Trial for Kansas men charged with planning to bomb Somali housing complex begins today

Reporter Frank Morris

I’m posting this news, just so you are aware of it.

The men apparently called themselves the “crusaders” and lived in what is known as the Kansas Meatpacking Triangle where the big slaughterhouses, like Tyson Foods, are bringing in immigrant and refugee labor to do the “dirty work” for low wages.

Here is an AP story.  And of course NPR is busy on it too.  There is a suggestion at the NPR story that “the men were lured into the bomb plot by FBI agents.”

KCUR reporter/editor Frank Morris is hot on the case as a reporter for NPR.

I’ll try to post more links (at this post) as I see them here during the trial.

5 thoughts on “Trial for Kansas men charged with planning to bomb Somali housing complex begins today

  1. So it’s not actually “white terrorism” as it will be labelled, or “alt right terrorism” it’s actually FBI terrorism.


  2. Trials like this expose so many double standards. They excessively cover every nuance of their preferred villains while jihad attacks get next to zip coverage past the initial attack coverage and arrest or death of the perp.


  3. NPR.GAG.

    I am NEVER for violence.
    Are there any good attorneys left out there?

    “Jury selection begins Tuesday (March 20) in the trial of Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen on charges of conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights.”

    These same two charges could and should be leveled against EVERYONE connected to the illegal headhunter industry called refugee resettlement, including the propagandizing media (YES, YOU NPR!):

    Conspiracy to use a weapon of mass destruction
    Conspiracy against civil rights

    What is our legal recourse for all of the damage that has been done to our towns, our jobs, our healthcare and hospitals? Who cares about our civil rights and the damages to us?

    “The arrests shocked Garden City’s immigrants, which includes many Muslims and people who work at a local Tyson Foods cattle slaughterhouse. Prosecutors are expected to call some of them to testify about the effect that the alleged plot had on them.”

    No one ever calls us to find out what all of these extra burdens do to our town’s already limited resources, especially our hospitals. Studies have been done about this that are even more important and relevant today, with all the rampant illegal ObamaCare style programs, than they were when the study was done.

    Garden City, KS is one of the stinkiest places on the planet. I can only imagine what they have done to Guymon, OK and Liberal, KS since I was last there. There is a new Indian Casino being built South of Guymon. That will be a whole new set of issues coming to this area.

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