rights. It was not clear if the second plaintiff would appeal.

Notice how the Reuters reporter can’t help but throw in this next bit about worker shortages and an aging population implying that the Japanese are stupid and should be inviting in the third world workers (who would of course change Japan forever!).

Immigration and asylum are sensitive subjects in Japan, where many pride themselves on cultural and ethnic homogeneity even amid a shrinking population and the worst labor shortage since the 1970s.

Youssef, a Kurd from the north of Syria, had applied for asylum in Japan in 2012, after saying he was persecuted for organizing pro-democracy demonstrations.

The Japanese government rejected the claim a year later, saying he lacked proof of his involvement in protests in Syria. 

The second plaintiff had claimed asylum after refusing military service in Syria. [Think about this, because he refused military service in Syria he expects Japan to take care of him!—ed]

Although a major donor to international aid organizations, Japan has remained reluctant to take in refugees.

It accepted only 20 last year, with a record 19,628 people applying for asylum.

Japan, hang in there!

10 thoughts on “Japanese court rejects Syrians’ asylum bids

  1. Since the tsunami Japan has lost land mass along coasts. There are areas around nuclear reactor Fukushima that are still too contaminated for human habitation.It doesn’t make sense to bring in many migrants for these reasons alone. I think situation there, problems of “shrinking” population there have been exaggerated. Recently I saw some news clip on a conference of young Japanese people and I was surprised to see so many of them!


  2. All the old chestnuts there…persecution, draft dodging….sounds like the illegals we’re still housing in Nauru and Manus. I’ve lived in Japan and would also value their desire to maintain homogeneity. I can’t see how a million pushy Muslims imposing their will wouldn’t cause heaps of strife at all levels. The wars of the Middle East are to a great degree caused by religious incompatibilities, let them work it out for themselves on their home turf, not export it globally.

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  3. America will never be homogenous. I think we were closer to it back in the 50’s but now it’s far from it. We have far to many immigrants who want to change our country to their way instead of adopting our ways. This is wrong and a big mistake but that is what is happening and that creates all kinds of problems between races and ethnicities. The deal was not that you can come over here and change us, the deal is that you come over here and adopt our ways, our language and our laws, but that is not and has not happened. Instead we have “Little India” as in Iselin/Edison, NJ, we have “Dearbornistan” in Michigan, we have “Little Israel in Lakewood, NJ, and many other communities of immigrants all over our country that have made our country a version of their country. Americans are made to feel like we don’t belong on our own country! This has to stop! ALL immigration must stop and right now! But sadly, it won’t….


  4. Japan’s decision was basically “our country, our laws” and that is perfectly correct. It makes no logical sense to move to another country and demand they change to accommodate you.

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  5. “Japan is one of the few countries in the world steadfastly attempting to maintain its “cultural and ethnic homogeneity” in the face of mounting pressure to open its borders.”

    Sometimes it seems like it but I believe it is only the West that is demographically dissolving itself. Mexico, Peru, Nigeria, Cambodia, Saudi Arabia, etc, etc, have thrown open their borders to erase their historic ethnic majorities? No, I don’t believe so.


  6. A nation has a right to it’s culture, heritage & language as it defines who the people are.

    For anyone to think otherwise, they don’t appreciate the uniqueness & diversity of people

    MUSLIMS are Satanists & a scourge on the world!

    I STAND w/ G-d against the EVILDOERS & their enablers!

    I greatly appreciate your work – you are a true CHAMPION, HERO.

    Don’t let anyone tell you different b/c you are what you are & that is divine being!

    On Tue, Mar 20, 2018 at 6:42 AM, Refugee Resettlement Watch wrote:

    > Ann Corcoran posted: “Japan is one of the few countries in the world > steadfastly attempting to maintain its “cultural and ethnic homogeneity” in > the face of mounting pressure to open its borders. See my posts over the > years as western mainstream media, the United Nations, and” >


  7. Legislators; et al,

    The Japanese want to preserve their nation and culture. What a quaint idea that is?

    The Japanese are not cool like us Americans. We are nearly diverse enough with the variety of sexes, cultures and languages that anyone from anywhere can feel right at home here. Foreigners can even come here illegally and immediately begin to receive a number of entitlements from our public treasury.

    Is America a great nation or what?




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